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  1. as someone that has themes "muted" through deleting instrument files, this is deeply appreciated. good QoL change!
  2. the most confusing part about their website is "Unit Game is a worldwide game company formed in 2001". I can't find anything about them though... it's just so weird. also their website https://apb.com/ is kinda bad. just like https://unitgame.com/index.html . neither of them show anything else from the company. it's literally all focused on APB. what was this company doing since 2001???
  3. what PMG needs: range reduced from 35m to 30m crouch modifier changed from 0.8 to 1.0 this should also apply to the whisper version of the OCA, since they're 50m range and also have a 0.8 crouch modifier.
  4. I didn't go through all the pages in this thread so forgive me if I'm just repeating. while we're at the topic of modifications, can we get a use for the display banner? my suggestion: it may be put down somewhere and when an enemy gets too close (smaller radius than mobile radar tower, maybe like 5m), it would "spot" the enemy. either flash them on the minimap for a second, or maybe the flag could make a "ping" sound (and / or flash a light ontop of the flag, which had to be added to the model)
  5. I'd rather see them upgrade it with a more detailed dirt texture (higher resolution, and a pattern that makes more sense)... like more defined dirt around the wheels, and if we're ever going to get rain in APB, make it wash off... would be pretty awesome!
  6. no one?... ok I'll do it... another quality todesklinge thread.
  7. FINALLY! I've been poking this media page thing a few month ago and just very recently again... seems like my latest poke did the trick! thanks! I hope there's more coming in the future. APBs artstyle is just unmatched.
  8. there is 0 doubt. I'll DM you the clip (not allowed to post it publicly AFAIK). please come back and tell me what you think about it afterwards
  9. you know why I can't trust support taking care of cheaters anymore? I've been shown a video of someone 100% cheating (it was full aimlock from the cheaters perspective), and said cheater has been roaming EU asylum for like 5 month now, with video proof being sent to support 2 month ago. yet he's still not banned. I don't wanna hate on LO, I think they've done some really good changes for apb so far, and have more good changes coming for us... but this is really disappointing.
  10. yea, "ITEM NOT READY" - right on the crosshair...
  11. I like the battlefield 5 approach... YOU ARE SPOTTED
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