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  1. Was using a Zowie FK2 for the longest time, recently switched to an Endgame XM1.
  2. JG is still better than NFAS at corner popping, but NFAS still remains better at wiping a few players at the time, just because it's more reliable and easier to use. CSG on the other hand is utter trash at the moment.
  3. gold


    They could add a vertical sensitivity multiplier like in pubg, although weapons don't have nearly as much recoil in apb... If your mouse software allows you to do so you could try increasing the vertical DPI (I know you can do it on Logitech mice, not sure about other brands though).
  4. Fair enough. Yeah I know what the drawbacks are, I used this config for a few weeks, and it's not that hard to see grenades or rockets coming even without smoke trails, although it takes a little while to get used to. The only weapon that's really annoying to deal with is the OPGL (but again it's not something you see very often). Now I don't care about what config other players use, but in most cases people clearly use it because you gain so much visibility in gun fights, when people spam countless grenades at each other.
  5. Any official statement about this? Personally I think that being able to see people through smokes and explosions gives more benefits than drawbacks. Sure you're not able to see burning cars, but you still have an edge over people who don't run this config in most scenarios, especially considering how most players tend to over abuse grenades nowadays.
  6. It does, you just need to flank them properly, they can't see where you're going to come from so use this at your advantage. But yeah if a premade group is running and you're teamed up with randoms it's going to be a pain.
  7. As everyone else said it's not an exploit but it should definitely be looked into, either by making cars go even slower (or unable to move at all), and/or by setting a 100m radius around the spawn point so the item can't be moved any further. Oh and while you're at it LO, it would also be nice to do something about people running to the other side of the map in DM as soon as they get a 1 kill advantage. So much fun to deal with since there's wallhack for everyone :^)
  8. Noticed the same issue, although for me it started before the last patch (running a 8700K as well).
  9. Agreed, but for now that's the only option we have really. Let's hope that they'll add these options in the future.
  10. Either put said players on /ignore (but you'll have to ignore them one by one), or simply delete all the files from the instrument folder, in which case you won't hear any theme anymore, including yours. @xHenryman90x there's a folder with all the songs in APB, just delete all of them and you're good to go, done with having to deal with silvers blasting their music on maximum volume.
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