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  1. I see. Still evasively with the answers to my points. Anyway, guess that does answer it in the end. Have a nice day/night.
  2. You sure you're not confusing me with someone else? Haven't said bronze district or anything implying that I mean bronze district players in any of my comments. Or is that just one of the usual exaggerations to try and undermine my points since you're not capable of actually using anything of worth to counter it? Also thanks for that sad attempt to insult my personal life. 24 hours? Since my post and yours 56 hours have gone past (guess the usual inaccuracy about facts applies here too). And in case you missed it the underlying problem wasn't that it took you so long to answer but with what you decided to continue after that time - huge difference. Not sure what your quote was supposed to say in relation to mine? Have nothing against the majority said in it and am not interested in the potential changes of the bounty system. My point of discussion was always about those having a problem with the "temporary" disable of the feature and prefer to keep the broken old system. Those are two different topics to discuss. One: Keeping old system or disable/change later. Two: What the actual rework could be. Never argued about Two. After going through my posts trying to figure out what your opening sentence was targeted at I have to agree in you sayinng that I should take my own advice. With that I will take it and follow it:
  3. I'm not the one holding condescending speeches about individuals participating in a discussion while at the same time participating in said discussion acting all inculpable? But you know... might look that way when you are simply incapable of actually bringing any valid argument to the table. I asked you to elaborate and you just vanish from the discussion to randomly surface later and throw some completely unrelated accusation at me. Maybe if people would actually incur on the points being made instead of ignoring them time and time again I wouldn't need to use such explicit speech. But till then you either come back with something tangible or fuck off right again to where you came from because I'm done with this idiocy.
  4. Always takes two to tango so I would recommend coming down from that high horse you're currently trying to ride before it drops you.
  5. With that deduction I concur and say it's biased towards enforcers Not like we have discussed this on the last 12 pages.
  6. Could you elaborate on that then? Which of my points were biased opinions? Go through them all step by step. I want you to rebut them. Difference in what? In a stomped game? Please, show me those comments by "golds".
  7. Another page. Another repeat of the same bs ignoring any and every sound point brought up. At this point it's insanity.
  8. Let's analysis the argument of the defenders: -Highly skilled players get a bounty to balance the mission and give their opposition a chance What it actually means: -Balance is a lie. One death doesn't help out in a one-sided fight it simply prolongs it. However one death in a balanced mission can ruin and sway it towards one side -The multiplier which was an actual reward (money/exp) hasn't been working properly for years so no actual gain except some pocket change -Bounties can and do interfere just as much into completely unrelated missions possibly ruining balanced missions along the way That last point is very important since we all actually agree that the most skilled players receive them more frequently so what is weighing more? -Prolonging a one-sided mission for a bit? -Ruining a balanced mission by becoming a bounty? -Or several ruined missions by a bounty going on a rampage in the district (I remember a 17 kill-streak as a bounty and let me tell you the hate flowing in was like a tsunami, understandably) So here we are again. Logic. The substance so many here seem to be resistant to.
  9. odd glitch Different topic. Why would you think putting the camera there was a good idea? The only worse place that disrupts the viewer experience even more would be covering the crosshair and middle of the screen with it.
  10. @Solamente Take it from someone who has tried. Don''t bother. Pretty much all people with reasoning have left those threads. You will only meet the ignorant fools that shout the same bs over and over again followed by a circle jerk making them believe that they are in the right because no one opposes them anymore when in fact they have been disproved time and time again until people just stopped caring. Your words will be twisted no matter how reasonable. Just don't bother. Btw. CS:GO broke its former record and reached a peak playerbase over 900k this month. Former record was 850k in April 2016 during the first 1million$ major. While certainly in decline (Fortnite boom and predictable swings/drops) it was comparatively still doing better than other competitors (PUBG/Dota2) in the market and in a healthy position. Back in dec 6th 2018 when it went f2p which is anything but recently in the video game industry it gained 200k reaching 750k peak players. After that it lost most of those peak players (down to 580k after 6months) keeping yet again comparatively more average players (competitive long term players stay while the casual mass leaves). Should also be noted that peak was never CS:GOs strong suit. It always shined with far above average of industry standard in 'Avg. Players to Peak Players'. Just shows that it is the epitome of competitiveness out there. But you know facts and data aren't to welcome in these threads. People prefer to draw random conclusions from things they don know anything about.
