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  1. I'm talking about small changes like adding stairs/props/access points that balance spots/objectives and still change gameplay in those areas. Why add new stuff before fixing the old ones.
  2. Matt didn't say that they remove threat altogether. Hes talking about after implementation of phasing with "no visible threat on districts" but still with players having their threat. Whoever thinks making a pvp game with no threat/elo is a good idea doesn't understand pvp.
  3. Work on the existing maps. Keeps it fresh and adds to balance. But not like we have already mentioned that a dozens time with link to the old rework thread...
  4. Sad part is he will think you're also a cheater which will reinforce his opinion of cheating himself since "everyone else is cheating too" Usually what happens with the ones that lack the skills to even realize how they are beat (this case radar). Reminds me of the time when carspawners were visible on the map and we hunted down all those afk'ler that didn't want to play us. People went mental.
  5. Was always said that past rewards could be earned at a later time (bunch of seasons in) when starting Riot as a new player. Nowhere ever was exclusivity mentioned. This is still a f2p game. Money needs to come from somewhere and having the option between buy/grind is usually the best overall.
  6. You kind of need to mention the mission name otherwise we can't help you whether it was 'glitched' or not. If it's balanced would be another question.
  7. No thanks, that's just adding issues. Arcadey gameplay is not a bad thing - it's one of the strong points that makes for smooth pvp. Just leave that stupid realism with clunky/slow animations out the door...
  8. Combination of both is best though - very simple
  9. OOF - recently the swing in the mood is becoming more and more glaring ticktick
  10. Please, let this thread die. I'm getting an aneurysm reading it and it's either this thread or my sorry soul - have mercy!
  11. Yup, now we're back to the times where names just silently vanish just to be replaced by a new name. Of course same group so you generally know but well... no proof.
  12. Can one ask for a little bit of 'splosions. Grenates or vehicles. Also fire benchmark pls
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