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  1. I feel violated by reading posts from people on their alt accounts who I chose to ignore on their prior account. This is straight up harassment and I demand consequences for putting me through these horrors (again). Free speech also doesn't mean I'm obliged to listen to this crap.
  2. You should play BDO. That game spams you with log-in-reward-events! Not saying the event itself was well executed though but you're not entitled to get the reward because of that. Dunno why a working formula like the 24/7 running Beacon Gungame with mixed modi in between wasn't reused either.
  3. TheJellyGoo

    Here, have a chuckle...

    At least this one straight out admitted to not have done any research and played <2hours
  4. Sorry, it will be forever lost in anonymity. That's why it's also very common to purchase hundred of thousands of G1C and charge back before a name change. This way they cannot link it to the old one since there is no unique ID assigned to an account in the database.
  5. TheJellyGoo

    Updates on APB development progress

    Still lurking around. Message perceived.
  6. TheJellyGoo

    Any news on fellow consoles ?

    ha hahaha
  7. TheJellyGoo

    Shotguns are great.

    It's fine, while I do would say that I am quite a bit involved in CS and eSport I did not know of the meme (I do not browse reddit however) Now I know. Nowadays it can happen quite easy and it isn't a biggie if no one involved (or not involved) takes it personally. It's a fine line and mishaps are bound to happen for the greater good of good memeing
  8. TheJellyGoo

    Shotguns are great.

    Whatchu looking at? Personally like to call out the excuses in such posts but to deny it to such lengths? Mostly void remarks Really odd though weren't those shotgun changes supposed to fix the netcode issue?
  9. It's a necessity but not a surefire condition. Obviously a very broad response by me (as taken from one word) as there is much more to it. Experience is just where everything starts with. Furthermore good character and attitude in correlation with competition would be of course another factor.
  10. TheJellyGoo

    Matchmaking and Threat

    No system is perfect especially when there will always be people trying to undermine it. Dethreating is not an excuse to throw a skill-system out of a window it simply needs to be supervised and sanctioned. Tryharding is just something that comes with gaming and has nothing to do with threat in itself but a players character/mindset (some want easy times even in singleplayer games). Ultimately a question of balancing the features of the game. If there are tools that support cheap plays and dirty tricks that's the fault of a games balancing. Also you seem to gladly forget or ignore the actual main playerbase (the third kind apart from those two groups), those who just play the game by the rules. And it can very well be a personal goal to progress in a games elo and improve yourself - thats in the freedom of the system. Stay where you are and play casually or work to climb. The system is there to provide you with the fitting opposition. No fundamental issue with a system when it's the players choice to decide what to do in it's set frame.
  11. TheJellyGoo

    Matchmaking and Threat

    Remove threat and you will lose a chunk of the playerbase. The reason people left is because we have played the game over and over and over. Taking away the number one incentive of playing in pvp gameplay- progress in elo - will not help to create a healthy environment. You want people to grind? Make higher threat an accomplishment and not a laughing stock as of now.
  12. By all caution, that is just wrong!
  13. Nice touch would be to hand out a 1-2day Premium code so no one is limited in their creativity for such events - just throwing in.
  14. TheJellyGoo

    APB:R ... R?

    If you ask for a professional opinion it's not about what is better but what is even viable at all! Pretty useless poll but I guess if you want to dream...