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  1. That's really well put together. Currently with the covid - my home machine is my work machine, so I'm going to try not doing anything at all to it. However if they can't get this straightened out (or work from home is over) - I'll dig into your guide. thanks!
  2. Just popped back in after a long time - got in a mission within 30s - instant fun. 3m later - Out of Memory 32g of memory, Intel i7, GTX 2070 Super w/2g Hahaha - I just looked at my post history - I had the same issue I last tried to play in May 2020. Hell I even posted in this same thread. LO - good luck guys - keep pushing!
  3. hateweaver

    Crashing on Spawn

    played for a couple hours yesterday - no issues. I've not updated anything - or even rebooted. Tonight I load into district, click the spawn point - and get the popup "Out of memory"
  4. I played for a couple hours yesterday - no issues. I've not updated anything - or even rebooted. Tonight I load into district, click the spawn point - and get the popup "Out of memory"
  5. Kevkof - thanks so much. Even in just for a couple of missions to take screenshots - its still a great game. Would sure love to see a time where the team gets over the hump of engine/platform stuff - and on to more content dev and support for content dev. Miss playing it!
  6. I tried out the Digital Vibrance changes, they *maybe* helped - but it (of course) dials up the vibrance for ALL colors - so it really didn't help. But it caused me to take a more detailed look - the core issue here is that APB alpha blends those name plates out at range. I don't know why I never noticed this. And that is completely the issue. No matter what color adjustments are made - a Yellow at alpha 0.2 is going to be indistinguishable from a Red at 0.2 or a White at 0.2. Here's two enemies at range. I have no problem seeing the name plates DEFEND in blue - because they have no alpha blend. Same with my teammate out of visibility range to the left of the screen - zero problem seeing that is yellow. But those two - maybe red - name plates down by that car, there is no way I can tell what color that is. Here's a teammate on top of my car at close range, it also appears to have some alpha in it. When by itself (not next to a contrasting color) - its pretty hard for me to see that it is yellow. s Anyways - thanks all for the suggestions, it sure helped dig out what more of the issue was for me. Lil Orbit - any chance we can get at option to turn that alpha off for nameplates?
  7. To start with - I'm just going to adjust Digital Vibrance manually through the NVidia control panel and see if that makes enough of a difference. I think all that app does (which is nice) is let you activate that setting per application. I can just change the setting, play and check it, change it back. The core of my colorblind is around contrast - like WoW text for item rarity - if there is a Blue item text, and a Purple item text next to each other - NO PROBLEM. I can tell. But if you just post one alone and ask "which color is it?" - I can't tell. So when I see 'light colored' player nameplate text against a light blue sky background - I can't tell if its yellow or red. Will try this tonight - thanks for the suggestion!
  8. It's my yearly rebump on colorblind !!! Again - I can't tell (in daylight missions) the difference between name plate text Yellow (Friendly) and Red (Enemy) - so I end up either holding on shots, or shooting teammates. If I could custom set those colors - or even if there was just a checkbox for changing one of those to Blue - I could play again. See you in-game (or here again in 2021)
  9. This person's video goes through all the options in the launcher - I didn't see nameplate colors (or anything like that) in there. But thanks for the pointer! I'm very familiar with UE3 ini files - but those aren't UE3 default UI widgets, so I'd need to know the name of them to find them (and the dev would have had to put the color set option in the ini file instead of just setting it code/uScript directly). I'll keep digging around though - thanks for the replies!
  10. I played this game at original launch, then at Gamersfirst launch - 1000s of hours in it, 100s of dollars. I'm excited about what the new owners are doing and want to come back. However there appears to still be no colorblind support. It was hard for me to play 5 years ago, now its worse (because I'm teh oldz). I really only need ONE thing here - to be able to change the colors of player names above their heads That's it! That one simple thing would let me play the game. As it is right now, particularly when it is daylight in-game - I cannot tell the difference between Yellow Friendlies - and Red Enemies. The only thing I can try to do is memorize my teammates names when the mission starts - obviously this screws my reaction time when in a fight. I'm fine with it being a $50 Armas charge - I'd pay it just to be able to come back to what is (hopefully) a new rebirth for the game.
  11. YES PLEASE - " make the actual nametag colors changable," - that is exactly what I need as R/G colorblind as well. In other games - protanopia settings usually work for me. As other folks have said - depending on time of day, I absolutely cannot tell name plate colors apart.
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