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  1. move right there keep switching through anticheats like underwear... cheat coders are fuming
  2. some armas packs are account lifetime only and include some weapons... you're probably just looking at these specific account lifetime only weapons out of packs then. for example, Juggernaut pack, Pack of Revalations, Key to the City / World or the retail pack (not available anymore) are all account wide only.
  3. found on APB reddit, I'm pretty much just letting the people know that don't use the APB reddit: https://www.gameshedge.com/anzu-apb-reloaded/
  4. if only we'd have account merging... maybe someday..
  5. fairfight was like the fucking thanos snap... if you really think this many people were cheating, you're objectively wrong.
  6. I've had this for more than a month now on and off... contacted support and they said it's my providers fault... even though every other game and program was fine... just APB acting up...
  7. fuck this engine update... let's just all gather in a city and play APB in real life... best graphics ever and no performance issues! :^)
  8. I've got a regular RTX 2070 and I can play without crashes... baylan freezes on respawn screen every now and then, but it's fixable for me by just minimizing the game, waiting a few seconds and maximising again. (I keep my drivers updated)
  9. please transfer any unwanted G1C my way :^)
  10. 16/15 means you're currently eligible for the gold reward, but as the community keeps playing, the gold activities you need to be inside the top 10% (gold reward) increases. so by the end of the week it's usually going to be ~19 activities you'll need*... you can farm them endless but I'd stop at 20 or 21, it rarely goes beyond that. *talking about EU, I have no idea about the situation on NA
  11. I love the gun just for the look... when I was playing battlefield 2 as a kiddo I loved to play the MEC anti-tank class for this weapon. I really hope they'll buff all the underdogs after they're done with the engine update.
  12. what exactly do you mean by how many gold activities? that's only possible through ARMAS, so real money. although there is one that you can unlock with birth (very late contact), but that one is preset so you won't be able to customize / mod it.
  13. this and stretched, butchered graphics for every single frame possible even though they're playing on NASA computers - combined with some localization files edit for EZ mission descriptions :^)
  14. while on the topic of unused gun models, gimme those scoped shotguns! or any of those other alternative models... like the modified carbine: or the 100% better looking OCA whisper model:
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