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  1. Very good, can't wait to get seasons rewards!
  2. kinda meh to be honest. It would be cool if we get some titles, JT or a weapon skin....
  3. SERVERS ARE THE SAME SINCE G1. People expect LO to fix everything within a year... They need to improve the server infrastructure. But it takes time and they don't have many resources(money and ppl) to fix it right away.
  4. Syzus

    Revert CSG and nerf NFAS

    nfas is not fine, it got a buff since last weapon balance, doesnt matter if u press S and 15m away from enemy, it kills you. It has no downside. It was supposed to be deadly from 1 to 10 ms, not 10ms> OCA/JG/CSG, are weapons that rely on skill, they are good at close range. NFAS is just press to win. They should revert it
  5. Just wondering what you guys think.
  6. Bring the ol' login theme back. Such a nostalgia
  7. JG is fine, Showstopper is ok, CSG is meh now, but NFAS is a way more powerful than it should be, it gets really annoying on fc, literally the try hardest weapon in the game
  8. Weapon balacing should not be a priority now, engine upgrade is super delayed and we need new content ASAP
  9. Adding a BR should not be a priority now
  10. Just want to help, anticipating problems means good planning and discuss before act, we all know how things go without planning and testing....
  11. Nice! It actually could revive the old San Paro City Mentors (SPCM) Source: http://apbdb.com/track/372934/
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