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  1. Just because veteran players have adapted to how cars are designed in this game doesn't excuse how bad this aspect of the game is and has been. Just because other aspects of the game are "balanced to compensate for it" or "balanced around it" shouldn't excuse it either. Proposing band-aid solutions does not address the core issues that make this game feel underdeveloped as it has been since release. Such propositions are a plea for any action instead of proper actions. Tweaks and value adjustments wouldn't drive this game closer to the vision that attracted us as players, they just maintain the minimal level of expectation we've grown accustomed to. This game needs several major overhauls and cars are just one of many.
  2. Then maybe try making some of the useless niche guns useful instead of repeatedly targeting one simply because "we are seeing it getting too much use" .. make alternatives tempting instead of gambling whether or not long term players walk away over the latest iteration of worse and worse feeling standard guns. One gun might be more in-line with competitors on the micro scale, but the game as a whole may grow to feel terribly sluggish as each standard gun goes on to get its own bolt timer, accuracy takeup, or switch speed time nerf - or something to that effect. (just for HOPES that people discard them in favor of alternatives) It's a good thing they didn't give the fbw a shot interval nerf - or give the 45 a reload speed nerf in hopes that people start using harbringers and snubs. But thats sort of what they're doing with the ntec right now. It doesn't make me want to use an alternate rifle as much as it makes me want to play an alternate game.
  3. I'm just curious who all has their hands in the pot when it comes down to making these changes. While some are good changes that the community has been wanting for a long time, many of them are just not it. Like, who brewed up some of this stuff? Who was asking for the RSA to be nerfed? Who thought the carbine wasn't enough getting use, especially after the n-tec changes last time? Some of these changes just make the guns feel sluggish and gross, others are half-way measures that seem like band-aids. Net-negative solutions that barely fix the issue at hand.. Those aren't a good strategy when tackling weapon balance. The heavy hvr for example is in such a laughable state; i would never consider using it after the accuracy takeup adjustment; trying to do sniper battles on baylan using it is asking to die just because it's so damn sluggish by every metric. Please make changes based more closely on playability than just numerics.
  4. Two very awesome improvements a long time coming that i'm pleasantly surprised to see just tossed in with a bugfix patch, good on you LO. This. I will never make any themes again with this patch or buy on the marketplace. I don't want to have an ignore list full of people who have harmful themes, with no other reason to have those people on ignore. I prefer to reserve my ignore list for harassers, (mic) spammers, and people who are so upset they dont stop whispering vile things... yaknow, its primary purpose. In the mission districts this would just serve as a way to switch playing themes on/off if you happen to have opp with harmful or just plainly, terrible themes.. and in fight club this would allow people like me who just want to run around jammin to some music, to do so without LeBoyce talking about tasty burger or something. It's a QoL change so people aren't forced to listen to terribly off-tone remakes, mindless instrument clicks, or similar ear pollution. It shouldn't demotivate you from making themes altogether, that's really reactionary. People still willingly listen to themes, and now they just have the option to choose when to do so via the in game options; so if you want people to keep listening, you'd better have something worth listening to. Now we just need a similar toggle for the car broadcasted music...
  5. Really?? the only thing that's changed about remote det is that you can't spam faster than every 90 seconds now. It just means now you have to shoot your gun a little in between the amount of times you can still carelessly send your explosive 3 espacio at someone and have a sort of 'ace' to abuse them with. It's a change that should have been in when it came out, so people aren't so used to the ways it's been broken and complain when things get addressed. On the subject of the ATAC that's come up here, i think its mmmm.. okay to use in its current state. it's very easy to use that rifle efficiently and do a good amount of damage without much effort... which makes it ideal for people feeling lazy or someone that knows theyre not that great and need something... basic and effective. It doesn't flat out beat other popular weapons for that range group.. so it doesn't need a nerf.. i do think it could use something to make it a little less diverse in range roups, yet feel a little more unique, so it doesn't really detract from the gun. maybe... a proportionate fire rate increase, and damage decrease?
