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  1. So when JG Snubnose was a problem, instead of doing the sensible thing and just making the JG function akin to an HVR or Strife in that you cannot immediately swap weapons after firing? nah let's make what is already a pretty irrelevant secondary weapon even worse. You even made the same change of adding bolt time to the OBIR for quickswitching too. But death to the snubnose i guess.
  2. Guns don't exist anymore poggers
  3. Then they should've organized better. Don't have your open beta test on the same weekend as your 10th anniversary event is running.
  4. Did you actually read my post. I don't want 80 player gungames back. I want gungame to be 20 players like it was before. I do not understand how LO sees the feedback of 'we want old beacon gungame back', understands it enough to take a step forward and give us beacon, and then somehow take a step backwards and bump it up to fourty people.
  5. Some things said about the event said to me by friends that were genuinely excited for this event beforehand. From players currently playing the game a lot anyway: )How did you get the feedback of 'we want 20 person beacon not 80 person district gungame' and go 'YEAH FOURTY PERSON BEACON haHAAAAAA' )Who asked for prototype gungame? )Did LO playtest this? No. )Dude we know people had framerate complaints with 80 person gungame so we made them worse KEKW )My dad's turtle made more sense than this event )Yeah I'm just gonna play this for cap JT and quit. What a disappointment. )You know it's sad when I have to say that the game was better under G1 than LO. What even is this event. )Hey at least I got cool clothes. )These titles suck. Easter event ones were good. How did we go from that to this. )10 years for this btw. ez clap good game. uninstaller more functional than actual game. From players who are new/returning players )Message 1: I heard this event isn't great, how come? Message 2[2 minutes later after playing one round]: my ears hurt. weird 1 shot guns. too loud and bright. nty )Haha rip )Guess I'm not streaming this Good job LO. Really good Job. the clothing was actually great. I'm not gonna use it, but it looks good. The titles I felt obligated to collect but I'm never going to equip them so w/e. Maybe weapon tester is worth getting. 50JT capped for one round of this when I can get up to 30 from a mission anyway feels stupid. before this event started I figured the cap was stupid because I actually wanted to play gungame and I thought the cap would kill it off quick each day and leave nobody playing it. Wow was I wrong, the cap is honestly the best bit of this because I don't feel obligated to keep playing this gamemode for JTs. Next time you listen to feedback listen to all of it. When people said 'give us old beacon gungame' they meant give us old beacon gungame. not 40 person beacon gungame with weird gamemodes that feel like you threw darts at a wall in the hopes you would hit something someone liked. Titles are bearable. Don't really feel great for a 10th anniversary event. All of the gungame modes are honestly good with the exception of prototype weapon testing and joker store bonanza. prototype weapon testing is unsaveable and joker store bonanza makes no sense to start with an RSA and progress to an assault rifle. The guns should get worse as you progress, not better. Plus it says a lot that Matt Scott didn't even want to play more than 1-2 rounds of this mess. This was a disappointing event. Thanks for reading.
  6. I had the same thought when I read you could get it. Honestly the only real reason aside from easy joker tickets that I tried the easter event.
  7. I don't think there needs to be any allowing people to comment on bans - I didn't even know you could do that in the past, I just saw them pop up at the top of my screen iirc. But there needs to be some kinda published ban number or something in the same way they're doing their updates on support tickets. Because there's no way as many are getting caught as you claim.
  8. Why. There's now no indication that anti cheat is even doing ANYTHING. As said in the original post, it certainly doesn't feel like it. At least some form of published ban numbers so we can see they actually even SLIGHTLY care about dealing with cheaters rather than letting them run wild. I would be surprised if even 10 percent of the people currently cheating will ever be banned by the current anticheat. FF or BattleEye would be better than it is now. EAC can't even detect macros.
  9. Title. APB is suddenly 'popular' again and it's a mess. There's no way to tell if anticheat is actually doing it's job AT ALL. Everyone I know who is or was gold prior to the population surging is now intentionally or planning to go down to silver because they no longer feel like silver district is fair because there are a significant number of incredibly suspicious players/cheaters and it's killed it for them. I'd rather play in fight club because at least there you usually only live a short while so it doesn't feel too bad getting killed fairly or unfairly, but for normal missions in waterfront or financial it feels god awful. Perfectly timed pre-thrown nades at angles you know they could not have predicted without wallhacks. Full auto ursus that never miss a shot. Obeya rifles firing like N-Tecs at long range and also never missing. The game feels horrible to play because even if these people are just ridiculously good at the game, which I really *REALLY* doubt, there's no way to know if cheaters are being dealt with or not. it certainly does not feel like it.
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