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  1. Where I can see potential changes for weapons district A and B?
  2. Compensation will receive all players or only transferred from necrova? In other games, everyone gets compensation for such delays, for example, my premium one is on! *regrets for not abusing the new character on necro for free 5000 g1s **I'm not greedy, just interesting
  3. Vegas 4x4 tired of. I want buy new car. Which is better? io growl bishada rapier han conwolk And other question: which car can buy ingame for money, and which only for g1s (or joker)
  4. What shotgun best of the best in this game?) without nfas
  5. Where I can buy kit for vegas g20 "Rhino" ? All kits selling in armas but this... I find only set with this kit and price 4400 g1s. Can I buy this kit separately for lower price?
  6. Showstopper "Thunder" vs Joker RFP-9 (any "setup") vs maybe other pistol? What pistol the best of the best? top1)
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