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  1. Don't know about reshade but if you have a Nvidia GPU you could try increasing the digital vibrance, makes the game look better overall imo.
  2. At this point you might as well complain about people who are able to get more than 100 fps with a 144hz monitor or above lmao. How about focusing on balancing the actual game instead of whining about something that you can do in pretty much every shooter ever.
  3. 7/10 I like the 60's vibe in this one
  4. 8/10 he's always enjoyable to listen to
  5. 9/10 surprisingly dope, still like the original a little better though
  6. Except pretty much everyone already has them lmao, you're a bit late for that man.
  7. Hey I'm about to hit 250k kills on my main, can I get key to the city pls yes))
  8. 6/10 always been one of my least favorite Pendulum tracks :ss
  9. No it's not? The reason why you don't see it in bronze district is simply because people don't know how to aim and therefore can't hit anything with it (and probably because there are more low ranks who haven't even unlocked/bought it).
  10. Moved from France to Canada (Toronto) about 6 months ago. I found a job pretty quickly (about 2 weeks or so after I landed here), although I already had more than 3 years of experience so that definitely helped. I work in hospitality and I'm not sure as to how easy it is to find a job in IT but there probably are a lot of offers. Speaking french is an asset even if you don't go to Quebec, so that's already a good point for you. Indeed works pretty well, that's how I found my job, and I still receive offers daily. LinkedIn is pretty good too although I'd recommend you to start looking into it now as it can take a while to build an actual 'network'. Try to apply to as may offers as you can, it can be pretty competitive as there are tons of foreigners coming to look for a job just like you, but don't discourage, if you show that you're motivated you'll find something. Oh and try to find a roommate when you get here (there are a lot of groups on Facebook to find one), big cities are really expensive, especially Toronto and Vancouver (Montreal is a bit cheaper I've heard). Let me know if you need help or information
  11. I read 'I got you my nudes', disappointed. :(
  12. I personally find it easier to use MM on long range to track properly, although it's very situational and doesn't happen very often.
  13. Slam RS3, IR3 and 3PS3/tagger on it and you're good to go. Use it like a Joker Carbine in close quarters to mind range situations (aka hipfire), and use marksmanship mode on longer ranges. Gun takes a while to master so don't give up! ROF and tracking are really important, make sure your sensitivity isn't absurdly high if you want to get good with it.
  14. Way to go if you want the remaining playerbase to quit apb as well.
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