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  1. Snubnose

    Epidemic - walk through

    yea umm, just dropping by saying that blowtorch being able to repair the toxic barrel stack is way too strong...
  2. ^ < add "(XXX Days)" behind this and we're good.
  3. Snubnose

    Radar randomly showing enemies.

    just a reminder that this is still happening, and should be fixed quickly... it's actually gamebreaking.
  4. Snubnose

    Nade Launcher Event

    yea, with mission phasing we can have back these kind of open world activities... I wish there was more to do in APB than missions / fightclub... checkpoint racing / or dedicated racing district, collectables, occasionally spawning events (like butcher and drugmule for example, but also new ones) and all that jazz... APB is kinda empty, and really needs these openworld activities... in the end, it should be more like an MMORPG than "just a shooter". I'd even go as far and say it would need player-housing and / or something like in warframe with the clan dojos (clan cribs to hang out in and do some activities / trade. would be the ultimate immersion. that would kinda require a whole new APB(2) built from ground up, I guess... or lots and lots of rebuilding for the current game... but hey, that'll never happen because the majority of this community doesn't like change whatsoever...
  5. I'd be ok with that as long as JT's get shifted to action districts or whatever replaces FC lol
  6. for the love of god, baylan is a hellhole clusterfuck. why was it changed to 20v20 in the first place? spawns were always really bad (lots of spawnkilling), and 20v20 is just way too much chaos. who actually enjoys 20v20? it's ok for asylum since it's bigger and provides more cover (lots of indoor fighting), but baylan is just too open, small and the spawns are badly placed / easy to camp. farming JT's is a pain, I just want a portion of the pain to be reduced.
  7. Snubnose


    well, in most cases (depending on resolution and HUD scale), the crosshair looks smaller than it actually is / should be. as you can see in this video, the shots go everywhere around the target, widely outside the crosshair "range". this combined with overall bad server performance (low tick rate) makes everything wonky AF in APB... (I'd recommend watching it with slower speed)
  8. it feels good knowing to be heard. thanks!
  9. I know what you're on about... the bloom in this game is fucking garbage, and turning it off makes the game look super stale.. so you either have bad shaders or no color, lol. it often happens that the bloom overlaps with playernames and therefore it's hard to see if the person is an enemy or friend. example of how cancerous the bloom can be: I hope the visual changes from the engine updated will clear that up a bit... maybe it'll need further tweaking though (alteast for playername visibility / horrible bloom)
  10. not a pedestrian, but still... turned into a ball of meat.
  11. Snubnose

    Knock Knock, It's midtown.

    matt scott was active in this threat, go have a read
  12. ok, keeping the percentage based upside, but going back to the almost non-existent downside is basically buffing IR3 better than it was in the first place (atleast for every weapon with 30m range and above). I think we may should slightly reduce the fire rate downside, maybe to 10% instead of 18% untill you implement a new downside. (although I'd be fine if the -10% fire rate downside stays, I like the idea)
  13. ??? oh, didn't see seedy already pointed that out... LUL
  14. @Lixil are we allowed to submit multiple outfits? (I feel like making another one)
  15. sidenote: I don't know why the backpack glows more green-ish, I used the correct colors.