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  1. candy2004

    About chat

    can you remove stuff like /yell ? because there is too many people doing /yell and spamming please make cooldown for this
  2. candy2004

    Disable things

    yes and there is kids 13 year old playing it
  3. everytime we play missions we see bronzes and gold fight so gamerfirst i have to say fix that quick because when i play a mission i see gold and silvers and all my team bronzes BRUH! fix that please quick lets go to the next
  4. candy2004


    how about adding new cars and new weapons and make the joker shop more cheaper bit becouse its too exapsnive to farm jokers 2-when enfrocer make alll missions 4/4 dont make final why you make final if you make final for enforcers make it on criminials too 3- fix the bugs on market place i bought 5 things and didn't get them 4-and when we play mission should they area no one can come into it because there is people talk in voice chat or anything and come close the way on us 5- make vegas car bit weak its too strong cat even race that car 6- like my topics
  5. candy2004

    Disable things

    can you gamerfirst Disable *sex* and *pornhub* and *some bad rude symbols* so anyone get reported by this please remove his vechcile this game is dying becouse of these and thanks and give money for anyone report a hacker or bad guy
  6. How about make CIVI fight crims when they try to steal the cars and make and make new missions in the games add battlepass in the game and stuff like this and make the amas shop cheaper and send give to people thats will be great update
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