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  1. How does this suggestion still pop up in 2021? I swear this forum is like an existence running in it's own time. Be gone for a decade and you will come back as if nothing happened. Or is it proof that new players are still joining
  2. I do believe that people can. But that was never really the issue. They can earn second chances and they can be given second chances, but they do not have the right to persist to be granted them from each and everyone. Damage has been done, the enjoyment and time of many people are wasted by cheating on a daily basis. This is time people won't get back. And while some may contribute more or less than others it is the combined total that ultimately leads to vast grievances of the general playerbase. I imagine a good start for showing remorse would be to not call people "silvers" when they rightfully point out those past missteps. From my experience showing acceptance instead of trying to denunciate their objections leads far more often to goodwill and a dropping of the matter. I understand it can be frustrating not being forgiven while actively trying and showing best intentions but sometimes it is just to late for some and one has to accept that too. It will take strength to remain true to their new proclaimed person through all that but if one really has changed or wants to it is part of that growing. Also APB being such a small community means it's not your general cs mm cheater that you will report and never see again (banned or not). Sometimes you met these individuals every other day, got downright mocked. I would very much differentiate in the weight of such cases.
  3. My apologies. Didn't know pointing out the hypocrisy of a pathological cheater who himself has admitted to have cheated in more than one occasion in more than one game was against the rules. That's not an accusation, but simply had to be mentioned for context but I understand the urge to keep this all under wraps for good looks. Keep living with the consequences.
  4. Very easy. The major reason as to why I rarely touched this for over two years now - is the community. Seeing who established themselves in that time, I'm just not willing to look past things. Don't get me wrong, there are some cool dudes I've met over the years but it's just not worth it to start APB to meet up. There are so many other games for that where I don't cross vermin on a daily basis.
  5. Fools, I posses the rarest and I ain't posting it so it stays that way!
  6. From all the possible suggestions you chose the most unlikely and most widely denied one again...
  7. You mean opposed to your very positive and likeable post?
  8. If anyone actually cares for achievements telling them to install it on steam is a bit rude since there are a bunch of impossible ones.
  9. Pretty sure that was what was officially forwarded by G1 when talking about the deal with DS and the console versions. Can't give you the quotes since old forum and such but feel free to believe what you want.
  10. There wouldn't be any days to have at all. It's called contractual bindings. No console versions - no deal, no deal - no APB survival, no survival - no LO takeover.
  11. ...well done, LO! Enjoy this type of quality forum content from now on.
  12. The real sad thing is that apparently you've never been able to embrace the joy of it yourself. There are no words that could possible describe it. One can only hope that one day you may stumble upon the right path.
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