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  1. remember halloween 2019 when LO said they'd like to have a beta for us christmas 2019, or "shortly after"?.. yea, clearly it's always "starting soon"... 30 days seems a bit agressive, right? :^) anyway, good to know it's actually close now. although I'm more interested in what's coming for APB after the EU released.
  2. what about saturation and gamma sliders in the options? pretty sure you've once answered this question and said it would be a nice feature to add... is that still a thing you'd like to have? is there a chance we could have it with the release of the engine update, or rather after its launch? ontop of overall lighting, people can adjust the colours to their own taste to a certain degree. that would be awesome, and almost everyone would be happy with it that way.
  3. yea that blogpost wasn't needed... should've been a forum post. also:
  4. perhaps they noticed the bad feedback and are reconsidering adding yet another gambling box
  5. aight so untill then, keep milkin'! :^) I know, I know... LO needs to make money.. and there's nothing wrong with releasing armas content (as long as it's not p2w). but come on, they could really try harder and maybe release this weapon as a standalone (or with some new clothes / bodykit) and a joker store variant with less slots, and later on when they got their new legendary weapon system implemented make a legendary variant of the base weapon, with some special mod and it's skin... I mean you know how bad it looks to the "outside community" of APB (the people that once played, but haven't in a looong time, waiting for the engine update) when LO releases payed content... it's especially bad if payed content is a gambling box. @MattScott maybe release some more joker store items while you're at it... (more bodykits and clothes mainly), so free to play players (or people who really don't feel like buying gambling boxes) have something to look forward to aswell... I mean you wanted to keep updating the joker store for some while, but we haven't seen much of that since the one big update with the weapons dropped...
  6. yea umm, didn't they at some point say they'd implement some kind of new system for legendary weapons?
  7. this is awesome! might as well use the opportunity to ask if this section will be update with more wallpapers / art? https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/media
  8. well you could also try to find 2 chopshops close to eachother and deliver vehicles in a rotation (because that cooldown is not universal)... probably speeds up the process a little...
  9. while they're at it they can balance it out by telling players that they've been spotted...
  10. I really appreciate the transparency (and open-mindedness) with issues like this and in general, so back in the day we would've gotten a "have you run a tracert yet?" at best - or no response at all, with the issue left hanging there for month, even years.
  11. I'm all for it. just All Points Bulletin is fine. anyway, I'm not sure if they're still able to actually rename it back to it's original title since they've sold the whole franchise except APB: Reloaded. probably the rights to the name "All Points Bulletin" are now in the hands of UNIT GAME... @MattScott an official word on this topic, please?
  12. pretty sure they already mentioned that they'd like to give us some crosshair options in the future... in the meantime - use ReShade. it's whitelisted by EAC and LO also gave green light to use it!
  13. obviously the eyes are floating behind the character... otherwise the snowman or pumpkin head masks would make us blind!
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