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  1. AS i have very low ping to jericho but also play citadel, i'd rather have low ping on this game. While some games try to "fairly" compensate for latency and end up giving advantages, APB isnt one of them. the largest advantage i can think of is slight warps with hipfire weapons like carbine or pmg, but that used to be far more abusable than it is now. I would much, much rather take the first shot advantage you get from low ping as that enables you to cheese corners and kill blatant aimbotters, which you would have a hard time trying to do on higher ping.
  2. im not sure how you can't get a basic understanding of the FBW's fire rate and develop a rhythm before you get 50k kills/255s. but i guess there are a lot of unaspiring or talentless people who'd rather have something/someone else bandaid their own incompetent lack of understanding.
  3. play. the. damn. video. game. the chance you'd run into a cheater is rather small. judging by what you're complaining about, you'd also not know the difference between a merely better player or a closet. perhaps you could also play something else, more your speed. i hear just about every game series is really investing in casual handholding these days.
  4. ntec itself is pretty unchanged... my opinion is that IR just now makes it very noob friendly, full autoing with the reduced fire rate gets you so close to the rate you'd tap its comical. those who were using an IR ntec in cq may be gimped now, but switching to cj3 is still the same ntec, just a couple meters off it's max range, which is usually no problem at all. infact it felt like the bloom recovery using cj was better anyway.
  5. damn that video, the mitigation is so shit.. why does anyone think its playable.
  6. shotguns are now meta. ir3 ntec is now noob friendly being that the fire rate nerf compliments the bloom recovery making it so you can full auto out to the top end of its range, there isn't punishment for just holding lmb. using it like a silver brand new to the game is actually how it's used now.. good way to delete any skill involved. ir3 change in general seems to have questionable qualities. heavy hvr still pretty unchanged, expect less quick switchers but now expect everyone to be 100m out and put a real hitch on how the gameplay works. mitigation continues to do nothing but warp people around and make the game less playable than taking the hit of a ddos once in a blue moon. current state of the game? troublemaker tier trash. in light of all that... showstopper seems good, cool in concept, i approve. LOVE the JT store additions, one of the most underrated changes to the game in the last patch.. please keep.
  7. well the fuss is the servers had unexpectedly gone down about 3 hours ago, several times in a row, and from then until now they were incredibly unstable, a lot of warping and such.. it's not the usual day or time to do maintenance and they only gave an ingame countdown, we dont really know exactly what they've been taken down for. i'd reckon it's to fix the laggy warpy junk that we've been experiencing the past few hours, though.
  8. there was a standard 15-10 minute countdown before they actually shut down. there was warning.
  9. i stopped reading when you said you're against nerfing the hvr and yukon. the ogre needs less change than either of those two and it still needs adjustment as well. even if you're not a good player, which it sounds like thats your position, the sheer amount of people that agree they need changes should be convincing enough that something isn't right with them even if you cant see it. however i do agree with needing to buff things that arent used. there's plenty of guns that are neglected because they're simply not up to par with other weapons that play similarly. there's also something to be said for guns that have a unique position and are also just not up to par. much like the dow thumper or UL-9 launchers are heavily considered underpowered, the yukon and hvr are considered overpowered. i wish we could also discuss putting a timer on percussion grenades, discouraging pig percing, perc switching, all that junk with a simple in-air timer that detirmines if the grenade acts like a brick, or a 65 damage frag (adding damage would be acceptable now that you cant chuck it at your feet)
  10. i also like that this is how it is, but i can't help but always think that if they at least made the vehicles feel appealing to drive, speedy at least, people would probably keep playing more. when i first got into the game driving felt so tedious and was one my biggest criticisms. all true.. gtapvp has developed into a big joke though. it's mostly about using the interaction menu, ceo/mc abilities, pegasus vehicles, special vehicles (oppressor and deluxo were clearly intended as balanced vehicles) and the basis of a good player is mostly a first person heavy sniper. Hardly a skill based game more whoever has memorized the M menu interactions more, and who has 2 billion dollars to afford a garage of oppressors in its current state. Can't even get into the movement in the game, it's basically just bad for a shooter. i'd rather deal with the yukons and hvrs being the most clear outliers in the balance scheme than people who can call an infinite supply of flying rocket bikes or similar, gta as a pvp game is far too random to even be taken seriously really. APB's gunplay and movement is more direct than gta can provide.