  11. my god (and I'm not even religious)
  12. Ah yes, production and disposal of those car batteries is very nature friendly. Totally not a huge issue. Also where do you think the majority of that electricity still comes from? Tip, it ain't the renewable energies (what even is "electricity that is made by humans"?). The ecological footprint is by far not as clean as you think hence technological improvement is a must if it really wants to become a viable replacement. Funny to see you stay true to your level of discussion no matter the topic.
  13. Yes, it actually is broken - not just from an opinion based balance perspective. Early days the multiplier was applied to the end of the mission rewards so ending a mission on N5/P5 was big money/exp. At some point it got intentionally/unintentionally (who knows with G1) screwed and only applied to the direct kill rewards which are like an extra 10$ per kill so w/e. That is why I'm so annoyed about people defending it. They don't even know what they are talking about.
  14. Yes, like I said for that reason an increase in stage time equals more balance since one unfortunate spawn/crash into other players or w/e isn't instantly mission deciding.
  15. Literally every decent crim I know did it... sometimes as opportunists when close to contacts sometimes even making a detour just for that. So let's be real you keep proving how unqualified you are to even realize the extent of the problem that the feature issued for good players. Very open for exploits to just keep points neutral and farm kills or be an patootie in general. I would even go as far and say add a little more time to most last stages. If it's a wash it will be over faster than the timer anyway and if it's a balanced mission more time to duke it out for both.
  16. You are wrong. It has always been a problem and people have always brought it up from time to time. I could have shown you my thread (and others) in the old forum that were made years ago if it was still accessible. Literally defending an actual broken feature ever since the multiplier lost its purpose and doesn't apply to mission end but kill rewards. That is why this topic is so obsolete to discuss with all you people over and over again because you don't even know the basics about it.
  17. Not like we have discussed this a hundred times over now but sure let's open another thread about it. If you want to know why I suggest you look it up because I won't bother going over it again.
  18. Don't forget that the Showstopper is an actual Secondary.
  19. As previously mentioned some just want to avoid imbalanced missions (stages, objectives &or finals). Others don't want to play a terribly balanced round and leaving silvers to be matched vs other silvers instead of golds to compensate for the one in their team is a positive too. The only real issue that can be created is when a mission that was designed to be played with more people is left with way to few players duking it out. This doesn't make sense. Premade gold groups can't get silvers (or any others for that fact) as teammates unless they activate the 'Alliance' feature which none of them do for that very reason.
  20. You misinterpret or read that data the completely wrong way. You're currently speaking for the 21%. So thanks for providing further evidence that supports our argument, I guess. edit.: Goddamn and here I said I wouldn't do it again. This is just to stupid and I'm out for sure this time.
  21. I'm not even going to bother with that one. The amount of implying and projection shows that any reasonable argument would be met with deaf ears. I've done this discussion to many goddamn times on this forum to know where this would be going. You counting more people speaking up against it in this thread has no statistical value because it is common for people to only speak up if they are not happy. Why should we, the people being happy with it, bother with your weak and empty arguments. Have fun going in circles by yourself.
  22. It's called missing. Stop fuzzy bunnying and accept your own shortcomings. You're frustrated because you missed a shot and not because shotguns are inconsistent - in fact it's simply you who is inconsistent. Suck it up and improve or switch to another weapon. Of course nothing will be as effective as rayscaling because it's literally shooting with crutches. It's not supposed to hand out 2-shots for free. They should be earned. Also btw. from this idiots perspective you're far from rational.
  23. At least get your terminology right. Glorified silvers are labeled as yellows not the elitists you try to bash here.
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