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  1. this is nice... sure as hell ain't no engine update but it's a good baseline for future updates. speaking of which, what's the next step? I'm still interested in this game but slightly better FPS ain't cutting it for me personally. I want to come back to APB at some point but only if there's something worthwhile like new content and features.
  2. tbh I was expecting an april fools joke...
  3. and here's the winner of "worst take ever". congratulations :^)
  4. living proof that playtime =/= knowledge I mean there's people with thousands of hours playtime still saying "THEY'RE NOT RESKINS, THEY HAVE DIFFERENT STATS!!!" RP balancing was trash (like, non-existent), and LO ain't perfect, but hell of a lot better than what used to be.
  5. didn't join yet, what guns we talking about?
  6. THE DAY HAS COME! but... I still don't think it can compete very well with FBW or .45 AP.... equip time is still higher than FBW (0.5s vs 0.3s), and accuracy is worse. but hey, at least snubnose is now on a 1.0s TTK like FBW. it's not completely useless anymore
  7. I guess that'd be too big and would look goofy, especially for smaller female characters holding them. the mini version is the perfect intermediate. yea, that's why I said sometime in the future... sometime after the engine update is out and LO has done more balance passes and the game being in a better state.
  8. only thing missing is someone commenting this video with some vague characteristics about this weapon while also trying to sound REALLY REALLY COOL (BONUS: mocking video) if I were to make this a suggestion, I'd say: super fast TTK, but extremely limited mag size, ammo pool and accuracy. combined with slower movement speed (like other LMGs) should also have a very short windup timer) I mean... with a new engine, and someone that can animate at LO, this could actually be a thing at some point lol. but I didn't intend to post this as a suggestion really, just wanted to share this fun little tool of destruction that reminded me of APB legendary promo videos. the forum has been kinda boring lately, so y'all can post some funky weapons that would be fun as a legendary in APB
  9. now that the scoped ntec came up I thought about the retail pack version with only extended magazine 3... such a bad mod on a rather bad weapon. with the next balance changes, will there also be some changes to some of the worst modded preset weapons? because some of them badly need it.
  10. I strongly disagree. there are plenty of underpowered weapons that need to be buffed. IMO we're pretty much done with nerfing (for now). time to get these underdogs up there to spice up the gameplay.
  11. they only wanted to nerf JG / snub switching.... no one played with me anyway, so this change didn't really affect anyone I just hope next patch I'll get some love...
  12. I'm so glad we have SPCT sitting down together with the devs to do weapon balancing... some of yalls suggestions are strange AF. don't get me wrong, providing feedback is exactly what LO wants... but I'm just happy that in the end it all has to go through a logical thinking process from people that actually know a bit about balancing in general.
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