  6. Things like Mission balance and Threat changes are high on LO's priority list already. Districts are already at a comfortable size, for both population density and performance. now if only there was pop to fill more than 1 of each type of district at a time... Weapons - Throw out your system with curves and decreasing damage – this is really nonsense. I just don't understand how it could have occurred in your mind. -- The range system does make sense, and it's actually quite simple; spend some time with it. - You need to worsen the spread for all new guns, especially pay attention to accuracy in the jump. -- The new weapons LO has added are in a good state as far as i can tell.. none of them have particularly accurate jumpshots either. - All large-caliber sniper rifles must initially have a purple "large caliber" modifier, so that player wont be able to put other purple modifiers. -- Quickswitching with Heavy HVR's is already fixed, and theres a big accuracy/damage takeup penalty now that actually IMO makes them play too slow to be viable. But it's still annoying to get hit by 85 damage in 1 shot 90m out.. so i think the fix could have been better if it was something different. - Improve, but not return the original accuracy of the "duck" in the jump, reduce the ammunition to 3. -- The Duck is fine. Scouts are fine. They're a quick LRR that only 2 shots if you don't miss. i'd rather have 5 shots as well, it feels more natural than anything less IMO. They don't need to jumpshot at rifle range despite cries from some other long time players. If you're in such a tight situation where you need the extra "dodge" to make them miss, you're close enough to be fairly accurate with the current crosshair size of the duck and other scouts. - Remove stun weapons like PIG and O-PGL 79 CD. -- This is a lazy solution to actually simple problems. The stun launcher does need it's range addressed, but that's it's only imbalance. The PIG's imbalance actually comes from Percs being as strong as they are being able to do massive amounts of stamina or hp damage with little effort, just throw them at your own feet, you win. Truth is, the pig itself already has a "gamble" built in to the fact it ony has 1 shot, and needs to be reloaded. If someone misses their PIG shot, and cant perc you, they're almost guaranteed to be dead if you play it correctly. - Increase the minimum TTK for pistols to 1 second, because this is a secondary weapon, but not the main one. -- Pistols are actually in a good spot, and i think it's a sort of hallmark of APB that you can't just discount someone because they have their pistol out. They're not stronger than primaries, but they're so close in capabilities that they're still a respectable threat. - Make sure that the OSCAR is no better than standard carbines. -- Try using an oscar. you'll quickly realize its actually sort of hard to hit people with it because the weapon is so accurate - and thus unforgiving. It's fine. - Need to give a second wind to OCA: increase "Shots to Kill" of PMG to 6 and set "drop off range" to 30 m. -- PMG does need to be addressed. The TTK is fine, but the range, especially with IR3, is insane, and has always been a standout imbalance that i am continually surprised is not yet dialed back. You can 5 shot someone with IR3 at 42m. That's not an SMG, that's something that encourages people to peck at you 50m away because they know they can do a lot of damage. - ALIG: increase "hard damage" to 76 and "Accuracy Radius" to 23 -- I'm not sure how to improve the ALIG, but it's certainly not in the group of weapons that many people consider "good". I think it's damage could be OK if it's fire rate were improved, but that chunky 'ca chunka chunka chunka' is always how you'd set it apart from the shaw because they're polar opposites.. maybe both damage stats could be dialed up a bit so it's more respectable and in line with how it sounds; but how much.. i don't know.. i always get discouraged when i think about using an ALIG.. and use something else. As for the servers.. you have to deal with whatever ping you have to EU, since that would be your closest location. The game is simply not big enough to support servers in every individual country in eu, much like how the US servers are only on either coast, and people like me in the middle, just have to choose.
  7. The ttk seems fine for what it is, but yeah the range has always stood out as a clear sort of imbalance. i distinctly remember 5 shotting an enemy really far out and then measuring the distance, it was like 45m lol.. but i guess we need to change the swarms hard damage sooner ay?
  8. Summary: Reproducable spawn select screen disappearing issue Game Version: 8/1 2.1 Beta Description: When you've died and are able to select spawns, hitting the home key to open chat causes the spawn selection screen to disappear altogether Steps to Reproduce: Die in mission, allow the spawn select screen to completely load, hit the home key to open up chat while still dead. Reproduceability: 100% so far Results: It reliably causes the spawn select screen to disappear! To my surprise, as i've noticed ONCE (the only time i noticed it happen just as the live version of this issue happens) that it's different than the non-reproducable version that currently afflicts Live, as the small 'delay' where the spawn select screen is still loading seemed to force it to update and appear, instead of never appearing. Expected Results: Just reliably open the complete chat window, just like what happens when alive.
