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  1. Will we get APB updated to work with Linux Proton implementation? The toggle is in the hands of the developers, supposedly.
  2. No, the Scout does not have 100% accuracy with Hunting Sight or any other mod. Neither do the OBIR or HVR (which IMO both should have, they never had it) This is literally the main reason I've posted this suggestion. They've nerfed all levels of hunting sight on the Scout back when they nerfed jumpshooting. I'm vouching for either bringing the accuracy of HS back or applying it to base stat of all scout variants (with hunting sight only affecting the FoV on the scout) and buffing OBIR & normal HVR to 100% accuracy (preferably regardless of HS, as I find it ridiculous that a mod, i.e. hunting sight, alters RNG instead of FoV only)
  3. -Remove the R195 limit on mods that have it (or make it restricted R85) -Make low-yields a grenade role unlock instead of contact unlock (also give nerf the count u get from 3 to 2) -Give people who earned the respective lvl 16 weapon role the ability to purchase (free) 3 slot character permanent weapon -Buff crouch movement speed and make consumables a permanent modification. -Remove car spawner and remote detonator, make CA3 default regen and rename CA2 to Clotting Agent (remove CA1) and adjust other mods accordingly -Make all cars be able to hit the max speed of the game before it starts crashing (or whatever the arbitrary limit is that you've set) All of these suggestions were from the Suggestions forum, which you seem to just not care about apparently (even though Matt stated they are) Why are these subtle and seemingly very easy, but good QoL changes not being implemented? What's wrong? Can we get a comment on what's wrong with them and what's hindering you from implementing them? The old forums have been deleted sadly otherwise I would've quoted more of these QoL changes that have been suggested from the community for years now. (Dopefish, Ketog, Esther, LUST and many more amazing dedicated people which would love seeing this game prosper a lot) Oh, make scout/hvr/obir accurate (as per my recent suggestion thread) and pls lengthen ttk to ~stabba ccg ttk already with less rng/bloom altogether
  4. I don't quite understand your point. Snipers are supposed to be 100% accurate no matter what range, spread shouldn't decide if I hit or not. The 1 pixel hitbox thing you mention is exactly why I'd love seeing this change back. I'd rather trade speed of shot vs accuracy any time of the day (as in, replace CJ3 on Scout for HS1 or just make it a default stat for the weapons mentioned above and let Hunting Sight dictate FoV only) I've been destroyed so many times by the scout just deciding not to reg at +70m combat because of spread/rng whatever you wanna call it. You aim at the centre of the enemy anyways, no matter if 100% accurate or not, I don't understand this counterarguement... No one mentioned CSGO and their spray patterns and their headshots?.... You're derailing this thread unnecessarily...
  5. Is it possible that we get some monthly/weekly OTW instance where we, the community, playtest certain weapon balancing suggestions (or in general gameplay suggestions) and then give feedback on whether it is good or bad? Perhaps a high ttk with low bloom(less rng) test to begin with? RTW stats for testing? All character mods added to base character stats (with only consumables being a permanent mod, brown mod, ca1 being default heal and CA2/CA3 being renamed and added as green mod option)? Perhaps testing out 100% accurate first shot on all guns and how it would play out? Test out different car stats? Test out map changes? All of this would result in the Engine Upgrade wait to feel less painful and more fun! Engaging in the development and prosperity of this game would be a fun way to earn joker tickets too! But before that, we'd love getting a full list of weapon/car/character stats and what each stat does (or confirming if APBDB stats are reliable) so we can suggest changes accordingly (increase/decrease health damage etc. etc.) Would be a nice way to ship out updates before entering live (and a fun way to make things fresh and not gimp live gameplay with crazy patches) and a way to attract older players back.
