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    APB Arranged Mode

    APB Arranged mode. Two teams with 4 players on each team. One player from either team, invite a player from the other team to an arranged match/mission. A new menu opens, where the two players choose the "rules" of the mission. For example: Options you can tick on or off, so they cannot be used. Weapon Types (No LTL, no explosive weapons, snipers.) Character Mods (Spotter, Yellow mods/Consumables) Cars (4x4, Pioneer, Espacio) 3 sliders. First slider; here you can choose how many of one weapon type is allowed. For example a maximum of 2 rifles , 2 smgs and 1 sniper (if not banned). Second slider; here you can choose how many of a car type is allowed. (heavy cars etc.) Third slider; here you can choose how many of one car mod is allowed. (Car spawners, radiotowers etc.) Mission bans. The majority of the players who play arranged matches already tend to abandon certain missions, because of the last stage. I am aware that it is a part of APB to get a random mission. But for competitive play, it would be nice to have the same missions/a rotation of for example 5. The 5 missions in rotation, would NOT include VIP last stage. As addition some players also abandon Deathmatch as last stage, which also could be a option to not be included. The favourite missions that players seem to like the most is; item hold and 1 point hold (3 point hold could be a option as well). These ideas could also be made into preset rules. This way, it will be easier and faster to start an arranged match/mission. For example "Competitive" and "Fun mode" preset ruleset. This will also makes sense to my next idea; The Leaderboard/Arranged mode menu. The leaderboard/arranged mode menu is where you can see how well your clan or team is doing, compared to others. Here you can click on a tab, one tab for each preset ruleset there is. There will be tabs within the ruleset like: Your Stats would show your stats, KDA, Winrate etc. Latest Matches would the latest matches that have been played on the server. Your Matches tab would show your last for example 10 matches. Here you can see if you won or loss. There could also be a dropdown, showing KDA and who played in the match/mission. Top Teams tab would obviously be the top teams (top 10 or 20). Showing winrate, winstreak and other stats. Your Team tab would show the same stats as top teams, but also including the players playing in that team. https://imgur.com/a/Ff24jcL Here is some quick mock-ups I have made to give an idea for the Arranged mode menu.
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