  9. Yes, ticket response time is behind, they know its not where it should ultimately be, and that can be seen in the thread. Some of the reasons why they get backed up are also mentioned in there too... if you ever looked. LO is taking actions, many. Or maybe you would prefer the (over) full year of complete and utter radio silence from G1 that we got that was only ended by the announcement of acquisition? If LO was out to make a buck with as little effort as possible they wouldn't have even acquired G1. They wouldn't have made balance changes and anticheat changes, and they certainly wouldn't be making weekly updates to both the state of customer support and the process of the engine upgrade, much less livestreamed Q&As. If LO were out to make a buck like old g1 was, the only things i could see they would have given you would've been the Yukon, let it sit in that broken release state for a whole year, then nerf it less than a month out from the Corsair. Nothing more, the game would still be on FairFight. Support will get to you when it's your turn in line. >20-1 and similar are not unreasonable scores. good scores, but not reason enough on their own. I have asylum screens going 52-7, 37-6, 17-0 and so on. They weren't every game of course, but they happen with some frequency.. Point is, a lot of people are way too eager to quote one's score as evidence, when it's neither here nor there... And then you go on to be accusatory, implying that the only reason the person you've reported isn't banned, is their SPCT status? Did you ever stop to think that since it's been a while since the report and response, and they're still here to possibly be signs they're infact, not a cheater? or perhaps that they're in the SPCT because they're an experienced veteran player familiar with the depth of how the game works? Don't get me wrong here, it does appear that BE isn't quite the same caliber as EAC, but it's certainly a lot better than what we had before either of them - and i have some confidence that with 3.5 not being a cobbled mess, the anti-cheat can also safely be a bit more aggressive.. but that's to be seen and is just my own speculation.
  10. getting repeatedly kicked for a false positive =/= people getting automatically banned for cheating. They had it set up to issue a 3 day Temporary ban while the team reviewed what it caught, and then manually perma-banned them upon affirmation. All this means is that they're satisfied with what they're seeing in the temp bans, and that they don't appear to have a major issue with falsely temp-banned players. AFAIK, the players who get banned after this update, can still dispute it via Customer Support as always. As far as your complaints in that thread about not getting a ticket response in 4, or even 8 days, you can check their weekly updated status on the support ticket backlog at https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/810-tracking-customer-support/page/4/ It's not malicious intentions by anyone at LO or BE that you're getting kicked for a false positive, thinking that is conjecture at best. Even if this game has the same anticheat as other games by name it has a much, much different implementation, and as such, unique issues do arise.
  11. You realize the fixes you want are fixes that make more sense logistically by doing them after the Upgrade considering the absolute fragile hodgepodge of outdated custom code that this game was built on? yaknow, the whole... measure twice, cut once sort of rule that says you shouldn't be wasteful?
  12. I'll be looking forward to what you've all brewed up for us as well as capping daily (or something like that) to afford something fancy with what you have in store later... .. at least thats the idea. Can you add a Country Gent CSG to the Store? I'm salivating at the thought.
  13. A beta is meant to have some issues, and this community has been hungry for something like this for a while. Hopefully people can identify the difference between their expectations for both beta and full releases.
  14. I'm gonna say it.... i could do with the PMG being an SMG instead of a 45m rifle. I'm not saying i want it to be useless above 8m, but i don't think its right that a pmg on some corner across a huge street, or across a courtyard, can just chance kill you by spamming 10-20 bullets your way. its not like it's a freak incident either, it's kinda reliable. i see tons of people with pmg just crouching ~40m out because they KNOW they can do signifigant damage to someone with that. i did that whenever i used it for pointman 16 and it was hilarious how far it can grab people.. percs could do with a change that makes them useless when you throw them at your feet, too.
  15. I'm a R111 fight club main with 80k kills on my primary character, when i go to play missions with friends on that character i pledge to a maxed contact so i don't rank up. Simply put that system wouldn't be fair. Better yet, plenty of people have low rank alt characters, you could be placing very experienced people with half a dozen R255 characters against total novices. What if someone like that just wants to make and level up a new character? How about all the people who have high rank characters, but are currently bronze or silver? They could be thrown at an impossible premade stack repeatedly. LO has a long list of things to do, and rest assured a matchmaking system overhaul is in the works. As far i'm aware, their goal is a phased district system that the matchmaking can pull from, and group players together in a more appropriate manner. Depending on how many phases they have populated, this can turn their potential player pool from 80 (40/40 in a full district) into hundreds for either faction, eliminating the largest issue the current system has, which is just a miniscule selection of players to pick from. Furthermore, during the 2.1 Beta Q&A Matt Scott speculated at looking into a more deeply devided threat system with more tiers, much like what was had back in RTW when you had gold 1-10 and such. If you combined the two, you could imagine how accurate of a system you'd end up with. And of course all of this has to take place after the engine upgrade, it would be wasteful to develop otherwise. As such, the most i can suggest at this point in time is to endure, try to learn how these players beat you and improve. People who dethreat are almost always at the same silver-gold border as a lot of people in the other district, and as such are likely beatable.
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