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  1. that also happens to regular grenades sometimes... it's mostly noticed when spamming nades on a carspawn closeby and they just lie there for a few seconds... sometimes they get swallowed too. and yea, this is kind of a gamebreaking bug that has been in APB for ages..
  2. to be fair, it's not just a placebo... I'd recommend watching this: when I turned on raytracing in battlefield 5, my FPS tanked from the average of 110 fps to just slightly above 60, barely reaching 75. and I've felt it in gameplay... it didn't feel as smooth anymore... mostly because worse input lag though.
  3. turn off v-sync and any kind of frame smoothing stuff... with a 60hz monitor you'll get to a cap of 101 I think... only if you have a 144hz monitor you'll be able to reach the 145 cap.
  4. should've just made the RFP less accurate... why give RFP a huge rework but not do something about the fact that the SNR and harbinger are trash? feels like priority is off... maybe don't rework things completely but just tweak slightly... (you've seen what happened with shotgun changes that changed too much at once and what kind of a shitstorm it sparked)
  5. worst case scenario: APB dies withing 1-2 years because UE3.5 was underwhelming and further updates to the game can't spark more interest for new and old players to play. best case scenario: APB UE4 update actually turns into a bigger project - "APB 2"
  6. Snubnose

    new haircuts?

    matt already said we're getting 2 new haircuts with the engine update... probably more after that at some point...
  7. I can hear them screaming all the way to central germany
  8. this is probably the best thing someone has ever done with the billboards LUL
  9. a little bit off-topic, but hearing more and more about new plans for the future of APB makes me believe we'll never get account merging (since it's a lower priority than fixing the game itself)... I was one of the victims falsely banned under fairfight, and now I'm sitting on 2 accounts with great value. I'd definitely pay for a merge (provided that I'd make a "comeback" to APB). so yea, any news on account merging matt? probably something you'd still like to do, but not in the near future, right?
  10. I guess if you really can't wait ~2 weeks for an answer from support you can update this post with your ticket # and hope for an admin to notice.
  11. umm aight? weird post but yea. have fun
  12. yea I mean models, but it's literally just a flat 1 pixel wide thing so it does seem like "just a texture", if you know what I mean.
  13. yea your hitbox is not getting shifted into the ground, it really changes shape. but the thing with getting damaged through the ground is because of "1 pixel wide textures" that don't have a "second wall" beneath... you can always shoot peoples feet when they walk on a "single texture" (like the unbreakable glass at hopemall (financial) that leads to the graffiti spot on the WP towers - facing the party island). knowing this allowed me to easily pick targets off that cheesy spot LUL
  14. pretty sure it makes the hitbox a little bit shorter from the top, but wider to the sides. something like this:
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