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  1. Hadn't this been a reoccurring thing with their downtimes then maybe patience and understanding would make sense. Sadly this has happened too often lately, and as this is their first major patch for the game it's not a good start.
  2. This is actually dumb. Do you complain when GMs do events in action districts? Did you complain about people hunting pumpkins during halloween?
  3. You drop half your cash every time you die. I think this system will be a lot better. Other changes seem good as well.
  4. Well, turned out my problem was my new Roccat mouse. When I unplugged it my fps would jump back up to constant 120 instantly, and if I plug it in again it might be ok or it might drop again. My solution is to just change usb slot and it seems to be working for a few hours then it happens again. Tried different versions of the Roccat software Tried without Roccat software Updated all usb drivers
  5. Yeah I have no idea what is causing this. But on the bright side I've cleaned up my pc a whole lot and now every other game runs better, but apb still drops even as low as 60-70 frames steady for me now.
  6. Any luck figuring this one out? I've had the exact same thing happen to me today after months without any issues. I've also done everything you have done and I only get this problem with APB. My specs are i7 7700k OC to 5ghz GTX1080ti 32gb ram Samsung 850 EVO 512gb ssd Samsung 960 PRO 512gb NVME Asus Strix Z270E
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