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  1. Spotter: Make it so spotted enemies show up on the radar instead of a wallhack. Suddenly Radar Jammer has an actual use (good for the game) and Spotter is no longer an insane crutch with absolutely no skill required to use. Guns: All the meta guns are low risk high reward, change it so high risk gives high reward.
  2. Obir nerfs are good and very much needed! Good looking patch so far
  3. Actually just sad to see it run so bad on a decent computer
  4. Still a work in project. Curious to why the benchmarks are done in 4k and not more used resolutions like 1080p or 1440p. Anyways good to finally get some update on it and it does look like a big improvement even when unfinished. I also still have hope in you guys pulling this off. Maybe bring it up in every months blog how much you've progressed just to keep people updated. I don't care if it's just 1% in a month, any update is better than nothing. After all, this engine is what the majority has been wanting for over 5 years now so even breadcrumbs will do to keep me hooked.
  5. Hadn't this been a reoccurring thing with their downtimes then maybe patience and understanding would make sense. Sadly this has happened too often lately, and as this is their first major patch for the game it's not a good start.
  6. This is actually dumb. Do you complain when GMs do events in action districts? Did you complain about people hunting pumpkins during halloween?
  7. You drop half your cash every time you die. I think this system will be a lot better. Other changes seem good as well.
  8. dogfish

    Roccat Mouse FPS

    I can also add that I've had this problem on two different computers (z270 chipset with 7700k and z390 with 9900k)
  9. dogfish

    Roccat Mouse FPS

    Had the same issue with my Roccat Leadr both with and without Swarm installed. Game would slowly drop from steady 145 fps to 80 until I unplugged the mouse, then it would instantly jump back up to 145 fps. Tried every single usb port on my pc, tried different usb drivers, tried different versions of Swarm. Same result with whatever I try. Only happens in APB as well, no problems in any other game.
  10. Can confirm that this is a problem with RTX cards. The only fix is to turn the graphics preset ingame to Minimal. As soon as you use Low or anything higher, these crashes will happen. Have talked with other friends on RTX and they say the same thing.
  11. Lords make them sound like they actually achieved something
  12. I challenge you to find a more fitting description
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