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  1. So i don't really know where to put this but I wanted to play apb on pc. I am currently using an xbox controller playing steam games and i was wondering if the devs can update the pc version of apb with the same controller configuration as Xbox/Ps4 consoles for controller users. Its actually a bit hard to try to configurate my controller on steam due to all the key actions on keyboard.
  2. My question is this. How is it that you can put up every other district but you cannot put up breakwater Marina for North America server. Besides the offensive debates that go on in game chat that i don't bother with, I cannot even customize my high level characters anymore that are for the North America Servers and I like creation games and is the whole point i even played apb for designing that i cannot do anymore. Its honestly a waist now and i appreciate if i can get some kind of response. How long will Social be down for North America servers ?
  3. Hello, I am new here and just have a question? When and how long will it take for Breakwater Marina server to be back up and running. Others are lying saying its up in the text chat in game and its not. There are others that cannot get in like myself. I would just like to know how long this will take to get back up or can someone lead me to where its metion of how long this will take.
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