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  1. Wow i'm happy @MattScott This is generating hype just because you're talking about it. This communication is key, admitting this game was/is fucked up is a great step.
  2. Yeah but, platinum can be gained purely from playing mind you, hence why it works. APB doesn't have a system to gain G1C outside of purchases.
  3. Anyone remember what rewards were in previous years? Was any of the white FAR weapons in Halloween?
  4. Just remove preset weapons. That solves everything as to what people are complaining about. That can't be that difficult, most of them already have 3 slotted versions.
  5. Even with reverting the IR 3 changes it still doesn't remove preset weapons. They need to go, they have no reason to exist. Everything should be open slotted. And the argument including 195 mods shouldn't even be a thing either. You hit 195, you get those mods. Simple.
  6. Well you bought it cause thats what you were going to mod the 3 slot ATAC with right? Exactly the same with my Shredder.
  7. Fucking tonnes ayy. Didn't even think of the S1 Series and all the revelation weapons.
  8. I disagree, most weapons average at 0.6 to 0.75 TTK or around that, that is why it’s unusable, you in theory will lose every fire fight possible with anything higher than 0.75.
  9. Right well have a look for yourself, the Shredder series of weapons. I own the Shredder EB PR3, look at the damn TTK on that thing, its practically a full second, do you really think i'm just whining? Its completely unusable, https://db.apbvault.net/items/Weapon_Shotgun_Shredder_Slot3_Armas, https://db.apbvault.net/items/Weapon_Shotgun_Shredder-DrumMag_PR3_Armas, https://db.apbvault.net/items/Weapon_Shotgun_Shredder-Torch_PR3_Armas Thats just the Shredder, then there is the CSGs and JG, https://db.apbvault.net/items/Weapon_Shotgun_JG-Stock_slot2, https://db.apbvault.net/items/Weapon_Shotgun_CSG_PR1_Armas, https://db.apbvault.net/items/Weapon_Shotgun_CSG_PR1_RT And again the one with IR3 is 0.91 TTK! Thats insane and way too high for a shotgun. These weapons are now pointless to own and use, they will sit in peoples lockers and the Armas Marketplace until its allowed to have changeable mods.
  10. Bit late but i agree completely, i've owned the Shredder EB for a year now, i bought it back then because i was going to put the same mods on it regardless so no need to purchase a 3 slotted version when its going to be used in the same way and same mods. This was when IR3 did not change the firerate, now when i use the Shredder EB its nothing like i was used too. Which is extremely disheartening in the fact that i now have a weapon i no longer enjoy or want to use. I was going to purchase a Colby CSG-20 PR1 The one with IR3 locked and now i'm just not going to bother because it is horrible to use. This can apply to 44 total weapons with locked modifictions on Armas.
  11. Apologies but i was sure i was the only one with this topic, i assume they're more in line with presets and not locked modifications? Even though they're the same. And if there is mind pointing me in the right direction? This is the only one i've found.
  12. Locked weapon modifications should be removed. There are 44 total weapons with locked modifictions on Armas, not including secondary weapons. This is silly and has made some weapons to myself undesirable, the Shredder, all the ATACS, the CSG and the two VAS SMGS. Why are they still a thing and will there be a chance of allowing them to swap mods or outright removing them? Why not make some weapons like the ATACS and the Shredder have model weapon swaps? Same with the two VAS SMGS.
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