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  1. but oscar is way more mobile than carbine
  2. In my point of view, you should have one timer for the whole mission. Attacking and defending in one mission sounds good too. Anyway, somehow but it's okay even now. Just imagine having new server in Poland and starting playing there from a scratch - for current online it's a big no no. As for me, oscar is overpowered, to solve the problem we should start from increasing ttk. The thing is i dont agree with it. I dont want see just gold threat or silver, i want a proper character info (when you press J) with my and others elo-rating. The problem is in bronze/silver/gold servers - we should give 'em up as well as was in the winter.
  3. Missions In the current form, in my opinion, missions do not give much pleasure in performing, so it is necessary to make them more dynamic and two-sided, so that teams compete during the mission, and not divided into guards and attackers depending on who first started the mission. Threat Yes, this is just garbage and not a system for players. Just throw out your system and make a normal Elo-rating. Districts They should be to be expanded to 60-80 people each, but with one condition that you will make a system of "worlds": one single world for waiting and for each separate world without extraneous players for those who perform missions. Is it that hard? Weapons - Throw out your system with curves and decreasing damage – this is really nonsense. I just don't understand how it could have occurred in your mind. - You need to worsen the spread for all new guns, especially pay attention to accuracy in the jump. - All large-caliber sniper rifles must initially have a purple "large caliber" modifier, so that player wont be able to put other purple modifiers. - Improve, but not return the original accuracy of the "duck" in the jump, reduce the ammunition to 3. - Remove stun weapons like PIG and O-PGL 79 CD. - Increase the minimum TTK for pistols to 1 second, because this is a secondary weapon, but not the main one. - Make sure that the OSCAR is no better than standard carbines. - Need to give a second wind to OCA: increase "Shots to Kill" of PMG to 6 and set "drop off range" to 30 m. - ALIG: increase "hard damage" to 76 and "Accuracy Radius" to 23 and so on. Servers As for me, a new character for each server (NA, EU) is the last century idea (by the way, where is our server in Poland??Well, we know, it is in beta, as well as the entire APB). You must allow the player at the game's lobby level to select any server with an indication of the average ping to each server. If there are no people on one server, why not switch to another? Or do you think you will not get 30% of the revenue from this kind of "features"? Online is on its knees. Clans There is nothing to discuss – you need online 2K+ on average to restore clan activity Settings I bet you are woking with it. Matt Stott As usual, thank you, but I'd like to see more. Changing textures and writing a new shader is good for future, but potato settings is potato settings.. This is not everything that I would like to highlight, but anyway, it will take years for developers to do.
  4. win 10 pro 1903 i7 3770k Gtx 680 SOC / driver version: 432.00 DDR3 16Gb 1866MHz SSD Samsung 860 EVO I would like to start with appearance of updated districts. First of all, I noticed changes in textures, especially their complete replacement. Finally, spec and normal map is working as it should and it look cool, but the problem is that textures in social district are oversaturated and wear out my eyes (i accept, that i can change saturation easily in nvidia panel, but anyway). Also were added new models and welded lonely vertexes! .s APB has really changed for the better. Цhat surprised and fascinated me the most was char's reflections and new shaders. The worst thing was also with textures and shaders,but in another way. I tried playing with ulta / very-high / high / medium and custom settings with disabled shaders and what i got: ULTA: - average idle: 85-100 - average in a fight: 50-70 - average: 80 very-high and high: - average idle: 85-100 - average in a fight: 60-75 - average: 80 medium and custom: - average idle: 60 - average in a fight: ??? - average: 35 (because almost every 5 seconds fps dropped from 100 to 15-20) Anyway, playing with 70 on average aren't good at all, so as soon as it releases i ll drop setting to medium. I almost forgot, bloom seemed very strange to me, too. I think, that you should add changing the amount of particles like in advanced launcher. If you look at the overall picture, the game improvements are noticeable immediately. This is no longer a 2010 game with rough graphics. The picture is very attractive and juicy, but for some reason it still seems raw and simple. I would like to give a separate word to vegetation - it is not beautiful at all. Different strokes for different folks, but the reflection on the character is exaggerated, so this is a problem of spec map's setting i guess. Tracers are good thing, but they are too thick i guess and, by the way, why you have made them? It's not world of tanks or smth else, they should be white i guess. If you added them for large-caliber rifles, I would understand. Sorry, Nocken
  5. Check collision here, smth isnt right either with animation or collision, because character is shaking here
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