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  1. Very easy. The major reason as to why I rarely touched this for over two years now - is the community. Seeing who established themselves in that time, I'm just not willing to look past things. Don't get me wrong, there are some cool dudes I've met over the years but it's just not worth it to start APB to meet up. There are so many other games for that where I don't cross vermin on a daily basis.
  2. Fools, I posses the rarest and I ain't posting it so it stays that way!
  3. From all the possible suggestions you chose the most unlikely and most widely denied one again...
  4. You mean opposed to your very positive and likeable post?
  5. If anyone actually cares for achievements telling them to install it on steam is a bit rude since there are a bunch of impossible ones.
  6. Pretty sure that was what was officially forwarded by G1 when talking about the deal with DS and the console versions. Can't give you the quotes since old forum and such but feel free to believe what you want.
  7. There wouldn't be any days to have at all. It's called contractual bindings. No console versions - no deal, no deal - no APB survival, no survival - no LO takeover.
  8. ...well done, LO! Enjoy this type of quality forum content from now on.
  9. The real sad thing is that apparently you've never been able to embrace the joy of it yourself. There are no words that could possible describe it. One can only hope that one day you may stumble upon the right path.
  10. Ah, yes because everyone else always hits every shot against a mobility weapon, especially since barely any other gun can compare to its accuracy which means less rng for hits. Oscar is one of those guns, the better the player, the better the gun. It was my personal nightmare in the hands of a cheater.
  11. Yes, that's what I denounced the change for since you could move on by leaving a "dislike" without having to engage into a pointless discussion. There is to differentiate between a discussion of value where it is a matter of opinion (both parties have a valid perspective) and then the "discussion" where one party is simply wrong. The latter is the one which got usually shot down by dislikes and perceived as harassment by the creator when they could simply not handle their own ego. That is not an abuse of the system but just people growing tired talking to a wall. Completely missed the point. I said it doesn't matter how fundamentally correct your reply is and how supportive your arguments are when they are simply being ignored. I know what you're getting at and and I generally agree with you under the pretext that both parties can hold a discussion while being open to reason. e.g. how do you handle someone that always thinks they are right? Could be that you're right, maybe there won't be a change but I think that individuals that see themselves approved by only receiving "likes" when all the "dislikes" cease tend to escalate things because there was just no one there to put an end to it. I'm closing in on a decade of surfing these forums and there comes a point where I prefer to click that dislike button instead of typing the same thing for the hundredths time, especially when it is towards the same person. Someone who doesn't accept the result from their last discussion which was to their displeasure and then start anew are not interested in a discussion. Do that often enough and the only people left are the ones that agree. Not because they are right but because they won through attrition. Where did i say ban? Simply revoke the rights. It's pretty easy to tell when someone intentionally goes on a "dislike-spree" in someones past comments. Pretty much full circle, what if you do all that? You come well prepared, your arguments are sound, your sources are valid and scientifically proven, you disassemble their point and show them their flaws. But instead of progress they repeat the same thing and you're left running circles. That's not a discussion. So, yes, pretty please, a dislike button so one can see at one glimpse that the overall opinion is that the idea is rubbish. It could also be that someone else already shot down the argument with points I agree with. So adding a dislike to the main post to support/oppose ads the same relevant input as repeating the same argument in an extra post below. Remove the dislikes and you have no idea about the actual census until fully dissecting the thread.
  12. Not sure what's healthy about someone saying the earth is flat then ignoring all reason brought forth leading to a pointless back and forth. Just dropping a "dislike" and moving on seems like a lot less friction. I am just not sure you will be happy with the "community interaction" to come.
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