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  1. a poll will not change anything, you're attempts are futile.
  2. so instead of aiming you want them to remove friendly fire? yet again another thing you can easily avoid doing but instead you want it removed it from the game. stop posting your shitty suggestions about the game on this forum please and thank you.
  3. so you want them to make people stop playing with their friends because you are shit at the game?
  4. im getting bored of waiting for the new engine update, our ancestors didnt fight for our freedom so i could wait for a update for a dead game.
  5. how about we just wait till engine upgrade and see what they bring us instead of saying the same shit over and over again
  6. honestly if i was you i would just quit apb reloaded, the game is boring as fuck.
  7. didnt you say you was not gonna respond anymore lmao and why did you edit that out of your last response?
  8. no one here cares about your feelings or frustrations lmao, i dont want to come on here and see you complaining about something that's already been said 100x. we know matchmaking is a problem but they cant fix that right this second and do everything u say right when you want them to, they are maybe fixing it with the engine but as matt has said a million times it is taking forever because of what GamersFirst did so wait for engine or leave the game, it makes no sense to say how much you dont like the game or something in but you still play contantly XD.
  9. like always, apb is late or maybe they wont ever add it, its just a wait and see.
  10. fanboy? you dont have any fans in this game XD. this is my first impression of you and i already fucking hate you. so far ive seen you are literally a joke to this community.
  11. i literally dont give a single fuck, you crying on the forums isnt the feedback they need, helpful feedback yes. they already know they need to fix things so why keep telling them?
  12. if you dont like the game then dont play it. so fucking simple, stop crying about the game if you play it everyday.
  13. you cant complain about dethreaters if you gonna go into bronze on purpose to play vs low silvers.
  14. suggestions dont work if they dont use them so its just boring suggesting things they will never add , like you all think you are doing something by making annoying patootie posts like this thread. It does nothing to make things like this.
  15. they just had them out .. just wait till next valentine.
  16. beat OCA with OCA , you have been here for a while. why are u playing vs bronze? and no real good golds dethreat to go to bronze , only the actually good ones stay in silver or gold depending on whats open , plus the more u shut up and play vs tryhard golds the better you get, cuz if you can read a really good player then u can pretty much read anyone ( besides like noobs and shit they are hella unpredictable )
  17. its pretty easy to take down these golds with a star 556 and starter pistol , you really dont need to spend money at all to vs golds
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