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  1. Actually if vehicles got a big rework to how they felt and part of it was you could shoot people on turrets like that, i wouldnt mind a couple technical-style additions. Montanae/T25 with unique turrets like eurayle or nssw... mm.. i shouldnt think about any of those "could be cool" things tho.
  2. It tries to log in, but still getting error 9
  3. Do some people not realize that some things only process so fast? You can't move gigs at the speed of light. You can help by having patience.
  4. Honestly i feel like the nfa-9 could use an ever-so marginal change. I like that its a high ROF pocket mac whos major downside is simply controllability and running out of ammo, so i'd argue to give it a further ROF increase, a bloom / crosshair decrease, and a proportionate increase to vertical recoil to balance out the fact it has some newfound strength. It's one of those guns that i have consistently found myself thinking about using because i love it, but after a few minutes of internal debate, scrapping the idea of even leasing again. i also feel like the aces series could use a similar tweak, but one that's focused a little differently... something to bring it juuuust up to par. there's plenty of guns in this game that need just a little extra zest, but that's just what ill put down for now.
  5. "Old APB was designed for slower times." ima just think back to the time when the ntec was a literal bloomless laser in comparison, the carbine could 5 shot while sprinting at you, the scout was pinpoint accurate while jumping, and people could quickswitch among other things; gunna have to disagree. I agree that currently irrelevant guns shouldn't be buffed to the point where they significantly outperform the current meta (and in doing so become the new meta), but being able to have their own identical competing niche instead of being largely disregarded would be very nice. At current, if you want to use certain guns you just know you're putting yourself at an inherent albeit small disadvantage, it's hard to find them fun.
  6. Noooo, You're far too rational! Leave while you still can!
  7. Keep the pellet change on pump shotguns, remove it from any semi or fullauto shotguns. The fix is that simple
  8. Really good foliage is actually a real sizable feat to pull off, and personally, generally i don't really get the big kerfuffle about orgasmic foliage; especially in a game like APB where it's so sparse. I can see it being important in a game like EFT where you're walking in bushes and through trees all the time (and they just reworked their grass render system so grass renders ~200m out which is insane, but again, in a game like EFT its something they need for a good experience) I really appreciate all of the tedious work the team has been putting in to make a genuinely better version of the game, and matt for being so communicative about what's going on in the office. I'm not so quick to forget about the contrast between Tiggs leaving us high and dry with literally nothing for over a full year, to LO's constant transparency and involvement. Really obscure, pesky weird bugs like the ones they've been chasing down are such a big portion of why i don't see myself doing game dev work.. it would peeve me so much to run in circles troubleshooting each issue for days. Hopefully with all of these improvements to optimization, lighting/shadows, LOD and AA, Matt may feel a little bit more comfortable feeding us an OTW build to splooge over, stress out with the hungry playerbase, and then inevitably complain about.. something.
  9. I like how the Halloween announcement thread devolves into people complaining about completely irrelevant things.
  10. While the FAR and NSSW are obvious next choices, the Raptor is particularly underrated. The ACES rifle is okay in the closer ranges and i have seen an interesting hipfire setup with the COBR-A that i almost forgot about which is definitely worth looking at... personally i will be using the NSSW once the change hits as i no longer need rifles and it'll be fun to watch all the people who complained about the ntec squirm about it.
  11. Ive never received a special weapon reward for being on the top of the leaderboard.. as far as i know, its just something to do.
  12. LA & NY? maaaaan, that means im not gunna have 15 ping to a dallas server anymore! Real cool work tho.
  13. Your fun fact was infact, not fun... However, i do believe the pellet change was good in theory (for pumps in particular), but it was poor in implementation because it applied to other shotguns. The NFAS was already a forgiving shotgun and it seems this just added another layer, and now people are abusing that fact instead of turning their brains on. Combined with other 'balance' changes that LO has been implementing, it seems they're just more intent on destroying the skill ceiling that once existed by both encouraging brainless play and discouraging learned player improvement. Let me be clear, i am not against learning new mechanics and new ways of play, but i am against making it so brainless players can compete with those who are not.
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