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  1. For a Marksman role weapon the SR15 Carbine is very lackluster at 35m. Could we please increase the range to at least 45m? Thanks
  2. thrown.

    Glock 19 Pistol

    Glock's have been suggested in the past, and one of the devs mentioned making some changes to the FBW, who knows when that'll happen. I support the idea of a glock secondary though.
  3. Current description: Mobile Spawn Point - Allows player to spawn in their vehicle. Invalid if heavily damaged. Invalid if within 20 meters of a death location. Invalid if enemy is within 20m. Invalid if more than 12m above road level. Requires available seat. I recommend the range be increased to at least 50 meters of enemy proximity.
  4. It'd be nice if there was a feature, where backup became unavailable below 1:30 on the mission clock, maybe 1:00 at the very least. If it was calling, it cancels. A lot of times it takes that much time to get to the objective.
  5. I'll keep it simple... *Actually ban cheaters? *Contacts for progression, it's been YEARS. *Akimbo Duel Wield secondary *Trip mine deployable / Trip sensor for location alert *Reskin half bricks/8balls to Shuriken / Throwing knives *Trench coat *Cultural appreciation hats (Rice hat, sombrero, turban, etc...) *Silenced carbine *Buff carbine to 50m range (It's in the rifle category with the range of an SMG right now for some reason) *Pioneer with a truck bed (Jeep Gladiator type vehicle) *Lifted truck style vehicle *More male clothing in general
  6. Mod name: Close Ratio Increases vehicle shift times, decreases vehicle top speed.
  7. My friends and I have been discussing this for a little while, but how difficult would it be to finish and release the midtown map that as to my knowledge is more than half done? I feel like this would be a huge move to bring back a lot of players and give the players a new environment to play in. (Also as a former map maker this to me seems like by far as the easiest way to refresh the game play experience for the community. This ties into the idea of un-restricting contact progression to specific districts , with population so low on N/A servers players end up being "stuck" in a specific district and not making progress if you don't have a contact in that district, this could be easily managed through the tab in game where you pledge to contacts through the "J menu". Lastly, isn't it time to do a database name wipe? Specifically for banned player names, or decade old inactive no login accounts. Thoughts and feedback would be nice, especially on a new map/district.
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