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  1. That's awesome, thank you for that to be sure, the timer runs out at midnight in European time? (citadel)
  2. I'm asking for a friend who got a rare daily challenge to get the free Nano. Do you still keep the daily if you change into the same district, but different number? like for example moving from Financial 3 to Financial 5 ? thanks in advance
  3. I appreciate that, thanks A friend also sent me this earlier.. The place looks so small, but still looks fun if the video doesn't start at the spot - it's at around 3:36.
  4. I have been looking everywhere for footage and pictures of the old skatepark as well. I wasn't here back then, but I'm super curious to see how it used to look like
  5. Koda

    New car request

    This man is right about that Mitsubishi Lancer Evo front end swap on the Balkan Raven though! Game needs that! .... +windows stickers would be nice ...
  6. I guess it's kind of griefing.. but dang, there are worse things to do, and I must admit I've done that a couple of times before. A Friday night with some friends, hell yeah Besides, I think this kind of stuff makes the district seem more active instead of everyone just seamlessly minding their own business.
  7. Did anyone say Mirage? This folks, is a Mitsubishi Mirage, but it was called a Lancer in Australia. There's this youtube channel called Mighty Car Mods, and they're currently building this car in the picture above. So if we're getting a "Mirage" in apb, there's a high chance they're watching MCM and are car enthusiasts themselves which sounds bright for the future for the cars in APB. I predict that we will get a Lancer, hopefully an Evo or a Mirage. (I might be wrong, and I might have missunderstood something)
  8. Would be nice with the Nissan Skyline R34 GT-T (4 door) while you're at it S15? Would be nice to see the whole S-chassis there - having the ability to swap the front-ends. But hey, we're only JDM dreaming about APB now. Come'on now, this is no racing game, they mixed Porsche and Supra together and called it a Bishada
  9. Koda

    (ARMAS) "Wishlist" feature

    I understand that. Let's see it this way instead: You don't get to post lists. People would have to check your list manually, and that list could either be private, friends-only, or public.
  10. I think these are way too many cars to begin with. This is not Forza, car selection should be more unique rather than having a lot of cars. More unique cars to put more unique kits on, I feel. Something I'd really LOVE to see is some sort of an Evo front end swap on the Balkan Raven. Me want that!
  11. Koda

    (ARMAS) "Wishlist" feature

    There are solutions to avoid or limit those kinds of things. The idea itself is to have a "wishlist" feature, any addon to that would have to be considered. But honestly, there wouldn't be more or less begging. Same people will always beg. Remember you do have the option to ignore people.
  12. Koda

    (ARMAS) "Wishlist" feature

    Sure, that could be a thing. The sending gifts feature would get a whole new meaning if maybe a friend could see a friend's wishlist - perhaps from in-game.
  13. Who's not bothered that they can't find that one item that they want? or that you completely forgot about an item and realizes that after buying another item? Or perhaps you wish you had an overview of which items you want the most? What's my suggestion? Add some sort of "wishlist" to let players bookmark the items they're interested in - to avoid issues like above. I do believe players would be more satisfied with their purchases with this feature.
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