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  1. Can't wait for them to add the fecal slingshot to the game, it could be the crim counterpart to LTL that stuns people like HL2 bugbait
  2. I'm sorry, but if you think a couple new contacts is gonna sustain 1k pop for months I've got some bad news for you. I can almost guarantee that the broad majority of players who quit the game for extended periods of time don't do so because of boredom due to lack of content, they do it because the fundamental aspects of the game don't function correctly, or at least to a satisfactory level (poor matchmaking, no accurate ranking system, poor server performance, poor client performance (relatively speaking), poor overall gameplay balance, lack of in-game moderation, etc.)
  3. Shit happens, they talked for 3 hours in a call after the fact and resolved the issues based on what Kemp said. No need to get offended on others' behalf.
  4. yeah i dont miss the freaks like RoboCop and Saturnia sitting there blasting the mic all day
  5. swindIe

    Threat rebalance!

    You're saying that as if good players enjoy running around killing silvers that don't even shoot their guns (we don't)
  6. Yoooo hype.. I'll see all of you lovely souls on tomorrow ;D
  7. Hahahaha Mouse 1 laser with no recoil and no bloom and negligibly lower range than ntec Literally unusable
  8. or focus on fixing the things that actually need to be fixed and not suggesting to add weapons that will end up making gameplay and balance even more convoluted the last thing apb needs is another fucking gun lmao
  9. swindIe


    imagine if the factor that determines if a guns stats need to be changed is how fun or not fun it is to play with
  10. APB at all time lowest amount of cheaters We'd better switch to another anti cheat lol!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. imagine proposing nerfing frag grenades and wondering why no one is taking your post seriously
  12. not even weird honestly.. in certain areas making choices that neglect the majority of the population if it means making the game appeal to the masses and bringing in more players in the long run makes sense
  13. ive been playing with 130 since the new server hardware and provider sounds like a you problem
  14. amens broether i agree rise up lourd silvers rise up against this tyranny NRFOTF - sirskanta
  15. Yeah I agree that it's your fault if you get pigged just like it's your fault when you get accidentally 2 pumped by someone strafe aiming you with a JG
  16. imagine getting bothered by some letters in a chat box
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