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  1. No new car has been added as of yet to my knowledge. It should come out with the patch for the matchmacking system update.
  2. They have informed that they wont be continue the project of the engine update. Since that post about "news" from matt, we have not heard anything worthwhile. They are just "enchendo chouriço", that is, resorting to stratagems to fill the waiting time....this is just boring...hope can´t last forever!
  3. You guys are moving off topic. What i wanted to discuss is what new measuers can be implement not if LO has a anticheat in place or not.
  4. Agreed. Yes they do come hand to hand and thats why LO does not promote the name of the ppl who get banned but i don´t really think that's important. What is important is that they do get baned. What i meant was we as players should just ignore them by this i meant like staying AFK in the mission when there is a cheater or kick his as because in APB hackers most of the time if you have a good team u can get their as kicked or even not asnwering toxic whispers or don´t even rage just go with it. The hacker will just tired himself most of the time. I do see blatant ccheaters getting ban the problem is the private ones. There are many players who are max rank and hack and those do not get banned. Please avoid saying i am a noob since i have been playing this since its close beta and i know what a "cheater" is like and i do actually enjoy getting my ask kick my legit players with new and good tactis. Humam main is briliant! I just want more barries to be implemented to counter hackers, and i actually think that the measures state on the video are good ones.
  5. Yes thats true but it is up to us to ignore them. but this topic is about the measuers and their effect not about toxic players. There will always be cheating and toxic players with hacks or not what we need is to lower that number.
  6. As he explains ppl have tried this with no good results. He also states that because this is an online game hackers will never be gone but if you put engough barries in the way they might be discourage.
  7. Hello, I don't write in the forum often but I checked a video about Call of Duty Warzone and it seems that they are doing a great job keeping most of the hackers out of the game. Here is the link for the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dx6r0cHwaaM&t=420s In this video the guy explains what measures have been place to combat the hackers. What does the community think of this? Should @MattScott take note as a developer?
  8. Thank you Matt. Stay Safe boys and girls! I have to say, i am a nurse here in portugal and indeed this virus might be small in size but it is no small bad guy. This is not a normal virus, it is not simply a flu, but a pneumonia or worse .... whoever gets this is screwed because it develops into severe pneumonia, (initially it looks like a flu) you are screwed for the rest of life ... because you will have many more breathing problems ... and many more vulnerabilities to respiratory decieses .... ...remember that this virus survives on metallic surfaces for 12 hours Everything that is metal should be disinfected even more .... when you get home always change your clothes and wash your hands again and after taking you cloths off also wash them .... a little exaggerated but to prevent getting this virus; Sneakers and other footwears should be taken off and left in the sun The virus spreads widely but dies out there easily and is a little weak in terms of survival outside the person (the host.) Stay Safe boys and girls!
  9. The servers are not beeing attacked. They are just messed up. Matt said "We have been suffering from small, but consistent outages with our network provider in Europe for the last two to three weeks. Today we hit a significant outage in North America. These are not attacks against us."
  10. The servers are always lagging. This is unplayable. When is this going to be fixed?
  11. In my humble opinion the only thing that really needs to get nerfed in the Ntec is the jumpshooting accuracy. The rest is fine. Is not a easy weapon to master for new players but abusing from jumpshooting should not be possible this is not a fucking scout.
  12. From my understanding of what i read. LO kept the right to APB Reloaded but if you guys want to make another game or new game you can´t because you sold the brand and the IP --> "We sold the APB Brand and IP to Unit Game, but retained all rights related to APB Reloaded.", you should have allowed Unit Game to sell APB Brand and APB IP related products not the other way around. Yep i also think this is not a good ideia.
  13. What i mean was: "in other case G1 did Run and ruin APB so we could complain because they had a responsability.In this case nekrova was under a total diferent company even if it was the same game". (wrote on my phone sry for the tipos on my last post)
  14. Yes, bit stilll better to have something than have nothing at all. Does not mean you can't fight for more but be respectfull. LO did you a favor nekrova hás nothing to do with them...in other case G1 did Run and ruin APB só se could complain because they hás a responsability.
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