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  1. TheJellyGoo

    I'm sorry APB Community.

    I got chu fam. You were there for me, I will be there for you! Focus on the positive, self-disclosure was the first and biggest step!
  2. TheJellyGoo

    APB Roadmap

    Oh, hell yeah!!! There is hope #R.I.P. 14.10.2015 The Death of the 'God of Death'. G1, you destroyed it's Soul!
  3. TheJellyGoo

    Medium Item "Exploit" Removal

    No, some spots are ridiculously bad placed for heavy items to be dropped or moved at the start/end of a stage. But I do agree that the whole spawn issue might add to the trouble since it speeds up the gameplay.
  4. TheJellyGoo

    Medium Item "Exploit" Removal

    Well they did remove it from the heavy items, which actually then in turn really broke some spots and missions since the "exploit" had balanced them. Medium items are meh - dont really care.
  5. Ah yeah the people who frequently have to announce how toxic the community is while being the sole core of the issue with their constant negativity.
  6. TheJellyGoo

    Old symbol ownership

    What would be the point of that? You can already use the symbol infinitely when designing. Duping just matters for selling - sounds like a bad idea for any artist trying to do business.
  7. TheJellyGoo

    Me vs Flaws

    We all know that 'someone' has/had been chronically cheating but here his pathing clearly shows that he was running while looking behind himself waiting for the same moment as you. Nothing to see.
  8. TheJellyGoo

    How unlink APB and Steam

    Just log out manually after the automatic steam startup and log in with the other account credentials.
  9. TheJellyGoo

    [Forums] Reputation Rating and it's Abuse

    I'm not complaining that I personally am downvoted but you would know that if you bothered to understand the core of my initial post. It's about providing a platform to nourish toxicity and there isn't much of an opinion based excuse of "I downvote you but I still don't support toxicity" I hope they are trolls for LOs sake otherwise this community is in a far worse way than anticipated but I guess it wouldn't really be a surprise from what we knew of it.
  10. TheJellyGoo

    [Forums] Reputation Rating and it's Abuse

    Comes with the basis of my post not much room for excuses when I denounce the toxic behavior and people down it taking up opposite position. I don't see these friendly fellas make a post to elaborate on their stand point just gotta type it down if they aren't agreeing to show me the flaws in my thinking. Otherwise just shush it because I really can't take it serious.
  11. TheJellyGoo

    [Forums] Reputation Rating and it's Abuse

    True, but if those downvotes are really not trolls then good luck at LO for nourishing these personalities since its basically a testimony for supporting toxicity.
  12. TheJellyGoo

    [Forums] Reputation Rating and it's Abuse

    Oh those are just the trolls that downvote because I made a topic about it And about the rest like I said it is a compliment since it just shows how much I must have destroyed them through conventional ways for them to resort to it.
  13. TheJellyGoo

    [Forums] Reputation Rating and it's Abuse

    Well I stayed mostly away since it was just the same ol' same ol' threads about unbans and support complains the first few weeks. Only saw someone with overall -rep and didn't really have an occasion to notice reputation up and downs from there.
  14. TheJellyGoo

    [Forums] Reputation Rating and it's Abuse

    Oh really? I thought I had seen a -rating in the past. Did they change it? Anyway like I said it's not like I care about the rating itself but it is also supposed to give an indicator for other users that browse through posts.
  15. TheJellyGoo

    [Forums] Reputation Rating and it's Abuse

    Some may still remember it from the old forums before it got removed for the same issue. People abusing the dislike button and going on a downvoting spree of a users posts simply because they hold a grudge towards them. Reasons were either having lost an argument on the forum, an ingame match or any other petty reason. At least there you could see the name of the immature bugger but here on this forum it's all about anonymity which is a sad protection given to those individuals. All in all it's a clear misuse of the feature which is supposed to judge a posts content and not the user itself in a subjective relation. I'd like to see a change in either making the reputation ratings visible by name or remove the possibility of downvoting altogether. I'm an advocate of keeping it since I'd like to think that the majority is mature enough to properly use it to the benefit of the forum and it would be sad to see some bad apples ruining it for the whole as always. Anyway thanks for the compliment - mmm so salty!