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Found 2 results

  1. Title says it all. Disable your matchmaking in the current district unless you are grouped with players that are the correct threat for the district. Would set an end a majority of frustration players feel whenever playing against 255 gold players in silver district and vice versa. Could also extend this to if over 60% of the group is not the current threat then MM will be disabled for all except the one that is currently correct threat to reduce boosting. Will players try to get around this like de-ranking? Yes. But it's a bannable offense, so not a lot of people will risk their account to outplay newer players. But all my friends are 255 gold, will I not be able to play with them? Yes you will. It's only for people who like punching down and can't play against their skill group. But no one plays in gold anymore? That's why this is a fix. People will be using gold district as they used to and play against the actual skill groups they are placed in. But everyone in gold cheats? And everyone flocks to silver district ATM. Including cheaters who have the same mindset as you do.
  2. Hello! I've noticed that in the new update we again have the divided servers by threat level gold,silver,bronze and green.Personally I dislike that idea because than gold servers are always empty and golds play on silver servers.I am one of those players because on gold servers there are gold players with 15000 (a figure of speach) hours of playtime and nobody wants to play against them so everybody gets in the silver server.Then those players have nobody to play against and then they come to silver server too thus making silver players run off to bronze servers.I am not happy with 25% loot penalty in silver servers and it would be too much if I played on bronze and lose 50% (I think it is 50% if you can even enter a bronze while gold).Now that is a problem not just for me but for many players and a few years ago I stopped playing literally just because I don't want to play against pople with 15000 hours in game and I don't want to be bound by a game to play all the time to keep practice.Games for me are for a fun time and relaxing and not to be a slave of a game or to play it like its a job.I know some or many of you will say that then I shouldn't play this game or play pvp or something like that..But I like this game so I will try to stay in it and have fun.So my suggestion finally is to make server threat level by hours spent in game.I mean if you have to separate them.I am rank 214 gold threat level with 474 hours of play since 2012 and that is nowhere near a player from 2017 with 5000 hours in game...And I think that there are a great many players who think like me.If this was done there would of course be people who would complain about it and be dissatisfied but I think that they are a minority in comparison to players who would like to avoid playing against someone with thousands of hours in game and streamers.Thank you for your time
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