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  1. That would be the case if those few left wouldn't be such special needs people that have double digit tickets open.
  2. I think the majority agrees that we do not want random factors like rng bloom in the game.
  3. Because its an update thread that is only supposed to show new posts when there are new updates. Why would I want people trigger the notification with useless chatter...
  4. Being slowed down is one of the worst mechanics in the game. I'd rather they remove it.
  5. Wait... it currently has a similar gimmicky mechanic like the Norseman series but for recoil? Wow that went way past me lol
  6. People that suggest a generalized change don't realize how sensitive overdamage/underdamage is. It would require individual rework on every gun which makes this just not worth it.
  7. It's pretty self-explanatory but since there seems to be a lack of basic understanding let me elaborate. TTK does matter, in fact it matters so much, one could even say it's the single most important factor and this is why: If you're not a complete bot you can just walk away into cover - that's all you have to do since there is SO MUCH TIME. Oh btw. RFP can't even kill in one mag at 60m+so it would take 5.1seconds, under the assumption that you hit 31 bullets out of 33 from 11 bursts, to kill at that distance. U know "easiness"...
  8. Just ban them - lol. What even is the issue here. The numbers we talk about would be an incredible tedious exploit that is easy to spot.
  9. Colby Commander is a RSA reskin
  10. Fair enough. In the end we will probably get something in the middle. Upped rewards and lower cap.
  11. And that will very likely be tweaked in the future. They set a cap so they had a general idea how much they wanted to allow and so far it does not add up.
  12. Yeah, like I said that's pretty much already possible, so?
  13. Taking into consideration that phasing should lead to more equal matchups and more balanced w/l ratios I don't see it as such a huge problem. Exploitable? No different to the current system. Could be sth. like 1-6 when losing and 4-10 when winning because the example from @blackaceRD also leads to negative player experiences.
  14. Not his point. He insinuates that it should generally be more rewarding when winning.
  15. Then just don't get hit. It's just as simple as the first solution.
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