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  1. JG is fine, Showstopper is ok, CSG is meh now, but NFAS is a way more powerful than it should be, it gets really annoying on fc, literally the try hardest weapon in the game
  2. Weapon balacing should not be a priority now, engine upgrade is super delayed and we need new content ASAP
  3. Syzus

    I Just Want To Say Thx

    Adding a BR should not be a priority now
  4. Syzus

    APB needs new players. Ideas? Little Orbit?

    Just want to help, anticipating problems means good planning and discuss before act, we all know how things go without planning and testing....
  5. Syzus

    APB needs new players. Ideas? Little Orbit?

    Nice! It actually could revive the old San Paro City Mentors (SPCM) Source: http://apbdb.com/track/372934/
  6. Syzus

    We have melee weps?

    A reskin of blowtorch maybe
  7. Thanks for keeping it up, Matt. We hope the best for APB in 2019.
  8. Syzus

    APB needs new players. Ideas? Little Orbit?

    Good topic, i was thinking the same. For now, what they can do is promote events and give players cosmetics, so that old players can stick to the game (Slay Bells/Beacon was pretty decent, i like it, they are learning). Once the engine upgrade is out with matchmaking some ppl will come back Then you need to keep people entertained, i suggest a new tutorial, some cool rewards for playing like if you play 10 missions a day you gain 5 gc, new events, ARMAS Sales. Hint: Give players many modes/reasons to play In the future, new districts, new contacts, new game modes. Finally, change the game's name APB Reloaded Reloaded(just kidding lol), maybe APB 2, a big update so that they can relaunch it That's it. Overall, I really hope Matt has a good plan in his mind to bring players back and our suggestions should help him out.
  9. Syzus

    Blue Screen of Death caused by BEDaisy.sys

    Just upgrade to Windows 8 or 10 dude
  10. There's no problem with that, mate.
  11. Thanks Matt for listening to our feedback. I think this is a good step for LO to recognize that they are learning and they want to put Gamers First. Just give the skin and move on to the next event. Lessons learned.
  12. Syzus

    Autumn Assault!

    half of them lower golds dethreating Also, very naive of LO to think that those who already won the event would not participate again If they are clever enough, they would know that bringing players back to the game is the most important thing now. The event is fun but the exclusivity is ridiculous. ? How many silvers are on top 10 of the scoreboard? Its an event meant for veteran players with good skill Im supporting LO, but even halloween event was better imo.
  13. Syzus

    Autumn Event Flawed

    The skin should be given to all players who participated in the event. Thats the least thing L.O. could do to compensate all the flaws even after the patch I cant express how frustrated i am about this event and its exclusivity to pro golds only. I am still trying to bear with Matt, but its hard...