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  1. At first glance there's not a whole lot here There's nothing, absoutely nothing other than the image. There's a tinfoil hat wearer fuzzed out where the carousel was though so thats neat. several of the images that made up the site were adjusted or pasted over and there's some ascii in pink im curious about near the footer. also other text that says "why" and "nice try" anyone have an idea about that thing that was pasted three times over making something? they're all slightly different though. the black text near investing in san paro's economy seems to be roughly compiled in broken english warning against redhill and the viral bomb, and the blue lake pink text just suggests someone in a contrarian attitude that's upset with them. Lixil's patch 2 hours ago was actually referring to the emails. there was some names that were mixed into emails that shouldn't have been there. the adjusted ones actually made it all very simple what was in the inbox.
  2. Savas is a gem on its own.. hard pressed to compare it to battle royales or even say it has a part in the contributing timeline; to me savas is just the rust cancerpit you go to satiate masochism
  3. As somebody who makes use of the JT store whenever i want something i dont have access to (mobility sling, nssw 3 slot, ect) i have noticed that LO had actually put a number of guns in the JT store around the time the showstopper released. Much needed guns that were lacking jt variants like the medusa. I would just like to point that out. However i do agree that it seems a little wasteful to spend a months worth of JT on just a week of nssw and i would appreciate being able to spend say, 20k tickets for a character permanent one, some sort of cost that's still high enough you have to consider what you want very carefully. I'm also going to take this as an opportunity to jab at the JT pump shotguns, what you can get absolutely sucks, and that's annoying. i consider csg the only worthwhile pump shotgun because pellet pattern.
  4. i tried sending an email to 'APatridge@redhillinstitute.com' requesting the other blueprints (1/3 and 3/3) as if they had just forgotten to attach them as soon as i saw you could compose a message, but then i composed a test to a temporary email service and got nothing, so it is indeed a moot function. all of their emails are just hard written anyway, but it was worth a try
  5. dear god, i wish there was a "report validity" variable. imagine if you only reported blatants and the report validity practically shoots them to the front of the list
  6. none of the other employees are recognized as a user, and it seems we can't expect pritcher to be back for a couple days to get things moving. none of the other directories have anything in them, even sent mail. from what i gather, riddle's the head hog. and that could be telling us the next thing involves a riddle lol at HR being named H Arnelle, literally HR again.
  7. If it feels cheap, it won't last whatsoever. i took one look at the christmas event on twitch and didnt bother to log in, it was that pathetic. Releasing it before the engine is a questionable move to say the least, you're hoping this game mode is going to attract new money but when the base game is so horrendous from a performance perspective in every format, how can you expect that to be logical? flowers need good soil to grow, not dusty sand. not to mention, you're diverting valuable resources to developing this mode twice just to throw one away right when the upgrade comes around, purportedly soon. furthermore, taking this route makes people believe the engine is not as far along as people would hope, considering the closed group of testers are still under nda, and we're now heading into april whereas they expected to have open testing by about now, earlier this year... it all sort of furthers the Soon™ meme. If you're not releasing riot to get an influx of new players and new money, and instead doing it to satiate existing veterans looking for content, you'd still perform better releasing the engine first.
  8. well, i went through all pages again for any obvious hardcoded messages and no such luck. with the job openings changing, could we guess what job C Pritcher holds? the '/c0d3' page remains unchanged so i assume that's just roadblocked at the "6ac20d50-____-4f0f-____-____________" UUID when redeeming in armas the new login page acknowledges there's a "cpritcher" user which is an obvious blaring tell.. so for shigs i went through every crim contact's name in that format, and praetorians, also no beans. i'd agree the mattscott login just being an easteregg. went and checked lixil, selali, and ritual as well, no go. basically, they want us to figure out what this guy's password is through some meta info somewhere (maybe) OR theres something we're glossing over, either on site or ingame, that solves that UUID. perhaps there's nothing here and its just a crawl release of lore for RIOT mode which would be the lames thing ever
  9. like any sensible player, red names as they are just so much more efficient the only situation to look for the body is when you wouldnt be able to see the name if they were there like downward into a doorway
  10. AS i have very low ping to jericho but also play citadel, i'd rather have low ping on this game. While some games try to "fairly" compensate for latency and end up giving advantages, APB isnt one of them. the largest advantage i can think of is slight warps with hipfire weapons like carbine or pmg, but that used to be far more abusable than it is now. I would much, much rather take the first shot advantage you get from low ping as that enables you to cheese corners and kill blatant aimbotters, which you would have a hard time trying to do on higher ping.
  11. im not sure how you can't get a basic understanding of the FBW's fire rate and develop a rhythm before you get 50k kills/255s. but i guess there are a lot of unaspiring or talentless people who'd rather have something/someone else bandaid their own incompetent lack of understanding.
  12. play. the. damn. video. game. the chance you'd run into a cheater is rather small. judging by what you're complaining about, you'd also not know the difference between a merely better player or a closet. perhaps you could also play something else, more your speed. i hear just about every game series is really investing in casual handholding these days.
  13. ntec itself is pretty unchanged... my opinion is that IR just now makes it very noob friendly, full autoing with the reduced fire rate gets you so close to the rate you'd tap its comical. those who were using an IR ntec in cq may be gimped now, but switching to cj3 is still the same ntec, just a couple meters off it's max range, which is usually no problem at all. infact it felt like the bloom recovery using cj was better anyway.
  14. damn that video, the mitigation is so shit.. why does anyone think its playable.
  15. shotguns are now meta. ir3 ntec is now noob friendly being that the fire rate nerf compliments the bloom recovery making it so you can full auto out to the top end of its range, there isn't punishment for just holding lmb. using it like a silver brand new to the game is actually how it's used now.. good way to delete any skill involved. ir3 change in general seems to have questionable qualities. heavy hvr still pretty unchanged, expect less quick switchers but now expect everyone to be 100m out and put a real hitch on how the gameplay works. mitigation continues to do nothing but warp people around and make the game less playable than taking the hit of a ddos once in a blue moon. current state of the game? troublemaker tier trash. in light of all that... showstopper seems good, cool in concept, i approve. LOVE the JT store additions, one of the most underrated changes to the game in the last patch.. please keep.
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