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  1. Yes, that's what I denounced the change for since you could move on by leaving a "dislike" without having to engage into a pointless discussion. There is to differentiate between a discussion of value where it is a matter of opinion (both parties have a valid perspective) and then the "discussion" where one party is simply wrong. The latter is the one which got usually shot down by dislikes and perceived as harassment by the creator when they could simply not handle their own ego. That is not an abuse of the system but just people growing tired talking to a wall. Completely missed the point. I said it doesn't matter how fundamentally correct your reply is and how supportive your arguments are when they are simply being ignored. I know what you're getting at and and I generally agree with you under the pretext that both parties can hold a discussion while being open to reason. e.g. how do you handle someone that always thinks they are right? Could be that you're right, maybe there won't be a change but I think that individuals that see themselves approved by only receiving "likes" when all the "dislikes" cease tend to escalate things because there was just no one there to put an end to it. I'm closing in on a decade of surfing these forums and there comes a point where I prefer to click that dislike button instead of typing the same thing for the hundredths time, especially when it is towards the same person. Someone who doesn't accept the result from their last discussion which was to their displeasure and then start anew are not interested in a discussion. Do that often enough and the only people left are the ones that agree. Not because they are right but because they won through attrition. Where did i say ban? Simply revoke the rights. It's pretty easy to tell when someone intentionally goes on a "dislike-spree" in someones past comments. Pretty much full circle, what if you do all that? You come well prepared, your arguments are sound, your sources are valid and scientifically proven, you disassemble their point and show them their flaws. But instead of progress they repeat the same thing and you're left running circles. That's not a discussion. So, yes, pretty please, a dislike button so one can see at one glimpse that the overall opinion is that the idea is rubbish. It could also be that someone else already shot down the argument with points I agree with. So adding a dislike to the main post to support/oppose ads the same relevant input as repeating the same argument in an extra post below. Remove the dislikes and you have no idea about the actual census until fully dissecting the thread.
  2. Not sure what's healthy about someone saying the earth is flat then ignoring all reason brought forth leading to a pointless back and forth. Just dropping a "dislike" and moving on seems like a lot less friction. I am just not sure you will be happy with the "community interaction" to come.
  3. I dislike the change because it enables certain people to reign free. We know words will be met with deaf ears, or per see blind eyes, and "dislikes" were an easy to understand medium for these individuals. Can't wait to see what happens to the forums when these topics keep spreading and people grow tired of pointlessly replying to those stupid suggestions. What's left will be all the idiots enforcing each other in their bogus since no sane person will be left over. Instead of regulating the bad apples and taking away the crayons from the abusers we are left with a doomed carebear system.
  4. It had it's own meta at release (substituting all those weapons) where all tryhard groups were running at least two of them until it was finally nerfed.
  5. Re-creating a visual work in a different medium or mixing/altering copyrighted images even if done so in an original way can both be plagiarism. Just because you don't copy&paste directly doesn't mean it's not stolen. While not cuffing I will certainly call you out on your hypocrisy mister "creator".
  6. Objectively not a fair and correct statement. G1 was squeezing (towards the end), LO is still in the hopeful investment stage.
  7. Yes, you got Removed inappropriate language ~@mayii because someone tries to resell the asylum/mortalkombat symbols that you yourself copied from someone else... gtfo
  8. Now this is podr... I mean progress. Things like this is what we have asked for for years. EU is fine and dandy but those are quality updates we love. Thanks LO
  9. You're pretty daffy aren't you? I never talked about LO and what they are doing now. It was all about the way up until now. It's like running in circles. Yes, at this point LO is doing the best they can with the hot steaming pile that they inherited from G1.
  10. Keep dodging and silently dropping all your other statements that have been rebutted.
  11. My take on gold lock, because apparently memories are a flimsy thing. It has been stated on multiple occasions that this wouldn't even break the lore. There is friction between the factions all the time. Would be simple to explain some mission interferences. Also in which world does this not help at all? It literally doubles the pool... it's in the word itself. Sure one world phasing would still be the ultimate solution however that doesn't mean we need unnecessary limitations. What do you think those formulas consist of? What has your suggestion to do with the mentioned balance changes? 1 sentence that addresses the point... 5 of completely useless chatter that just water down your whole post making it harder and harder to to get a grip on it. You just throw in so much bullshoot that it becomes impossible to pin you down on the facts because you pollute the whole post with obsolete information that sidetracks the whole point. And if you seriously put those two things (gun/car/mod balance and complete change of vehicular functionality) on the same level then you're really as lost as previous posts indicated. Thinking the EU will make way for a completely new map (or even multiple "maps") in the future is borderline delusional. You're so out of touch with what will happen. Yes, the current code is a mess. No one ever denied that. It's a hurdle not an impossible to climb wall. This whole thread was never a discussion about the now or the from now on. It's about the past and what would have been an alternative way besides years of drought in hopes of a magical EU. It was theorized that it would have been a healthier solution to work with the mess from then till now to have a properly supported game that could have been in a much better state than currently. And no, G1 did not do that. They didn't provide continuous development. They announced the EU and started milking without doing anything. It's not about extending it's life, fixing APB now... now it's to late. Now there is literally only the hope of a magical EU and looking back at what you think it will bring - oh boy will it be not. That is why "ENGINE UPDATE IS THE WORST THA HAPPENED TO APB", because it prevented what could have been. And let's be honest everything would have been better then the current APB. For LO I hope they pull a miracle, I would grant them success for the effort but again they will not succeed with so many delusional people around.
  12. Then what did you intend to say, because that is what it means so far.
  13. I am pretty confused. Did you just devalue your own argument? What languages do you speak? You tell him his base is wrong because he has no insight into programming while saying that this is true for the majority of you/us e.g. including you? That would mean you would be just as unqualified to judge the situation? So how come you can tell but not he?
  14. No one denies that actually having the EU would obviously be better than not. However it's missing the whole point of why it will ultimately have more negative impact. It's just not feesable. To grand of a task. Games are created with a certain span of life in mind. You want to fill that time with content to get your worth out of it. You cannot run on fumes for years. Hoping to make it all back in the end when it is statistically the least profitable stage. This is not LOs fault. I've said before they are doing an admirable job. Just the demon they inherited.
  15. What do you mean? Spaces were clearly listed already
  16. Looks like a few guns are missing, also no need to add reskins. Just pollutes the list. Otherwise nice little tool of course.
  17. Maybe LO could have made their lives a lil'bit easier if it was called an alpha or pre-alpha run? I mean it was kinda foreseeable that a not negligible amount of people would be disappointed in their expectations even with Matt saying to hold ones expectations. Sadly that's just not how it works out ever. People read beta test and run with it... there is no reasoning. Gotta spoonfeed every little thing or it will be misused. It was clearly communicated that it might be to soon. It was a gesture in good faith for the community that had been waiting on progress for years.
  18. Interesting first impression skimming over it. Have to take some time later to crunch some numbers and be thorough to define the changes but Pog to cogs starting to move.
  19. That's how it is sold in theory. In reality it's not viable to have a game run on zero progression for half a decade because you can't revitalize a corpse. There was a clear miscalculation, at least I hope so, in the scale of the task which will ultimately lead to more loss than gain. Would have been far more viable to have an active 5 year plan with regular updates. Could have still decided on the way whether or not an expansion was an option.
  20. My money is on: "Didn't like the answer given thus no answer was given"
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