  6. This change may seem trivial, but it would make such a huge impact in how the Scout, OBIR and HVR perform (for the better!!) Could we get scout 100% accurate (as shown on the picture to the left) instead of this inaccurate crosshair we have (as shown on the right) regardless of hunting sight or not? Even when walking while zoomed in? Or at least have it be 100% with any hunting sight which would fulfill the current role the mod has in the game (reducing RNG)? Oh, and add OBIR, HVR and DMR into the mix too. Though I'd rather see it be regardless of hunting sight in it on stock guns, as it would make the game much more beginner friendly and benefit those who aim for their shots, but whatever the devs decide on as long as It's incorporated i'll be glad. In fact, as seen here, the Scout with Hunting Sight (no matter which one, in this particular video it was hunting sight 1) used to exhibit this behaviour (even when jumping, bring back jumpshot perhaps?) while stood up and even moving while scoped in too! I think this is even more accurate than current live crouching modifier Scout/OBIR/HVR (the last one never even had 100% accuracy no matter which hunting sight mod, be it crouched or not!!!) LO, pls fix)) perhaps add the RSA & ACT44 into the mix? perhaps make every gun have it's first bullet be accurate? i'll be glad if even this suggested QoL change above makes it into live
  7. Fatal flaw in decision making. You're adding low skillcap guns (or lowering the skillcap of guns artificially with unnecessary bloom) just to catter casuals who don't want to grind out this game and get better. This is not how balancing is done in any way, you are gimping the top players with this, as seen with the NTEC changes which were suggested by your fellow SPCT member. My mentioned balancing suggestions would in fact help newer players too (the pros have been mentioned in my previous posts), they could get accustomed to this game easily if the mod discrepancy wasn't so huge, stock F2P guns were more consistent and accurate (without mods dictating so) and there were so many unnecessary mods which add to the feeling that "veterans have more mods and better weapons hurr durr". The last decent SPCT member I recall was rooq (as he has qualities that extend beyond APB in other shooters, or atleast that's how it seems to me) and Kempington (due to his knowledge in weapon stats), about you specifically I cannot talk as I don't know you. You seem to be one of the few gold players SPCT has... I do not have a grudge against SPCT in any way possible, you have misread my intentions. Rather, I have a grudge against people that want to dumb down the game (and games in general) further for no reason by adding unnecessary RNG mechanics (i.e. bloom) that artificially lenghten TTK (and have mods that impact RNG too, i.e. HS) and negating impact of weapons in multiple-ranges where combat is done (a.k.a whisper should always win close range fights against an NTEC, even though the better aimer should win these encounters), instead of just increasing TTK and making them reliable and consistent (allows for much easier minttk, thus making combat more fluid). Consistency and higher TTK allow for grind-ability, allowing players who are dedicated to shine (and people's mechanical skills would translate over to APB easily) The mentioned tweaks that you quoted from my threads are "far away" land, tweaks which would be nice to add but cannot be added now due to EU constraints. Weapon balancing, car balancing and mission balancing can all be tackled however. You can always start by adjusting F2P guns, the thing everyone has access to and 3/4 of the mentioned "+100 unique weapons" , or I should say, reskins are based upon. I do appreciate the time and effort all of you put in testing, not trying to devalue it in any way. I just question the decision making sometimes... There does not seem to be a agreement between you on what a game is and what it should be... Or rather there is, but that path seems to steer away from what a competitive game is supposed to be... This is when comparing APB to proven, competitive titles come into play and where I come in, suggest things and you can talk about it inside your testing circle. ^ this man gets it, kudos to u
  8. It's the typical apologetic response from SPCT players, gotta nerf the top players so they can beat them once in a while.
  9. Oh, so everyone that opposes the usual, lenient flow of things is annoying to one party... imagine if politics or anything in life worked like that? Just call them annoying for giving constructive criticism/sharing their opinion on matters.... I certainly wouldn't be so adamant if I didn't have the drive to steer this game in a decent direction, can't say the same for you testers.
