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  1. Welcome Sakebee, I hope you going to like it here
  2. Clarie (F, Citadel) And Merry Christmas everyone
  3. OCA 'Whisper' and the .45 are the weapons of choice.
  4. I'm using the crims' starter outfit on my enforcer in combination with this title...I don't have to mention how this usually ends up like
  5. What a thrilling argument but let's face it: There is no right or wrong. It's all in matter of personal preferences especially when it comes to versatile weapons like the OSCAR. I personally don't use RS, since in some certain situations, like peaking arround corners, ADSing feels more reliable. Same goes for the carbine, which is pretty much my main weapon and I don't play it with RS either.
  6. First of all thank you very much for all the very proficient replies. I think I'm gonna use IR3, MP3 and Tagger from now on. I didn't really notice any big differences after using RS3 apart from all the disadvantages when ads.
  7. Short and stupid question: In which way does CJ affect the OSCAR ? It either reduces the fire intervall of the bursts ( ability to spam faster -> less time to kill) or it just increases the fire rate of each burst ?
  8. Didn't they remove/reset all unmerged accounts ?
  9. Thats a good point and I also aggree with you, that the designer got limitations, but pretty much in this case they just had to put one symbol on the shirt. Not to mention about they technically have access to tools, that are more versatile and don't come with the limitations of our ingame designer. I've spent more time in the character/clothing designer than in any pvp instance of the game and to see something like this just kinda hurts.
  10. I really like the design and stuff, but... ....needs to be fixed
  11. So what are going to be the next weapons ? SLR-762 ? SNR 850 ? People allways tend to complain insetad of trying to get better anyways.
  12. Do whatever you want, but please change this super clumsy looking female idle pose
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