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  1. ended up "fixing" my issue my self by using a VPN to change my location to NY however if i try to go back to my location of choice for my fastest connection the issue come back. hopefully this helps some of my friends here that can't get in since we never got a response from LO.
  2. so I'm now on day two since the patch of not being able to get into NA servers my EU logs are fine but NA locks up at the connecting to district part of the loading screen. all started after the patch when I got DCed mid mission since then I can't play. tried running the repair tool updating again and using the normal and advance launcher no changes. Any updates on this? and is anyone else having this issues? I would like to be about to play with my team again and not having to deal with EU latency just to play the game..
  3. Jericho will not let me load into district, it just keeps loading until I'm timed out. EU servers seem to be working... please give us an update or fix ASAP it seems I'm not the only one having this problem and I have not been able to get into the game for 2 days now.
  4. They could even do it like they did the coywolf and just make a new version of the car with better stats and a nice body kit! Then most of the work would already be done. They could even work the difference into the lore of the car for example, a modified version of the the ravan with a stripped light weight interior for more cargo room and a better performance! Make it happen little orbit! If you do it right I'll 100% buy it.
  5. ToxicDeity

    New car request

    I would love a see a fast wagon added to the game. Like the CTS V wagon or AMG c63 wagon. Could be like the pioneer but with like 10 cargo slots instead of 15 lower armor and ramming but higher acceleration and top speed. It would have to have slower acceleration then the coywolf to not completely out class it but could have a higher top speed then it. it's a type of vehicle that we don't really have in the game now and I think it would be great for missions. Lots of different options for body kits for it too. Let me know what you all think.
  6. As the title says I'm trying to find out if you can equip war tech legs and put kneepads and gun holsters and bags over them? I'm trying to make a new outfit but I don't want to buy them both and have it not work. If anyone has both or knows I would appreciate it. Thanks!
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