  10. hey, you finally got it, good job! proud of you that you're able to discertain good from bad! Why? Because there is opposition to the current balancing standard in this game? The death of any kind of opposing faction means it's an autocracy, no variety in opinions. Freedom of speech is a thing
  11. Remove/minimize RNG based mechanics (excessive bloom), remove HVR damage curve, increase TTK overall across all guns to ~1s (a bit more on that in my previous posts in previous threads) and make consumables a permanent modification.
  12. Other than the one you stated, I think NTEC's CQC and OBIR's CQC capabilities should be much better when moving around (at least being able to kill a guy somewhat reliably in ~10m range if u track him well) (still talking about hypothetical longer TTK less RNG APB) and snipers (all weapons essentially) should have much faster zoom in accuracy. As in, how long it takes, when pressing ADS, to get to 100% accurate crosshair (the server and your aim being the only thing that dictate your kill) The scout particularly suffers from this. You're never 100% accurate with it, no matter if HS or not Jumpscout is also a thing I'd like to see back, might be hard if airstrafing gets added but new challenges are always welcome. Very valid points on IR and it's potential play in this kind of APB which I didn't think of, playtesting would reveal the bigger picture but I'm not that convinced yet. The heavy barrel part is a valid concern as well, but, I don't think it would be like that if you make every weapon good without mods (Apex is a perfect example tbh, in the hands of a good player it'll always be better) My biggest gripe with CJ in that kind of balancing is that it's a straight upgrade due to decreasing TTK (why wouldnt you want to kill the guy faster?) and that's why I think just decreasing health damage of shotguns (all guns should just get less health damage to achieve higher TTK) to 3STK and being able to use CJ only in them would be better. Good suggestion to vehicle changes, I'd love seeing this as well. CS/Valorant are tactical shooters and do not require as much mechanical aiming skills as much as I want APB to be heavily aim dependant. Any multiplayer game is a team game Almost as boring as your open racism on the forums and comments that don't add anything to the conversation. Not like I expect racists to be normal people... Absolutely not meaningless, just decrease shotgun health damage and adjust range accordingly. Removing RNG means bloom is either very minimal or non-existant and making ADS 100% accurate, thus allowing for much more consistent min ttk kills that'll make the game more fluid and coherent.
  13. Most of the time, when people suggest movement based mechanics in games (there's no need to add them immediately, just a suggestion anyways since it requires a ton of coding), they shush away from them due to "not feeling like X game anymore" , "doesn't fit map". The latter one I could possibly agree, but we can't tell without trying. Imagine if we had a preview of air control's capabilities or something of that sort so we could decide if airstrafing would be bad for APB? Of course, I don't envision this game to be Tribes (accuracy regardless what you're doing movement wise), but there are so many unnecessary overexaggerated movement penalties which shouldn't be a thing. So if, hypothetically, you'd remove IR from the game (a mod shouldnt adjust the range of a gun nor alter it's bloom/rng, i just find this flawed, its a straight-up upgrade kind of mod and it's hard to balance around as shown with many previous OP marksman weapon iterations), the first thing people would switch to is either CJ (which, if the guns work like I've mentioned above, would be a straight upgrade and be a must on every gun, something which I think shouldn't be a thing except for shotguns) Heavy Barrel should be a mod that decreases recoil and makes your gun more of a laser (if removing downsides comes to fruition) The mod meta is completely narrow anyways, might as well make it more balanced. I certainly dislike APB's cars. Why? Cause the only thing that's somewhat "meta" or actually wins you you engages are the Pioneer, Espacio, Coywolf, 4x4 (slightly). Everything else is irrelevant compared to them due to the lack of speed, lack of ram-ability and they get conc'd down very easily. I'm sure someone more knowledgeable would be able to chime in on what to change here. Maybe have them all reach X speed after some point? In fact, I'd say it's very easy to rebalance. Rebalancing is just putting numbers in (on avg, increase STK by 2 or 1 more burst on all guns) and PLAYTESTPLAYTESTPLAYTEST (to finetune RNG related values such as bloom and movement penalties). Something which someone like the community manager's could do with the community every month or every week. I don't think recoil patterns need a new system (ofc some dev can correct me if I'm wrong lol) hyperbole from my part to compare APB's gunplay to PvE games such as GTA V (meaning they don't benefit mechanically gifted players)
