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  1. Indeed, it does. I can only tell you that it should also be in your best interest when weapons are being balanced. Purchase weapons that you enjoy playing and not because they are the broken favor of the month. Trouble Maker and a few others were broken at release and I do not support that so those are pretty much the only weapons I never bought hence I dodged all those hard nerfs. Doesn't mean I didn't have guns that I like nerfed but I could always see that it was reasonable and for the "greater good". Except the Anubis nerf of course that made me go apeshit crazy. But that was also supposed to be a buff according to G1 so I'm not sure that counts. You play long enough just see it as a natural flow. Sometimes your favorites will be nerfed, sometimes they will be buffed. The meta flows and keeps the game fresh. It's a good thing. Unless of course you were a Trouble Maker abuser then you deserve every nerf tenfold.
  2. My point is both statements cancel each other out so you just exaggerate trying to favor your point but fail to realize that it just makes your whole post an unsubstantial pile of crap.
  3. "Nearly every single one of the weapons..." "Meanwhile, many of the other weapons..." No need to flame when you own yourself already.
  4. I think with that we can finally close the chapter of LOs overambitious changes that went out of control fast. Lessons learned and good solutions implemented to reach a satisfying consensus together on future projects without having to waste time/work on nothing.
  5. Experience is what makes people learn. If they haven't even learned on how to get out of silver how much is their experience worth? Threat level is more than just aim hence it's named threat and not aim level which includes all different skills (e.g. game-knowledge etc.) into one estimate. Sure some have more aim than brain and for others it's the opposite and somewhere inbetween. But why should someone trust an opinion of someone who is clearly lacking in some of those departments (hardware issues and the like being the exception)? Also assuming someone has really weak mechanical abilities but is very understanding of the game how far can he possibly understand gunplay if he cannot utilize aim to the fullest? Skills can't simply be separated into aim/tactic/map because they influence each other. The prelude is, as you have nicely explained, that even some of the gold players aren't worth listening to. However your conclusion is wrong since in turn that doesn't validate silvers - it pushes them further down!
  6. Careful meeting the coworker whose duty it will be of reviewing the flood of "video evidence" that is coming. He will know who opened the gates.
  7. Congrats you just disproved your own argument. No one ever denied that there will always be a meta, it has all been elaborately discussed before. NTEC being the favor of the month years is spearheading the current meta and it's time for a change hence the call for a nerf. You just called it the strongest weapon (broken) yourself. I really appreciate you doing the work for me by refuting your own argument but it gets kinda boring at some point so please come up with some actual viable counters, ok? What rationality? Old APB was designed for slower times. Buffing multiple other weapons instead of nerfing just the best ones will lead to a worse change in overall gameplay. I do agree that the worst guns should be made viable but they shouldn't be buffed in a way that makes them outperform the current best (unless those are nerfed prior).
  8. Can we not start a new discussion thread? We have one eight pages long thread here and people against the nerf stopped posting because they couldn't back up their arguments. So don't even try the same bs here again...
  9. Let's completely ignore every valid point that has been presented over the last eight pages as to why the nerf is reasonable and bring up the same foolish mock since post 1 chapeau!
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