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  1. Nice touch would be to hand out a 1-2day Premium code so no one is limited in their creativity for such events - just throwing in.
  2. TheJellyGoo

    APB:R ... R?

    If you ask for a professional opinion it's not about what is better but what is even viable at all! Pretty useless poll but I guess if you want to dream...
  3. As you said if it's supposed to be somewhere between NFA9 and SASPDW then there is only so much room to play with the numbers without making it a straight p2w upgrade of either one. So where is the problem? Its balanced because it has it's designed niche as for it's competitiveness reliability will always be favored by competitive players. That's why those niche guns are less seen than reliable all-rounders but that doesn't means it should be buffed that's just the nature of balance.
  4. TheJellyGoo

    Titles and Fight Club fix!

    "Beard Hunter" was awarded for killing Fakes. "Beard Master" for killing the real Matt and scoring 3 kills against the real awarded an extra 1000G1C. Please, just read what you quote.
  5. ...so about that titles day thing...
  6. TheJellyGoo

    So about titles day...

    Hope its being enabled this week.
  7. There are no closets. All the returned previously unfairly banned elites playing now under the airtight anticheat of BE are living proof that silver accusations were rampant in the past.
  8. TheJellyGoo

    Apb nowadays

    Congrats, so not only did you bust into this thread bursting with your self-righteousness and entitlement but you were ignorant enough to be so kind and provide the evidence that you're a clueless dipshit just ranting away. You're the very problem you so snobbishly claim to denounce in your first post. As already mentioned the community has valid reason to "criticize" the current state. The issue was mutually agreed upon. Most probably expected an early patch (1week) that would re-balance the worst since the only other option would have been a rollback right from day one which sadly didn't happen for whatever reason since the premature introduction was even officially admitted.
  9. Would also support the need for people to go midget female for an advantage so rather not
  10. TheJellyGoo

    Proof Shredder Is Imbalanced

    No, what he said is that he didn't need to buy it over Armas to test it since he could lease it over the Joker Store.
  11. TheJellyGoo

    Proof Shredder Is Imbalanced

    Yeah, really weird... almost as if the majority disagrees with you for a reason. Crazy odd since you must obviously be right in your thinking.
  12. squid squad without the actual jelly? Let me dig up that dusty jelly suit... dang currently traveling though.
  13. TheJellyGoo


    So poor you can't even afford a proper title?
  14. TheJellyGoo

    Proof Shredder Is Imbalanced

    Overkill and ttk are the variables I would start with too. Need to be careful though it shouldn't be to potent in cq but still do it's job as the midrangish. For ease of use it should obviously be weaker than all competing guns in it's ranges. Btw. CSG hits cars like a wet noodle.