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  1. I hope I'll see a post as honest and open like this sometime in the future of matt admitting that RIOT mode with seasons + seasonpass is not the right way of bringing APB back to life... sorry that I mention something somewhat offtopic, and I know some people will disagree*, but I just really felt like saying this now... didn't mean to bring the mood down. *brace for impact of downvotes
  2. hmm... I just simply didn't have fun... started it, everything seemed kinda chaotic and confusing (even though it's not too hard figuring out what to do) killed 5 people 1v1 then died to 2 people. it had little to no real feeling of teamplay / structure (teammates scattered around the map... probably more enjoyable with friends in a closed group) it was really, really quiet.... no cars or NPCs honking and yelling... barely heard shots in the distance... felt really empty. I'm not a BR fan at all... I dislike the mode and companies going for it because of the hype, atleast you tried doing something a little different... but IMO, it failed. doesn't feel like it fits into APB at all TBH... especially not suitable for a long-time, season based solution for the game... I was happy that things were happening in APB again, and the redhill ARG was a lot of fun and kinda hyped me up, but I was let down... guess APB just isn't what it used to be, and is way too outdated for proper new content... (hence the RIOT mode feels "empty", and kinda like an alpha) I really wanted RIOT to work out for APB. I'm sorry but RIOT is a failure in my eyes... (inb4 "but you barely played it". yes I know I played it for only a short time, but it was enough to feel the emptyness APB has become for me, that RIOT couldn't fill even a bit)
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