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  1. Tigrix spends all his time running away from his opposition that is better than him.
  2. Imagine caring about some item in a dead game.
  3. maybe banning for account selling @youknowhoyouare
  4. Urbanprophet when is ur brain gonna exit 2013. Clinging into your friends to do the carrying
  5. 2013 apb players Ask them what? how much of an ape u were? ok
  6. wtf dont bring NA noobs into this argument wtf!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Yea wish u were in EU 6 years ago. You're still and were a noob so whats the difference today xD
  8. Why is URBANPROPHET boosting. Make a tutorial how to get banned in 2012/2013, get "support" from all of your friends on forums then proceed to ragehack on stream making your friends look like idiots.
  9. I tried this guide and now i am win every duel against TRIGACHI shotguns. Thank you OP.
  10. Maybe try actually winning it ^__^
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