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  1. That you're unaware of fixed spraypatterns in csgo and call them rng shows me that you have no clue about the game. Same for APB claiming that the reticle accurately shows bloom without even mentioning the very limited distance to which it applies (after which bullets will not hit within the crosshair) and thus making your statement wrong most of the time. What do you think the threatlevels are? They are APBs ranking system! You have to seriously stop taking every word literal. It's terrible. And please, stop using whatever some wikipedia pages say as an argument , especially if you have issues comprehending what those words mean. Look up FIFA, does it say it's a "competitive" game? To mention just one example. There is no point having a discussion with you if you keep misusing/twisting words. It being intentionally or not. Of course some dethreaters stomping newbies in bronze district isn't competitive. No one ever claimed that. What was the point of that scenario? How is a group of people abusing the system supposed to change the general intention of a game? To keep my comparisons in-line I will take an example from CSGO again. Having some smurfs stomp silvers isn't competitive either. Does that somehow change the games overall competitiveness?
  2. That's where you're wrong. What you should say is that they are not "ranked". People still play to win in them, while arguably less compared to those playing the "competitive(ranked)" mode, however that is based on an individuals attitude towards it. That doesn't change the fact that the game overall is a competitive pvp game. Matching it to APB would make Fightclub the usual "casual" mode while mission district is the "competitive(ranked)" mode. So saying that APB isn't a competitive game is the same as saying CS:GO isn't. Difference is CS is just so much better balanced than the RNG fest that APB is. So no, your personal attitude about something doesn't change it's fundamentals. In case you're still mixing up gamemode names take a look at Dota 2. Because there it's not casual/competitive mode but unranked/ranked. Might be easier to understand.
  3. Pvp is in itself competitive. There can be no pvp without competitiveness. Thats the whole point of playing vs another player. And APB is majorly designed as a pvp game. Even pve elements can be interrupted by pvp. Now, what is debatable is whether this competitiveness is balanced. Can't handle that? Play coop or single player... very simple.
  4. Fear not, everyone that is somehow involved in APB builds up a natural resistance to all toxic and harmful things like diseases. We have survived years of this game what is that little virus going to do to us? It will neutralize itself in terror the moment it gets into contact with one of us. I think you folks have a good chance of being immune too after almost 2 years with us.
  5. APB and everything involved with it just doesn't stop to amaze me even after all those years.
  6. While technically true the small max damage radius to actually hit that one shot kill isn't a viable scenario to be repeatably executed. What makes the ltl version comparably stronger is its wider max radius which makes it far easier to hit twice (with enough damage) for a successful stun compared to a 2hit-kill. Strength in consistency. As for PIG the arrest is usually guaranteed since it is in such close proximity e.g. a very controlled environment. And not to forget that CA3 is completely negated too which means LTL is almost always a counter to the current meta. Just a few points that aren't surface level and often forgotten.
  7. All good, win for everyone. You got your achievement and we wont see the yearly topic about you still doing it again Congrats
  8. This is not a general discussion about LTL. It's about the odd one in the group so it's pretty pointless to bring up the general disadvantage of those others. Pointless derail
  9. I see. Still evasively with the answers to my points. Anyway, guess that does answer it in the end. Have a nice day/night.
  10. You sure you're not confusing me with someone else? Haven't said bronze district or anything implying that I mean bronze district players in any of my comments. Or is that just one of the usual exaggerations to try and undermine my points since you're not capable of actually using anything of worth to counter it? Also thanks for that sad attempt to insult my personal life. 24 hours? Since my post and yours 56 hours have gone past (guess the usual inaccuracy about facts applies here too). And in case you missed it the underlying problem wasn't that it took you so long to answer but with what you decided to continue after that time - huge difference. Not sure what your quote was supposed to say in relation to mine? Have nothing against the majority said in it and am not interested in the potential changes of the bounty system. My point of discussion was always about those having a problem with the "temporary" disable of the feature and prefer to keep the broken old system. Those are two different topics to discuss. One: Keeping old system or disable/change later. Two: What the actual rework could be. Never argued about Two. After going through my posts trying to figure out what your opening sentence was targeted at I have to agree in you sayinng that I should take my own advice. With that I will take it and follow it:
  11. I'm not the one holding condescending speeches about individuals participating in a discussion while at the same time participating in said discussion acting all inculpable? But you know... might look that way when you are simply incapable of actually bringing any valid argument to the table. I asked you to elaborate and you just vanish from the discussion to randomly surface later and throw some completely unrelated accusation at me. Maybe if people would actually incur on the points being made instead of ignoring them time and time again I wouldn't need to use such explicit speech. But till then you either come back with something tangible or fuck off right again to where you came from because I'm done with this idiocy.
  12. Always takes two to tango so I would recommend coming down from that high horse you're currently trying to ride before it drops you.
  13. With that deduction I concur and say it's biased towards enforcers Not like we have discussed this on the last 12 pages.
  14. Could you elaborate on that then? Which of my points were biased opinions? Go through them all step by step. I want you to rebut them. Difference in what? In a stomped game? Please, show me those comments by "golds".
  15. Another page. Another repeat of the same bs ignoring any and every sound point brought up. At this point it's insanity.
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