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  1. I think having midtown finished and released would be cool. However, after seeing the level of inexperience LO devs have with shooter map design from their attempt at a Battle Royale mode, I don't think them finishing midtown is realistic, unfortunately. Allowing players to pledge to a contact regardless of what district they're in actually sounds like an easy-to-implement change that would make things a lot less frustrating for players trying to progress. It might kill off Waterfront, though. Personally I wouldn't mind never having to play WF again, but I'm not sure if it's in the game's best interests to have less variety.
  2. Might wanna check your audio mixing. The music volume at the end card screen was pretty loud compared to the rest of the video. Not really a fan of the whole anime thing, but it's nice to see people making new content regardless. Keep doing your thing. Cheers.
  3. Never understood why people feel the need to say "quit" APB. It's not a job, you're not contractually obligated to log in every day. I'm completely addicted to the Tarkov 0.12 update right now, so naturally I haven't logged in in weeks. This game holds a special place in my heart, so obviously I'm going to keep my eye on it. Even if EFT is making APB look like a damn cartoon.
  4. Brother, I took calculus in high school. I don't need you to explain basic math to me like I'm a 12 year old. You don't seem to understand how RS works. It cuts the 1.2 run (not sprint) modifier down to 1.0, and the 0.98 marksman modifier gets set to 1.0 as well. That's a 0.2 boost to mobile hipfire accuracy with a 0.02 loss on marksman accuracy. This accuracy boost may be minuscule, but the difference here is that there is almost no downside (especially in comparison to the Carbine). Reflex sight is practically an upgrade for the OSCAR. Also, there's a lot of uncontrolled variables in your test still (crosshair placement, character movement). I wouldn't worry about testing it, though. I'm pretty sure the mod is working. Most people would rather upgrade their weapon instead of using something that has downsides (Mag Pull). But, I'm not going to sit here and say your loadout is wrong. While RS is an upgrade, I can understand if you think the boost is negligible enough that you prefer something else. I'm sure there are people who prefer 3PS3 over Tagger because they run flare gun or something. Oh, and I'm not saying you shouldn't use marksman with the OSCAR, either. I think RS might actually benefit the OSCAR's marksman a bit, considering the slightly wider FoV.
  5. This test is invalid. RS reduces the Run modifier. This means you need to be actively moving while shooting for the test to be valid.
  6. You're silver? That's explains everything, actually.
  7. Yeah I agree actually. Mods don't really serve any purpose, and don't bring any variety to the gameplay. Getting to choose my loadout and customize my playstyle is boring. Quite frankly, I think we should also delete weapons. Shooting people is not fun. I have never followed a rule. That is my rule. Do you follow? I don't.
  8. What other point were you trying to make by bringing up gimmicks? If that wasn't your point, then bringing it up was arbitrary. You stated that you think every weapon stronger than the STAR should be made to be as weak as the STAR. But the thing is, you didn't just state that as your opinion. You said that that's the way the game is supposed to be, as if you own APB or something. Might I suggest getting better at writing.
  9. How the game is supposed to be? What makes you think your "vision" is somehow better? Why is a 0.7 TTK gimmicky, but a 0.75 TTK isn't? Yeah G1 has added a lot of gimmicky BS, but comparing that to a 0.7 STAR is ridiculous.
  10. FAR is a direct upgrade to the STAR, and function identically. I know FBW is not weak. I, and many other players main it.
  11. I'm actually trying to figure out how someone is this intelligent. FAR stronger version of STAR. STAR weaker than FAR. Make STAR strong like FAR. More balanced. Starter guns do not have to be weak (e.g. FBW). Buffing STAR TTK small amount will not suddenly make STAR hard to learn. Skitty smart. Comprehend perfectly fine logical statement.
  12. Oh yeah, the SNR is fun for you? It shouldn't come as a surprise to you that people enjoy getting kills more than dying. The SNR can be fun if you are just trashing on silvers or low golds and you're joking around with your friends in comms, but for the most part it's subjective. Because when it comes to crunch time, and you get opposed against players around your skill level and you would like to actually try winning, you're going to put the SNR down. Same goes with the STAR. Your vehicle example is purely subjective. I personally enjoy driving 3 out of 4 of the cars you mentioned. It's a shooter, in general all the weapons function similarly. ARs you hold right click and track, or hipfire and hug. With both the NTEC and STAR you tap or burst depending on the range. But, the NTEC is more effective than the STAR by a significant margin, because all the other ARs also do a bit of everything. That's the purpose of the Rifleman role. Also, what is your argument with the mods? Mods may have some varying effects in different weapons across different roles, but we're talking about ARs. Mods have generally the same effects no matter which AR you put them in. So, if a baseline stat is worse (the TTK for example), the final out come is going to be the same. (CJ3 FAR is still better than CJ3 STAR). As for you thinking the STAR isn't bad, let me give you an example. Let's say there are 4 weapons that are going to be rated on a scale of overall effectiveness, 1 through 10. The ratings are: 10, 9.5, 9, and 7.5. Now, most people are going to say "But a 7.5 isn't bad." But, considering it's the worst rated weapon by a much larger margin than the other 3 weapons, it's pretty bad in relation. No one is going to use the 7.5, because there's no reason to not use the better options. Also, I'm not suggesting to make the ATAC the starter weapon, that was Pookie's damn memeing a**. The only thing I suggested was to buff the STAR's TTK to 0.7. That's it. 0.7 TTK is what the FAR is already at. The FAR also has an extra 0.05 benefit on the marksman modifier, built in Mag pull (why is the STAR reload so slow?), and ever so slightly higher modifier cap. This doesn't make it more like the NTEC. It's pretty much what the STAR should be: what it is, plus the change that I suggested (faster TTK). And yeah, on your last sentence you pretty much completely missed my point. Trainees are not deadly, so why are you afraid to buff the weapon they are handed at the beginning of their experience? You cannot argue that giving a trainee a 0.05 faster TTK is not going to be beneficial for them across the board, even if the final results of specific scenarios sometimes remain unaffected.
  13. You know what other gun is kinda boring and easy to use? The snub nose. It's boring because you aren't going to get kills against opponents of equal skill. It's a shooter, you click on people dawg. SMGs are braindead easy to shoot, but tons of people use them because they frag. No one uses the STAR because pretty much any other option does a better job. There's no point in saying mods are going to make it better, because the same mods can be applied to other ARs as well. Now please explain to me why the FAR is a direct upgrade to the STAR, and is still only considered decent. I don't get it, are we afraid of trainees getting kills?
  14. I've never seen a veteran worth a damn substitute anything else out for HS3. HS3 is important on the OBIR because of the burst-fire groupings. Not all 3 bullets land precisely where you click, so any extra accuracy is going to help quite a bit.
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