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  1. tbf, i feel like this didnt really ruin the movement. its kind of like it made its own kind like cars being driving APC's and the most terrifying thing not being a drive by or some guy on a motorcycle with sticky bombs, but a dump truck going like 20mps while youre kind of right that the pvp is weird, i cant bring myself to call it bad, (excluding the server, engine and hitbox issues, that sucks) i love that i can just cancel going up a ladder and fall down really easily, i feel like in anyother game they'd force you to go allll the way down slowly just to shoot or do whatever and im alright with the interaction key for ladders and fences stuff, its not as bad as it could be really. atleast we CAN go over fences and it doesnt look like an animation disaster
  2. tbf sometimes its really fun to outplay people in cheaper stuff, in apb money isnt really a huge concept after like level 50 or so in gta its like a playground, pretty much
  3. i think apb did ammo better too, in gta you have to constantly go around to either a gun store or the menus to buy ammo, but in apb you just... walk up to a kiosk and you get ammo and health too. here you have clotting agent, which i guess is kind of level locked, but health in gta is such a joke. the higher your level, the more health you have, up until like level 200 or so so playing gta as a lowlevel is nearly impossible, while in apb you could make a whole new account and become gold in your first missions from top fragging i'd much rather have dedicated machines for spawning vehicles instead of a mechanic that SOMETIMES delivers your car next to you, anyway
  4. shits so easy to start a mission in apb too, you press k in gta you gotta call somebody and ask if its OKAY to do a mission because of a 15 minute cooldown timer or go into some big patootie building and SLOWLY sit down at a desk to press like 2 buttons
  5. literally bars, honestly rdr2 was good i guess but im worried they're gonna like copy paste the movement from gta 5 to gta 6 and its gonna suck llol
  6. i want to start with their insurance phonecall shit, it used to be fine but when your car gets blown up pretty much every 20 seconds or atleast once every other mission, i wish you didnt have to memorize 25 button presses just to get your car back
  7. thass what im saaayin so people would have to get more creative or patient
  8. hapygirl

    halloween OSMAW

    Turns the rockets into pumpkins? changes the sound to something either scarier or joker-ish for the halloween event
  9. it took me a minute to figure out what you meant, but this would be really cool
  10. hapygirl

    JT Fedora

    i feel like its kind of a simple hat to add, i feel like it shouldnt be armas or JT at all, but since it is, atleast let us get it with jt
  11. why can we just buy it with JT? so weird, thank you
  12. my friend really wants to cosplay michael jackson but everybody with a fedora wont answer him on how they got it lol
  13. rather than giving us info we can read, and then deleting it in 3 days, itd be cool if we had a glossary of sorts in the mailbox so that we dont have to look it up on APBDB if we want to know something
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