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  1. Clarie

    Hide threat levels ?

    I'm not sure if there is already a topic or poll concerning to this, but wouldn't it be a valid option to remove the threat visibility entirely after the threat segregations has been removed ? cons: hostiles' skill level will be a little less predictable (even tho gold doesn't really say anything about the actual skill level) pros: no toxicity when it comes to threat anymore people might take care less about keeping their gold → less tryhard less frustration about unfair matches because you just can't see your teammates' threats anymore lol it opens new ways how the threat system is implemented (or at least make it easier) which might result in more precise matchmaking Inparticular the last one is pretty interesting. Imagine a threat system with more than 5 different threat levels. With invisible threats this should be easy to realize and also to adjust without to change all the symbols/colors and stuff.
  2. Well this was quite fun to play around with those silders and stuff
  3. Why would I pick a weapon, that I don't like ?
  4. Atac: Basically no skill required to lazer down everything up to 50 meters. Shouldn't exist in the game. Pig and Perc: Insanely broken almost unavoidable one shoot combination as soon as you got hit by the Pig once. Works up to 10 meters (apbdb)
  5. It's ludicrous to see that there were so many social mains during EAC und now all those certain people suddenly decided to play the game again
  6. Pretty sure I'm not the only one, who wants to have this gun on all 9725723 characters without to grind the joker tickets over and over again.
  7. Clarie

    Disable things

    Meanwhile in APB ...
  8. Just put the OCA back to the state, where it was not useless ...
  9. Sadly we have seomthing in common at this point. Those are the things, that kinda helped me to make the game more enjoyable: Disable bloom (especially when it's daylight ) Using the Advacned APB Launcher or Configs in order to get rid of things, that might distract you, sometimes help as well. Sadly it's still not possible to change the colors of the names. Playing with premates makes it a lot easier to memorize names and outfits. Ask them to not change their outfits that often during a mission session. As soon as you are used to their outfits, you don't need to focus on names anymore, which obviously will make it easier for you to react faster. Try to adjust your RGB and saturation settings of your monitor/GPU driver to the point where you feel the most comfortable with. Afterall we need to be patient untill they release the new engine, which will hopefully come with some settings to make the game actually playable for us
  10. Rather take a weapon with more range there.... like the 'Thunder' for example Kappa
  11. I like what they did with the bounty-system so far and ... without to repeat all the already mentioned arguments, it would be the best decision to completely get rid of the bounty-system. (Or at least N5/P5) It doens't really balance the game und usually makes missions unfair especially for teams of equal skilled players. If a gold plated silver like me constantly get N5/P5, I don't want to imagine how much impact this "feature" has on a high skilled player. After some certain patches and balances, its pretty obvious, they usually listen to silvers, who most likely doesn't even play the game anymore and just tend complain about everything without proper and comprehensible arguments. And yes I'm allowed to judge those silvers, since I'm a silver as well
  12. Welcome Sakebee, I hope you going to like it here
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