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  1. we should be able to purchase permanent weapon for JT's... also, gimme all the bodykits (and wheels + sirens)! the range of kits is just so underwhelming...
  2. I've always wanted the planetside 2 kind of turfwar system for APB (or battlefield LUL) it's really refreshing having a huge open map where you can choose your fight.
  3. just had an idea... maybe you could tease the RIOT map (the exact same location) in the 3.5 engine? :^)
  4. looking at the containers, boxes below the bridge and blue fencing in the back, I really hope the lighting isn't as broken regarding these props when it comes out. (or is it just because dynamic shadows aren't rendered on that range?) also, is it just me, or does anyone else feel like containers are overused in gaming / leveldesign? I mean if it's just this place, fine... but please don't cluster the whole map with containers and call it a day Q_Q
  5. since we're talking account merging in here, are there any plans yet for merging multiple (or just 2) accounts into 1? I'm reeeally looking forward for that! EDIT: I'd be willing to pay a small fee for that.
  6. HAHAH WHAT, GUYS LOGIN WITH "MattScott" and a rondom PW LUL https://www.redhillinstitute.com/big-smile
  7. LMAO @ the part where the girl talks about being infected cuz her period's late :^)
  8. patch incoming... "minor background maintenance"... sounds like the ARG may continue LUL
  9. aight mate, you said: "by the popular gas station on the sign there is graffiti sprayed over" obviously I thought you meant the RedHill signs that everyone is talking about in here... as kev already said, these graffiti been there for ages and they're all over the city so therefore they're not relevant. anyway, you made an honest mistake and thought this was something new in the game... can happen, no sweat.
  10. aight I've checked out all 3 existing billboards (one behind double B, one at city hall and one at javez)... I take it you're trolling then?... well you got me to start up the game and check it out, gratz.
  11. which one? maybe post a pic? what does the graffiti even say?
  12. it sure is annoying when someone comes up with their half assed "review" or article about something without really knowing much about the matter, but that's no reason for a company to stop posting progress updates and teases... anyway, I already suggested to post pictures with a watermark saying it's "work in progress / not final product".
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