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  1. Gold players will either reduce their activity in a game or group up with other gold players. We already seeing this by many missions with full bronzies and silvers teams against 255r gold premades. Your idea will also work as a punishment for gold players because they're willing to play fair matches and not to be forced to babysit with bronzies in their team. It's not a problem of gold players that matchmaking sucks. Hiding threats will only hurt the pop of active players more because people rather leave the game for the proper matchmaking update than deal with it
  2. They have insanely low drop rate. I got poop and something else after playing a year on a 255r character daily logining in game
  3. There was a fence above enf contact outside area that never had a collision.
  4. It won't fix the matchmaking at all and will only ruin the game for those who wants to play only with friends. The core problem is a combination of factors such as faction segregation, 40v40 limited environment and low pop. While lorewise faction segregation makes sense it hurts the matchmaking a lot. For example in one district 40v40 on crim side there're 10 decent gold players while on enf side it's about 20. 10 decent gold enfs will be matched against silvers and newbies or sitting on unopposed missions. Even in the current situation removing faction segregation will help the game a bit. 40v40 environment is also an archaic matchmaking system, it needs to be changed with a cross district system.
  5. This is exactly what I want. An extra button for a weapon reskin choice near skins button.
  6. The reason why I mentioned CSGO is because how its ttk balanced between both sides. T has on average lower ttk because of higher ak47 damage output and being able to one shot an enemy by a headshot with full armor while CT as a defend side has on average slower ttk and m4 can't one shot an enemy with full armor. I mean that longer ttk will hurt attack side in apb by a lot because many times it relies on tight timings of being able to minttk the defend side that made mistake. With longer ttk defend side will have more forgiving mistakes such as bad aiming at the beginning of a corner peeking or being open for few seconds. The goal of attacking in apb is to out strafe first shots of the enemy at the corner so his spread will drastically inrease and then minttk him before he realizes that he failed his aim. With longer ttk the enemy at the corner will have an advantage if he fails to track you at first shots he can reset his aim and keep landing a lot of shots because with rtw style ttk the weapon will have no spread and high accuracy or he can just hide and run away because he will have over 1 second to react to your actions. I have never touched dirty bomb so can't tell about it but Apex Legends has mechanics that prevent you from benefiting a long ttk because it doesn't have auto-healing mechanic like apb and healing takes a lot of time. In apb fights will take forever till you meet the enemy in cqc situation where neither you nor enemy has an opportunity to run away.
  7. No, it won't fix the major problem of apb. It will just change the meta. As I said if FAR will get a buff and appeared to be stronger than ntec then everyone will use it instead of ntec. Same with all other weapons in the same niche. I made an example of csgo because how tough it is to balance a wide variety of choices. Also csgo is an example why longer TTK can hurt attacking side. There's a reason why T side has one shot in a head hitbox meta ak47 while CT has worse damage output and longer ttk on average with m4 choice. There're many situations where attacking side requires to catch milliseconds timings to minttk a defend side as fast as possible. And apb is no exception. Unless LO decides to make an overall rebalance including changing map design and make a proper balance for some spots such as german fortress or waterfront overall. But it requires a huge ton of development and I doubt LO has such resources especially when such balance rework will absolutely go through multiple bad decisions and minor re-tweaks while reaching the best possible solution. It's going to be a dev hell
  8. The problem is that 90% of new weapons were about reinventing the wheel. Cobra is worse carbine but automatic. Ursus is ntec but less stk. Far is basically ntec with slightly worse accuracy at range. SBSR is worse dmr and many other things. You can't balance it right because the core gameplay mechanic of these weapons are the same and the only difference is their stats. If FAR gets a buff and becomes better ntec everyone just switches to it. You can't make people using such core identical weapons on the same rate, people either play far or ntec. There will always be meta. This is the reason why Valve don't add new weapons in csgo after a disaster with revolver and keeps the same meta because it fits the game in the best possible way. They tried changing meta by balancing economy by lowering aug and sig prices to be a more viable choice. So, it caused people just moving into AUG and SIG meta and drop ak and m4. The majority of a playerbase didn't like it. And Valve can't find the proper way to balance it right. They can't even make a proper balance between m4-s and regular m4 to make players choose both instead they just rotate the meta each year between them. Players always choose the best choice. And it's only two weapons while apb has much more weapons in each niche.
  9. The game already has a huge advantage for defend side on the missions. With slower ttk defend side will have even more advantage because getting one bullet that stops your regen will be more forgiving than now. That means you can feel yourself more safer at corners in situations where your enemies are forced to push you.
  10. The long ttk will make the game much worse. First of all attacking the mission will become much harder in many areas because how easy it will to run away to regen hp and comeback to defend the point, especially with a car gameplay meta. Sniper rifles will be dead in 99% scenarios, The meta will be just to drive close to the enemy and try him in cqc to prevent him running away and regen because the game will become more forgiving for him. Semi-auto will be dead for sure because none will want to click 20 times at one enemy, it will quickly exhaust you. The idea of increasing stk means that you won't be able anymore to clutch vs N-amount of enemies by one round + secondary gun. The game will end up as a tactical step by step strategy with trading kills because one guy will just not have an opportunity to keep fighting after the 1st kill without reloading. But if LO will increase the capacity of magazine it will make the game look stupid with ugly numbers (45ap with 14 bullets in one mag). What about long range fights? Should weapons have a limited effective range or maximum damage at any distance? If weapons will keep their effective range, so how many shots I need to land at one enemy at long range? 30? Fighting in this game will look unsatisfied and feel unrewarded. Why not? The only problem here is a big amount of weapons that caused balancing weapons around their most used mods to prevent changing weapon niche by switching different mods. For example Pre-LO ntec was op at most situations with meta ir3 and hs3 but at close-mid range it could destroy in cqc if you switch to cj3, you didn't really need oca or pmg. So, the balance here works like that: instead of switching mods in one weapon, you're forced to switch to other weapons.
  11. I dunno but on forums the feedback was majorly about the length of ttk and majority didn't really like how long it is. The game feels clunky with it.
  12. I tried it, I clearly remember that bloom and recoil weren't a thing on that attempt because obeya, for example, felt the same way as on rtw, a laser gun with small bloom
  13. Back in the days G1 hosted districts with RTW ttk and none really liked long ttk. It just doesn't work in apb and it only makes the game feel clunky and stupid. People had been asking for longer ttk and G1 gave it a try and when these people realized how bad it is in apb suggestions about long ttk was gone on forums. Now I see these suggestions coming back
  14. I have never played overwatch so I don't really know what it is but on streams if feels like a it doesn't have a high recoil
  15. Recoil thing won't work in apb because it requires a lot of tracking. Competitive shooters are either based on flicks and controlling recoil patterns like in csgo or valorant because the character movement is very slow or mostly based on tracking like warzone, apex, apb etc. because it has a fast character movement
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