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  1. Is 4th July getting any sales? Really want to get some jmbs
  2. Ok, but what you guys learned From Autumn Assault? Do not make restricted cosmetics! Award everyone who participated, because even though the game has so many problems we still play it. Respect us players!
  3. Jericho gets players only on NA prime time. Also only engine upgrade will bring more players not riot for now, as It current state it's boring, not to mention the bugs...
  4. Something we all agree is that the mode is Very boring. Like the Op said It doesn't feel like a RIOT, it's quiet and slow paced
  5. Past is past my dude. We all want L.O to succeed. Not trying to change your point of view either, just opinions that's all
  6. We're talking about a business perspective. Does FE make profit? If yes, then fine, stay with It. If no. Then: Apb still has a decent pop compared to FE. It gets more income and It has more potential in a long term because it's unique. Tell a friend about APB: "It's an old game similar to GTA but It's unique." About FE: "it's old and why play it instead of Fallout? There is the Fallout series with a giant modding community. Wanna play online? Fallout 76 then." I know there are some people who love FE, but everything comes with a price, why make the a server and engine upgrade? What to expect? 33 pop jump to 1k? People spending more money? I just think it's not worth for L.O at all.
  7. I only agree with the FallenEarth part. Its not worth imo. 33 players average, dont know how LO makes profit out of it
  8. Very good, can't wait to get seasons rewards!
  9. kinda meh to be honest. It would be cool if we get some titles, JT or a weapon skin....
  10. SERVERS ARE THE SAME SINCE G1. People expect LO to fix everything within a year... They need to improve the server infrastructure. But it takes time and they don't have many resources(money and ppl) to fix it right away.
  11. Syzus

    Revert CSG and nerf NFAS

    nfas is not fine, it got a buff since last weapon balance, doesnt matter if u press S and 15m away from enemy, it kills you. It has no downside. It was supposed to be deadly from 1 to 10 ms, not 10ms> OCA/JG/CSG, are weapons that rely on skill, they are good at close range. NFAS is just press to win. They should revert it
  12. Just wondering what you guys think.
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