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  1. After the news that the team will be stepping back a little from the engine upgrade, is there a roadmap for 2022 to give us an insight into any planned content?
  2. Unfortunately that doesn't work. I'll give the non steam version a try.
  3. I can't even get to the actual login screen, it crashes just before the UI shows up. Unless you mean avoid using steam altogether.
  4. Hey there, So for some reason, APB has started to crash at the login screen. I am getting a straight CTD without any sort of error popup, however the APB Error Reporter thing is reporting the following error: Unknown exception! Script call stack: Function APBUserInterface.cLoginIntegrationUIController|WidgetInitialized Function APBUserInterface.cLoginIntegrationDialogUIController|WidgetInitialized Does anybody know how to fix this? Any advice is appreciated!
  5. Hey there, I sent a ticket to support and I have yet to receive a response a month on.
  6. I mean contacting support doesn't do much, I've tried that recently and still haven't got a reply from support 1 month on. Still experiencing the same stuff that I contacted support about because that player seems to have some sort of grudge against me.
  7. Currently the Djinn Diablo pack doesn't cover every vehicle in the game and I feel like it would be a nice addition for customisation. Additionally, it would be nice if the IO Growl Djinn Viper wheels could be added to the Diablo pack as it is currently part of a larger pack which a lot of people might not want. Having 1 Djinn wheel pack would help to centralise things and would also help in optimisating the Armas Marketplace.
  8. Hi there, Would it be possible to merge all of the possible Djinn wheels into the Djinn Diablo pack that is present on the Armas during the Armas rework? I recently bought the Djinn Diablo pack during the sale and it was a huge disappointment to see that I couldn't use the wheels on my IO Growl and that I would have to buy a whole new pack just to use the wheels. Thanks,
  9. So the only way to play against this is to take out the entire enemy team and then wait for the crates to respawn(by the time they respawn the enemy will be back though so thats hardly fair), or to take out the entire team and then manoeuvre a vehicle through tight corners and tight alleyways. Both methods just seem stupid and unnecessary, these boxes obviously weren't put there to allow people to do this and having to wait for an object to respawn before you can start capturing an objective once again is stupid.
  10. Hey there, So I was playing the game with my mates and we got put against some opposition who made use of an unfair/bugged spot to defend the final objective of the "China Blues" mission. The final objective required you to grab and hold an item for 120 points. The spot they used utilised some movable boxes which they had jumped on, got ontop of an unintended area, places the objective and then destroyed these movable boxes, ultimately resulting in us losing the mission as it was impossible for us to get on top of this area. Provided is video evidence of this bug in action, https://streamable.com/pp60u The players who made use of this bug are: Fr3nCY LaGGeRiS raex I hope this bug will be fixed as it really does ruin missions Thanks, ajhakra
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