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  1. im not allowed to give out names? fuck off loser
  2. these are some names i didn't want but aren't taken if anyone wants them :). some are good some are bad just names i didn't want comment below if u got a name ill try to update the list as names are being taken and ill be adding more names to the list when i find them so check back daily or in a week or so idrc (NA) (didnt try EU) least(NA) wasnt(NA) werent(NA) mutual(EU) aloud(NA) wrestle(BOTH) rematch(BOTH) Layout(BOTH) unbox(EU) boast(EU) mound(EU) costume(EU) taught(NA) await(BOTH) venmo(NA) apart(NA)
  3. keeps saying my character is stuck in district or my account is logged into on another client idk why its doing this but its annoying and everytime i have to wait 15+ minutes then it works but it keeps happening everytime i login
  4. a poll will not change anything, you're attempts are futile.
  5. so instead of aiming you want them to remove friendly fire? yet again another thing you can easily avoid doing but instead you want it removed it from the game. stop posting your shitty suggestions about the game on this forum please and thank you.
  6. so you want them to make people stop playing with their friends because you are shit at the game?
  7. im getting bored of waiting for the new engine update, our ancestors didnt fight for our freedom so i could wait for a update for a dead game.
  8. how about we just wait till engine upgrade and see what they bring us instead of saying the same shit over and over again
  9. honestly if i was you i would just quit apb reloaded, the game is boring as fuck.
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