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  1. Eat a soup with a fork and tell me again that spoons don't make people fat.
  2. I would say it's a case of the exception rather than the rule. Can cheaters become legit? Sure, some do but the majority won't. Relapses are very likely due to the reason for their cheating being a deep-seated issue in their character. To admit would be the first step most already fail at. The excuses that haven't changed in decades are still the same. Their explanations followed by contradictions since they can't keep track of their own lies disprove any shred of honesty. APB has proven it all over the years. Just check the Steamprofiles of most of those cases and they will have VAC history too.
  3. It is your (as the people supporting editing) question since you use it for your own argumentation.
  4. Then just read what Cookie wrote who ironically answered his and your question himself. You can abandon the mission because you know its a terrible one. There are a handful of them that are heavily in advantage for one side. Also while insisting on Saxtus to answer your question why not answer his in return? Why do it if it supposedly doesn't give an advantage?
  5. It's really simple: It's against the rules - nobody gives a flying shite if it gives an advantage or not. It's a matter of principle. Also some real experts here have shown that they do not possess the ability to navigate that thin line of bending those rules in the past. The usual when do we cross the line question is taken out by just following that one simple rule.
  6. Ah the "I-made-a-mistake-and-am-out-of-position-but-who-cares" deployable. Yes, not a huge fan of it.
  7. Maybe purge the keylogger and stop downloading it then? 7 accounts? Best antivirus is still the thing that sits a couple cm in front of the screen.
  8. Keeps the game phresh! I assume you mean "Not so lazy ideas for map changing" by Ellix Pretty sure this has come up before and has also been posted in a thread where Matt was active.
  9. Hope you do all participants justice definitely no easy task going through everything to check. Cool event
  10. The last 2 years (mid2017-LOtakeover) were clearly milking the players without any work being done. Anyone believing they kept working on the EU past 2017 is ignorant. Behold that the linked post leads to a blogpost from 2016 where it was still a wide assumption that the EU was in its final phases and just needed that final push to bring it over the line. So yes, I agree with your "Oh shit, we can't make it work correctly - they gonna lynch us!" just that they deceived their playerbase for over a year which imo borders to criminal activity.
  11. Yeah, no! The question was whether to hold back on new content 'for the rest of the year' which was at the time 5-6 months or even less 4 and a half months. So let's stop blaming the community again because G1 deceived and manipulated the playerbase. They didn't do any of the two options and just in general went dead silent running with the excuse that people like you were so nice to provide and justify. edit: Since this obviously isn't the first time feel free to read up on it
  12. Actually sounds like the only possible way to make it worse. Can't fix humans. Scrubs will always find ways to exploit systems. Don't ruin it for everyone else because of them. Where have the actual gamers gone that had an urge to improve and challenge themselves. Fuck'n sad.
  13. I'm broke af. Maybe <500k over all characters. Money not spent is wasted so I usually find sth. to use it for. (modding all guns/cars out cause lazy and such)
  14. So leaking stuff let's people know stuff so said stuff is no secret anymore that could be leaked thus it's not considered leaking anymore? Conclusion: leaking is not leaking
  15. Then cut the "overseas" part - doesn't change the general point of my post though. But sure keep the Metathesiophobia up.
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