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  1. Snubnose

    So this is still a thing...

    I'm 100% sure that a part of your hitbox is always slightly sticking through a "1 pixel wide" (flat texture) wall. that's the reason you sometimes get a red crosshair (with the X that you can't shoot though) when hugging a wall and an opponent is hugging another wall from the same building on the other side. (both corner camping, basically.) also the reason why you can shoot peoples feet when walking on some glass textures from below. (like the one spot on financial south of the 'mist' club / party island) that leads up to the graffity spray point below the WP towers.) this isn't really a spot related issue, they have to finetune the hitboxes so they don't stick through flat textures.
  2. yo, the only information I have was that the speedhack was there, then at some point RP did something and suddenly every speedhacker was gone in an instant (i.e. speedhack wasn't working anymore). I don't know anything about the creator still having a working version but not releasing it. It just seems weird that the creator initially released it to F up APB big time, but doesn't give enough F's anymore to release his working version. "Fixed" or not, it's not being used anymore (because atleast the public version is not working anymore), only lagswitches.
  3. yea but that's the old kind of speedhack that was fixed by RP some time ago... right now, every "speedhacker" is just lag switching, which makes you warp faster than anyone else, because the server isn't handling lag well (it should reset your position instead of skipping). when my poor internet connection is lagging out (because of high loads of upload) I also warp around, therefore kinda speedhack since I'm faster than anyone else... (getting better internet connection in 2 days, yay)
  4. now all we need to bring back is the ability to run yourself over with your own vehicle when getting out hey, nice fix for the de-syncing that's happening when you jump out of a car and it pushes you around!
  5. Snubnose

    Weapon Skins - some love (re-work) needed.

    honestly, G1 should have given us a weapon designer... this game is about designing and having your own identity. designing your own guns should be just like designing cars... guns should also come with different attachments, just like cars do. (also something that can be expanded so they can keep releasing new scopes and stuff like that on armas for extra cash) obviously, G1 decided to go with their own skins as an easy cashgrab, instead of finishing / releasing what RTW already started / planned - a weapon design studio. question is, would LO actually consider this? because already existing skins could be made presets, although most of them could be "faked"... and most people would probably want their G1C refunded for that. I'd be totally in for a weapon design studio though, and I wouldn't want my G1C refunded.
  6. we could really use some more tuning parts for the joker store... especially the fresno fastline kit LUL
  7. Snubnose

    [New Car Perk] Self-Destruct

    you're making all these game suggestions while you're not even aware of car det? may I ask, how much playtime do you have? also, I've seen all your suggestions now. it really shows you must be fairly new to the game, because the majority of them aren't good.
  8. Snubnose

    Radar tower bug

    Minimap is fine, only the radar tower doesnt work , it shows the lines around the car, that means it is active, but not showing the enemies. I'm not too sure about "minimap is fine"... look at THIS LUL
  9. Snubnose

    Radar randomly showing enemies.

    (only "tested" in asylum, don't know if this happens anywhere else.) maybe it's related to this radar tower bug? not sure. here are some pics of my radar just randomly showing some of the enemies for quite a long time (at least 10+ seconds) at some point a few minutes later (in the same mission) a new opponent joined, the text popped up and with that every bugged enemy disappeared from the radar. dunno if that was just lucky timing or that this had anything to do with it... this game is weird.
  10. I didn't get my 150 from baylan. something's wrong, fix s00n pls
  11. This is great! loved it back then and I'm still a fan of this idea, LO should pick this up and treat it well, and we'll have a new map soon! Although I kinda dislike that it's like the other already existing maps, "just a flat surface". I never really liked that APB's maps are super flat, only ups and downs are highways and sometimes tunnels, but the base surface (probably 90% of streets and alleys) are just straight flat. I think APB should upgrade a bit... everything visual needs to be upgraded (guess some of that is already happening with UE3.4), but there's still more to it... mapping is obviously one thing that should be upgraded.. some more details to the already existing districts, maybe slightly higher texture resolutions for designs... and I'd love to have higher poly counts for vehicles. obviously this all needs to be managed really well so we don't get shitty performance, but at some point it things have to be upgraded... anyway, I heard you're posting an upgraded version of your old "spot balancing suggestion" thread? can't wait for that, I really hope LO will consider what you'll be posting there!
  12. Snubnose

    OTW 1.19.7 (1016)

    yepp, it's been bugged for 2-3 weeks now. glad it's finally getting fixed!
  13. Snubnose

    Han Coywolf Alternative Spoiler

    kinda true, especially with the front bumper also changing the head lights, instead of being 2 different parts... makes adding more kits to the coywolf a pain because parts don't combine well... I mean there are other cars like the bishada, when you add just 1 bumper from the mako kit it looks really werid, but that's just to the pure nature of it being a huge bodykit in general. I'd like to see more kits added for the coywolf, and other low-mid tier class vehicles getting tuned versions, but you're right, the coywolf (atleast the front bumper + headlights) could use some rework to be separate. (or any future kit for the vehicle has to also combine front-bumper + headlight into 1, which makes the car less enjoyable, because combining car kits is important for customization) but for now, I'd be happy if we get what I suggested... and and also: make djinn diablos usable for every car, but that's something for another suggestion thread I've been thinking about.
  14. Snubnose

    Han Coywolf Alternative Spoiler

    I agree on the "G1 cared little for the quality of their game" part, and also what @TrinityFSB said. but what exactly bothers you about the coywolf kit? I don't think it's that bad... sure it has a few flaws and everyone has different taste, but I don't think a whole rework is needed >_>
  15. Snubnose

    Han Coywolf Alternative Spoiler

    I'd like to have the plastic ribs / panels removed from the Coywolf spoiler, as an atlernative (second) version. The current spoiler looks more like a rally variant, but I'm more into street racing (tuners) than rally cars. picture of what I'm talking about: keep in mind: I want an alternative version, not the current one to be replaced.