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  1. Theyre already adding controller support for APB 2.1. If you’ve played or seen the beta, plugging in a controller would pull up all the same menus and controller configurations from the console version of the game and works just as well, just without the ain assist (for now?).
  2. I think loadouts should also include character outfit, mods, equipment, and vehicles honestly. Might as include an ability to switch roles/inventory on the fly whenever you need; but only be able to switch loadouts on Ammo vendors/contacts? Maybe?
  3. I would like at least like a notification in-game notifying you that someone you reported has been banned so you’d know. I think it was done on TF2 if I remember? Or some steam game I forgot...
  4. I just want to see some sort of Vault system in social that works similar to the one in Destiny and Destiny 2, where you can store a large amount of in-game items (such as weapons, clothes, symbols, vehicles, etc) in which ALL your characters share to make it much easier to send items between your characters and serve as a large storage system to help keep the clutter of stuff you’re not currently using out of your inventory and into the vault for safe keeping. Im sure we can all agree that we all need some extra storage space for something. And, we need a better way to transfer our items easily between characters, rather than using the sometimes buggy and slow mail system which has lost me a couple items and just takes too long to send items honestly... I’m constantly out of clothing space and created a couple throw away characters on another account just to use their inventory and now I’m running low on vehicle space and now almost weapons! We need space!
  5. I should’ve probably also mentioned that I’m coming from a console POV (Xbox). It’s fairly difficult to counter automatic weapons in CQC with semi-autos when all you got to aim with are wiggle sticks and a piss poor aim assist. Im not exactly sure how different the games are from each platform in terms of the game builds they’re on. But I guess I should probably just wait until the game finally gets updated before asking for changes.
  6. But it still wouldn’t have the same accuracy or range as the joker carbine? Just a faster rof to combat NF-As or PDWs and such...
  7. Hey, while we’re on the topic on secondaries... how about we get an increase to the rof on semi-autos like the FBW or FR0Gs similar to a Joker Carbine that way we have a slight better chance against RFPs, NF-As, or PDWs in CQC? Eh? Ehhhhh? Good idea, no?
  8. I’m sure once the devs get going on content, they’ll most likely start adding a lot more weapons, legendaries, reskins and what not for sure
  9. And I wasn’t saying I was afraid of getting banned because I knew, I didn’t. I was saying I’ve always hated the idea of losing an account I’ve spent a lot of my time on which has just happened to my APB account. I’ve dreaded the day I’d lose all my stuff over something I wasn’t even aware was a bannable offense. And the best part? Everyone who still does it is still around for the past 1-2 years they’ve been doing it. It was only about a week before the Halloween event that I was getting prepared for.
  10. That’s the thing though, I never knew that buying legendaries off other players was a PERMANENT BAN offense. I never even seen a statement anywhere that said you’d get permanently banned for trading with real money. I’ve just seen literally everyone else just sell and buy weapons all the time. People get bored for the game and get rid of their stuff by selling it, i don’t really see the problem here... Why can’t the “rules” be posted somewhere clearly around here rather than sticking everything within forums that literally no one really checks? You don’t even get a warning, you don’t even get a temporary ban telling you “don’t do it again”. But instead they just cut to the chase and permanently ban you for it... awesome. The fact that there’s STILL the same people buying and selling guns on APB is beyond me. (And I can name several, but I’m not gonna snitch) Something tells me that some guy must have reported me for it perhaps? It would be great to have some sort of warning you know. It would’ve been great to have some moderators on console APB to keep an eye out and let us know what wrong or right you know. It would’ve been great if they kept up more up-to-date if they were more active on mainstream social media you know. Now I’m starting to lose hope on Little Orbit, i REALLY wanted this game to thrive but I guess everything I’ve done to help was all for nothing I guess. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars into this game, I’ve spent countless hours on this game, and I’ve been getting all my friends who never even heard of APB to play the game, I’ve made some cool friends and made cool stuff... for nothing... I’ve played APB since 2012 on PC and carried on to Xbox up to 2018... I loved this game. And to just to have it take everything from you and then it’s back? I honestly don’t know what to say. ...
  11. ...PERMANENTLY. This really came as a shock to me, and it was what I was afraid that would happen to me (And to think that it even happened to me). I was banned for “RMT”, which is trading with real money. I don’t understand why that gets you a permanent ban, let alone a ban in general. I’ve already spent several hundreds of dollars in the game and hours of my time making each of my characters. I love APB Reloaded, but then there’s players that just want to sell their legendary weapons because they don’t want them anymore. So I just decide to get them off their hands and buy it from them. Then whenever I got bored of those weapons, I didn’t want another legendary to trade so I’d sell my weapons so I could buy and other weapon or pack from the Armas market. Its an on-going system that EVERYONE uses on consoles as far as I know. There’s only so many people the trade weapons with that won’t scam you and the best way to be safe on trading on Xbox is to just sell your weapons rather than trade (since consoles STILL don’t have the proper trading system *sigh*) But now I get banned? I never scammed a single soul, and everything I bought from other players were given what they asked, but I get perma banned for it?? Ive had countless hours on my characters, I’ve spent a lot of money trying to support the game because I loved it, I’ve been a loyal fan of APB and i get permanently banned in return? Thanks Gamersfirst... for nothing. I’ll probably just have to shelve this game and play other games out there... RIP to all my Xbox APB Characters: SindraGarrett (2016-2018) AmandaGarrett (2017-2018) KirstenGarrett (2018-2018) You will be missed
  12. Will players who purchased ARMAS items before the price adjustment get any kind of G1C compensation after the new prices for the stuff they've purchased? Like, perhaps since there's going to be a 20% price reduction to everything, can players who purchased items prior get 20% of G1C back from those items?
  13. Honestly I've always used the Frenzy as an NTEC and it felt perfectly fine to me as well as the Manic and the Rabid. To me they're good weapons as they are.
  14. I'm pretty sure the Frenzy IS an NTEC
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