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  1. I'm confused by the title. Is the OP the hacker? Was he farming himself? Perhaps dual-boxing??? This requires further investigation.
  2. fuzzy bunny check, fuzzy bunny check. Edit: As an American I'm mildly offended.
  3. What's it called when both occur simultaneously?
  4. What's poppin? That dislike bar amirite lmao In seriousness, I don't feel the video is as bad as the like/dislike ratio suggests, but there is one major flaw I noticed. The game audio is way too loud compared to the song. It weirded me out when I saw a synced segment, because I didn't realize until afterwards that it was synced. The music needs to be louder for me to really feel that sync. Also, I'd recommend you let the clips ride for a few more frames immediately following a kill. Some of the clips end a little too fast imo.
  5. Thank you all for coming. We are gathered here today to drink copious amounts of alcohol and to be as unproductive as possible.
  6. Big fonts for big bois Your examples are pretty vague. I need more specific examples to help improve my gameplay. How about "If you haven't thrown 6 low-yields at one player yet, do not take the fight." I personally enjoy and prefer W + M1 gameplay. It's a refined taste, I know.
  7. Good point. It doesn't have to start at 50m. That's a pretty extreme example, dmg starting at 40m or 30m might be better.
  8. Let's not compare this game to CS nor Quake, seeing as how this game is nothing like either of those games. In fact, there isn't a single game out there that is quite like APB, thus why G1 had such a difficult time making balance changes because they had no real example to follow. While I'm not opposed to nerfing the base damage of the HVR, I'm confident doing so wouldn't change the state of the weapon as much as you are hoping. The reverse damage drop-off would restrict the weapon from being used outside it's intended ranges, and I was pointing out that every other weapon in the game already has this restriction, so why should the HVR be completely exempt? If the HVR didn't start doing real damage till say 50m and you have an FBW. That's a 20 meter deadzone. Suddenly, you actually have to worry about positioning as a sniper (w0w), and you actually have to fear enemies with CQC weapons because you can't cover pop behind a short stack of pallets or whatever. If there was a significant increase of cover on approach to objectives and vantage points, you would be able to flank snipers without being spotted. This would be a huge game changer, because even with reverse damage drop-off, if your flank gets called out, enemy teammates can easily intercept you and defend their sniper. Oh and trust me, I'm entirely aware of the restrictive rulesets required to make this game even remotely competitive.
  9. Are those like... important or something ??? There are two major problems with the HVR. One is a direct issue, and the other is an indirect issue. First, the HVR's damage at 90 meters is not the problem. The problem is high damage at CQC, regardless if it's a quickswitch or not. If a heavy sniper rifle does not belong in a CQC environment, why not give it reverse damage drop off to keep it from being effective in those areas much like every single other weapon in the game. The second major issue is the map design. Spawning in line of sight of an objective while on defense and having an HVR equipped is the epitome of what I'm talking about. Spawns should be in alleyways or in buildings (preferably close to vehicle spawners) to prevent snipers from immediately guarding objectives (this would prevent TDM/VIP rush downs as well). Areas surrounding objectives should have a bit more cover (a lot of areas have been slightly improved). Approaches to objectives should have significantly more cover. There should also be an increase in the number of line of sight blockers from vantage points so that snipers can lock down some approaches, but not all areas. Careful, your insecurities might begin to show.
  10. First, I never claimed to be "inteligant." Second, it was a joke. I already stated that there were a lot of things wrong with this game that caused people to leave, but you prove your lack of intelligence for the 37th time today by completely misunderstanding everything that has ever been said on these forums since its creation.
  11. The most popular method for countering the HVR that I've heard about was the one where you uninstall the game.
  12. Yeah of course you can counter the HVR. You get in your 4x4 Vegas, drive right up to them, perc the ground and shoot them with your HVR.
  13. If I'm being honest, the HVR is still powerful enough to warrant another nerf. Just because you have the intelligence of a bag of hot doorknobs doesn't mean the game should change to cater to you. There's a lot of things wrong with this game that have caused people to leave. Nerfs to weapons that needed them is not one of those things.
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