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  1. If I remember correct it was a permanent reward only at the very first Valentines event.
  2. TheJellyGoo

    Rework the OSCAR

    Oscar is a closets wet dream. I still have nightmares of having once faced off vs a blatant cheater wielding an Oscar. That said I think it's quite the balanced gun scaling very well with the users skill. Personally never a fan of the hip-shooting on range though since it goes against the general combat of the game.
  3. TheJellyGoo

    Rework the OSCAR

    That's not what semi weapons do. I mean it's called semi-automatic for a reason since it does the reload automatically after pulling the trigger and shooting a bullet. You might mix that up with a bolt-action gun.
  4. Maybe go back to your own suggestions and carefully read the explanations of experienced community members as to why they are shit? Or continue whining to LO that you can't handle the negative critic on your ideas and demand their implementation nonetheless!
  5. TheJellyGoo

    Toxic Teamates

    So in your words you prefer to spoonfeed the lazy half that doesn't do anything by themselves to solve their issues and punish the other half that found a solution by simply grouping up in a team based pvp game? I'm all for finding smart solutions that may aid in making the life for griefers more difficult but radical solutions will never be the all ending peace that you make it out to be. Griefers will always find wholes to abuse the systems in place. Coincidentally I do play CS in a team. Guess why? I got tired of randoms that would ruin games so again I did sth. against it and found my own solution. Playing league in a controlled environment - so much fun. Maybe learn the hard way yourself - it's called being active yourself.
  6. TheJellyGoo

    Toxic Teamates

    Taking away the skill to care for teamdamage? Great you found another way to dumb down a game and make it infant save.
  7. TheJellyGoo

    Toxic Teamates

    Poor premade souls that have killed each other hundreds of times even after TK restrictions not to mention the amount prior. All these systems trying to make a game infant save ruin it more than they do good. Remove unrestricted kicking option? Oh guess you gotta watch that blatant cheater in your team ruin missions. That Teamkiller has a demerit for TK? Great you can actually use that restricted kicking option now. Nah, let's cry and fuzzy bunny some more for handholding spoonfeeding mechanics. People will always find ways to abuse available mechanics to grief in a pvp game. Even solutions for problems will be somehow misused. It's a pvp team game - time to group up.
  8. TheJellyGoo

    Banned Users return?

    Sorry, cheating is okay but griefing (or anything else) is not worthy of unbans! /s
  9. TheJellyGoo

    Thank you, support team!

    No one ever denied the existence of false bans (even explicitly mentioned it in their posts). You're just being a tool using the same hyperbole tactic as in every other argument. Just as you have proven with that thread that you have no idea (or care) about the actual rules of the environment you move in. Glad your case got reviewed but better keep it low because it's definitely not frowned upon to doubt the waves of false-ban-screamers that show up every time.
  10. TheJellyGoo

    how to remove the fps lock

    For some more clarity on the HDMI compatibility
  11. TheJellyGoo

    What if false bans never got solved?

    One would think that someone upholds the burden of proof when accusing others of disregarding it!
  12. TheJellyGoo

    What if false bans never got solved?

    I'm sorry, you're right. You convinced me with that substantive reasoning of your position. I can only agree. Clearly supports the view that it is impossible to doubt your modest character who would only ever surround himself with the most trustworthy friends.
  13. TheJellyGoo

    Explanation of recent bans

    "I know a massive amount of friends of mine including myself that were falsely banned"