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  1. Agreed, but for now that's the only option we have really. Let's hope that they'll add these options in the future.
  2. Either put said players on /ignore (but you'll have to ignore them one by one), or simply delete all the files from the instrument folder, in which case you won't hear any theme anymore, including yours. @xHenryman90x there's a folder with all the songs in APB, just delete all of them and you're good to go, done with having to deal with silvers blasting their music on maximum volume.
  3. 70 ms should be fine, as long as your ping remains stable and you don't experience packet loss or whatever. I play on Citadel with about 95 to 120 ms and I still play almost as fine as I do on Jericho.
  4. gold


    Making the spotter icon visible for whoever has been spotted would be a good start. And then it'd be nice to have the spotter icon flashing on & off on spotted players, instead of having it on for 10 seconds straight. I do agree 45 sec cooldown is too low though.
  5. It shouldn't take that long to handle semi-autos ROF (which by the way all work pretty much work the same way), even if you're not familiar with rhythm in the first place. You must be doing something wrong on your end. I'm not a big fan of cutting down the skill ceiling on semi-autos by making max ROF easier to get, it's good to have weapons that actually require practice to get good at. I also don't get how it is an issue that the first secondary weapon you get in apb is also one of the best and most reliable ones. Sure you can argue that new players won't have any idea about reaching decent ROF, but it still remains a viable weapon even if you're not able to reach its full potential (plus you get access to other good secondaries like RFP-9 or PDW rather quickly).
  6. They should make the 3 slot version available through contacts already, it's not like pretty much everyone already unlocked it for free through refer-a-friend anyway :^)
  7. Pre-nerf as in last LO's balance changes? Because I feel like CSG and JG were both fairly well balanced before LO touched them, so I understand that no one was really complaining about them. Now people whine about NFAS because it's currently a bit too rewarding and requires basically no aim to be used effectively.
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