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  1. I mean it says CSG/TAS20 and Strife/ApocWar which means these are two different weapons with same stats. Never saw smth named ApocWar in game tho
  2. RIOT was IMO much more thought tru game mode, in opposite to classic battle royals. As said in NA server, Nekrova wanted to play it aswell, but we just didnt have online for that. Might be more people after merge on this mode. Also LO might add some more valuable rewards like a rebuyable weapon from contacts or something. I personally think that RIOT district would have much bigger online than current "weapon test" one. Like come on, you do have separate BPE server, why would you bring beta on live one and shut down a good well made gamemode? @MattScott and team, please do consider returning RIOT back
  3. Tbh I really enjoyed RIOT gamemode. It wasn't easy to understand at first but the tutorial did its job and helped alot. After first game, I gotta admit, it was a bit wacky for me. But after several games I understood that the gamemode is really cool iteriation of Battle Royale game mode but in APB. It had a really thought thru gameplay and cool dynamic. Sad that you had to remove RIOT, but I think it would be cool to see that gamemode back again. Lets be honest, not that much people play on experimental and even less give feedback about it. Furthermore I think RIOT might be more popular just because servers are merged now and online there might be pretty decent. Please bring RIOT back
  4. Agree with most except for... Not like we have paid Innova. Not like Innova paid royalty to G1. They got their money that way or another. The thing is that most people dont care and those, who have paid real money are made to pay once again (or leave lol). But as I said in another post Is LO really in position to say "pay again or leave"? No they are not
  5. It is excel file indeed (I got one). You won't get any more that you already have on your account anyway so that seems fair to me. We are loosing event weapons/skins etc anyways so I guess that would be fair
  6. Support agent checks the excel file, checks the backup character from Nekrova, compares results, gives what was bought? What could possibly be manipulated?
  7. Just to make things clear: Will stuff bought now in Joker Store be transfered/redelivered? Since merge is delayed ppl might rather wanna buy stuff now. Is it worth it or should we wait?
  8. Any chance people with that kind of data can get anything refunded while giving these files to support?
  9. Well I mean yeah, devs can do whatever they want, even ban people for no reason... But is LO really in position to do so? Of cource not. If they had a multimillion playerbase then yeah do whatever you want but what is APB playerbase now?2k? 3? If they start pulling some stuff like that they can lose players in no time and kill the game. Thus LO probably do want to be careful with players who bought stuff in a first place. They are the most active playerbase and only thay keep this game alive
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