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  1. Snubnose

    What are you excited for?

    I'm more excited about account merging than the engine update itself... it'll only bring slightly better visuals and a better base for future updates (which is very nice), but I got 2 accounts of great value and very different list of items so I'm really looking forward to account merging!
  2. Snubnose

    [PC] PATCH NOTES 1.19.7 (1074) discussion

    nope, only some guy called "mr. ambrose fred" trying to scam me, lying about knowing me from somewhere LUL *sorry, offtopic... I'll stop. I got the december newsletter though not this one...
  3. Snubnose

    [PC] PATCH NOTES 1.19.7 (1074) discussion

    weird... I didn't get that newsletter even though I'm subscribed to it... anyone else? also, would you be so kind and PM me the copy-pasta of that whole newsletter (if there's more)?
  4. Snubnose

    We have melee weps?

    yes. only now I notice how the sledge hammer and fire axe got mixed up LUL
  5. Snubnose

    State of the Game: APB 2018

    so, what about account merging? any plans yet? it has been said it's somewhere in the future but it's never really been "pinpointed" (or actually mentioned on a roadmap I think)... I'm more excited about that then the engine update TBH...
  6. "Expect to see it in the coming week" it said 11 days ago.
  7. so the newsletter I got in my mail from 11 days ago said this: so, what's the reason that one got delayed? (or did I simply just miss something?) I mean sure, we got 2FA, a new report system and a new christmas event was announced.. just wondering about development progress and the lookback... I hope I don't sound too annoying asking for this, was just wondering. (and kinda bored) anyway, I'll keep track of what's happening with APB and hoping that I'll someday get back to playing it. best of luck LO - and everyone - have some blessed holidays!
  8. I'd suggest you give the winners a skin selector ontop of the title... just because a title is just some text and most people don't care about them at all... pretty sure they'd be pleased with a skin selector. (FYI: the skin selector already exists and was used in previous events)
  9. Snubnose

    Raytracing and DLSS - UE4?

    why are you implying that I wanted them to add it now? if it's ever going to be added, it would most likely be with / after unreal engine 4, and that's still far away. (UE3 upgrade should already take care of the fps drops / performance issues. if not, this game is even more doomed than now - and that's barely possible) also, you guys need to understand that this is a question, not a request. (although I'd appreciate DLSS, since APB's current AA is taking it's toll on FPS.) I was reading some stuff about RTX and DLSS, was bored and decided to make this thread out of curiosity. can't be bothered too much with APB anymore, so I guess I'm "out" of this thread. (didn't intend to discuss about RTX or DLSS in here, just wanted to ask a question and make it public instead of taking it to DM's). but everyone else, feel free to continue - I'll be waiting for matt to answer my question
  10. just a technical question for @MattScott will APB get raytracing (unlikely I think) or DLSS (more likely) in the future (perhaps with the unreal engine 4 upgrade that's being worked on)? and - have you even considered implementing this new tech ever since the RTX series got released? some additional text that can be ignored: about raytracing - for Battlefield V it's unfinished and still getting developed... it's a huge performance impact (even though with some other options turned down from ultra, it's running fine) and also has some little errors (like some bushes or FX not properly getting traced in the reflection of the water, but that's just a small problem). about DLSS - well, it's pretty much a performance friendlier anti-aliasing, for the cost of a little bit of sharpness the usual anti-aliasing techniques provide. just watch this video. the difference on screen is minimal (some might not even notice, but the performance improvement is quite big)
  11. Snubnose

    Epidemic - walk through

    yea umm, just dropping by saying that blowtorch being able to repair the toxic barrel stack is way too strong...
  12. ^ < add "(XXX Days)" behind this and we're good.
  13. Snubnose

    Radar randomly showing enemies.

    just a reminder that this is still happening, and should be fixed quickly... it's actually gamebreaking.
  14. Snubnose

    Nade Launcher Event

    yea, with mission phasing we can have back these kind of open world activities... I wish there was more to do in APB than missions / fightclub... checkpoint racing / or dedicated racing district, collectables, occasionally spawning events (like butcher and drugmule for example, but also new ones) and all that jazz... APB is kinda empty, and really needs these openworld activities... in the end, it should be more like an MMORPG than "just a shooter". I'd even go as far and say it would need player-housing and / or something like in warframe with the clan dojos (clan cribs to hang out in and do some activities / trade. would be the ultimate immersion. that would kinda require a whole new APB(2) built from ground up, I guess... or lots and lots of rebuilding for the current game... but hey, that'll never happen because the majority of this community doesn't like change whatsoever...
  15. I'd be ok with that as long as JT's get shifted to action districts or whatever replaces FC lol