  11. I'm not familiar with using either of these, which was the other reason for making this thread, showing and explaining so many little modifications some people find useful and have legitimate reason to use them and bringing some concern to removing / forgetting them.
  12. i know what the advanced launcher does and i even reverse engineered it out of curiosity and boredom. This is about potentially not being able to do any of these things anymore when the new client side anticheat comes out. you'd be effectively limited to the game as it was directly intended, no advanced launcher changes or personal preferences.
  13. With the introduction of Battle eye potentially comes a hands-off change for the experienced playerbase, some being more affected than others. So i'd just like to make this post of several changes some people have made for themselves to make the game a little more comfortable that may no longer be doable, and the Little Orbit staff can pick at appropriately. The Advanced launcher is a known convenient tool that allows users to make more in depth changes to the game than usual, more lighting options to independently turn on or off, a deeper scale of texture level going down to beyond potato and up to gorgeous, there's only really 2 things in it that i don't like not being able to change myself that i'd like to discuss further. Particle Space Area, and removing loading screens, aka the 'No In Game Movies' tickbox. It simply feels like the game loads much faster without having to bring up those cutscenes. Changing Particle Space area is the big one, when i had a less powerful machine and i found the game, it deeply annoyed me when my already low frames dropped noticeably when seeing grenades, and running into a shotgun dropped my framerate so deeply it almost guarenteed i died to the next shot. Unlike other people i don't push it down as far as possible, however ive lowered it enough to the point i can still see grenades, grenade trails and smoke, bloodsplatter, vehicle fire, and not have issues with it affecting performance. As i upgraded through the years it's just stayed the same, the bare minimum to have the information i want, and keep the customization and performance i can. Some people have custom configs that take a much deeper look at the game files than the Advanced launcher does, mostly only to change some texts or colors that may be boring, hindering, or even to add a potential advantage. The most noticeable if you go to some streams may be changes to the killfeed or the mission text; how it's organized, colors or adding what the last stage of the mission is to the title. I'm aware there's already talk about making the game colorblind friendly, with that in mind i'd like to make a note of the white on yellow people see with the default colors and how annoying it is, i just want that to change. i'd suggest being able to just change the RGB/hex color values for colored text in a section of the settings, not only making the game colorblind friendly to all types of colorblindness, but simultaneously letting people set colors that are comfortable for them to read or read on. As far as people who add what the last stage of the mission is to the title text, i'd like to suggest that as a default feature because i know there'll be players who will have a text file with that information on another monitor or something similar, and i'd like for that valuable information to be available to everyone by default, not just people who really want it. I'm aware there's already discussion about this next suggestion but i'll state it again here since it's appropriate. Please make it a legitimate thing to turn down, or off, all game music or themes. I play with my own music going almost all the time and its one of my peeves when i run past a car blaring some song i have already heard a hundred times in my thousands of hours, drowning out my own music. The same goes for Themes, i couldn't stand hearing something designed to grief my ears when it wouldn't be worth the effort of complaining about all the players who have them to support, and it was almost as annoying as the ingame music to hear someones theme when i'm trying to listen to my own music. I ended up removing the instrument files and i'm glad i made the sacrifice of not being able to hear my own to negate the nuisance of hearing others. On the topic of removing sound files for personal convenience, i hope and pray little orbit changes some of the emitter files to be less obnoxious or gives some option to change the volume level of those seperate to other game sounds. I want to hear guns shoot, grenades tick, osmaws spool up and all these useful tidbits but i DO NOT want to hear the boiler room of Asylum hammer away, ruining the vibe i'm trying to grasp from my music as i protect the objective in there. It's been extremely blissful without many of the emitter sounds i can't do anything to other than remove them entirely. These are just a few small quality of life improvements i noticed that have gained popularity that are not difficult fixes, and aren't very difficult to fix properly. Things like the custom text color selector, a proper variety of volume scales for Music, Themes, Emitters and other sounds can bring a much needed customizable experience to how the game plays and feels without much difficulty