  14. Guns play like complete rubber: -They heavily rely on RNG/bloom mechanics (not favouring the better player in a fight). And no, "control ur gun haha" is not a good way of balancing. Using bloom to lengthen out TTK instead of just having a slightly longer but more consistent TTK is just a lazy way of gimping better players. -There are no consistent, easy to learn hard to master, recoil patterns (and spread patterns) that players can learn and use to their advantage. -The game's TTK is way too low, allowing room for the lesser skilled player to outplay the better player. It becomes a "who sees first", not "who tracks better" fest. -2STK snipers and shotguns? Yes, if headshots were a thing, hitting 2 in a row would require mechanical skill. However, since this game doesn't have it, 3STK and up should be mandatory. -ADS doesn't give any kind of advantage in CQC fights, nor does it decrease RNG to the bare minimum (100% accurate first shots or throughout the whole TTK would be even better) -There are way too many unnecessary movement penalties (RNG related) that make the game feel way too static and not fun. -There are no movement mechanics to outplay people holding angles or just scare them with some skill that can be learned (walljumping, sliding, airstrafing etc.) And no, arguing that the current "hey I put a brick on shift and run around with cat ears ^_^" is better than having these mechanics means you can't adapt to skilled mechanics and lack behind. Also, regarding mods: -Why are there 3 different green mods? It creates a cluster fest for new players, fuse them so there are CA2 and CA3 only or pick one of them and keep it as main healing stat. -Blue character mods are unnecessary (and so is the R195 cap) and should be added to every character (ability to car surf, a middle ground between valzipram and current in-game speed to run over, being able to animation cancel falling damage, no fall damage perhaps etc.) -Mods that give players advantages in RNG (HS1-3 and RS1-3 (Why? If a new player has better aim than a veteran with tons of mods, he should outplay him) -There are mods that increase/decrease range (Improved Rifling) and mods that adjust TTK (Cooling Jacket) Why? CJ being locked to shotguns is fine, but for other guns? No point. -Mods shouldn't have downsides, they should be upgrades only. Cars: -Drive like complete rubbish, don't feel dynamic and feel paper like. -All cars should be viable and not be smashed by 2-3 'meta' cars. Tons of unbalanced missions that have been suggested for years to be removed/adjusted Relying on the engine upgrade will not make the game flourish, neither will new content updates when the core gameplay mechanics are completely flawed and have been dilluted all these years. There's no balance philosophy behind decisions made. The first 3 changes are very easily implemented but require playtesting. A 0.9-1.1s CONSISTENT TTK for all guns (somewhat of a vague description can be seen in my previous posts on how many STK some weapons should be and how for example a NTEC should VAGUELY play) , removing bloom/RNG entirely and adding consistent recoil patterns/spread patterns, adjusting mods accordingly, rebalancing cars would make MOST of the community and newcomers very happy and would push them to play APB for it's gameplay mechanics, not for it's rich customization system. This is, of course, if you consider APB a PvP game. If it's a PvE game (like I consider it, and certainly many others would agree), then all of this falls down the drain. I'd like a developer to come out and clear this mystery up for us. What's the vision you have for this game? How should gameplay be balanced? If any developer and/or lead on gameplay balancing sees this, consider some of these changes and be transparent if attempting this, add them to open OTW testing and ask around for suggestions/help, thank you for your time.
  15. Remove/minimize RNG based mechanics (excessive bloom), remove HVR&DMR damage curve, increase TTK overall across all guns to ~1s (a bit more on that in my previous posts in previous threads) and make consumables a permanent modification.
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