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  1. this is awesome! might as well use the opportunity to ask if this section will be update with more wallpapers / art? https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/media
  2. well you could also try to find 2 chopshops close to eachother and deliver vehicles in a rotation (because that cooldown is not universal)... probably speeds up the process a little...
  3. while they're at it they can balance it out by telling players that they've been spotted...
  4. I really appreciate the transparency (and open-mindedness) with issues like this and in general, so back in the day we would've gotten a "have you run a tracert yet?" at best - or no response at all, with the issue left hanging there for month, even years.
  5. I'm all for it. just All Points Bulletin is fine. anyway, I'm not sure if they're still able to actually rename it back to it's original title since they've sold the whole franchise except APB: Reloaded. probably the rights to the name "All Points Bulletin" are now in the hands of UNIT GAME... @MattScott an official word on this topic, please?
  6. pretty sure they already mentioned that they'd like to give us some crosshair options in the future... in the meantime - use ReShade. it's whitelisted by EAC and LO also gave green light to use it!
  7. obviously the eyes are floating behind the character... otherwise the snowman or pumpkin head masks would make us blind!
  8. there were giveaways of these the past few days on the official LO twitch channel... (shini, kemp and exo were streaming on it). I've got mine through an "indirect" giveaway by comfeyer, whispering @Leefekyn the code while he was streaming. don't know if these codes have been given out in other ways though...
  9. talking of WW2 weapons - my absolute favorite weapon of WW2 is the bren gun... we need more WW2 weapons in APB!
  10. I don't play on console, but I was also wondering about the progress for that update... I feel sorry for them...
  11. I noticed on console streams that the leafs looked pretty "chunky". but I though it was due to lower graphic settings... now there's this picture, and I'm concerned about the leafs well-being... why are they all swollen? seriously though, these trees look kinda bad... I like the new darker / less saturated color, but wtf happened to the fluffiness??? it reminds me a lot of this minecraft option where leaf textures aren't see through to save some performance:
  12. and here I am, getting this skin daily EVERY SECOND DAY - even after I unlocked it on the second day of the event... I just wanted some extra JT's ...
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