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  1. This is a crucial part of the game since new players are not able to join and play the game.
  2. I agree, awesome work. Essentially it would be nice to merge the districts and make the map bigger, the same way you mentioned. Being able to level up contacts from that same server connection without switching district would make the quality of life better overall. Maybe at some point, we will be able to drive up to the social district and get out to continue on foot into breakwater marina and truly make APB an MMO Open World Game. I understand that this may be a challenge, but it is not impossible and will definitely help the game and LO's business.
  3. I know people like to bad talk everything that is new. People do not like change in any way, but if it is scaled correctly it is just another choice except everyone having nitro most of the time. Be open minded about ideas... And in the end, if it doesn't work or is too OP it can still be removed. We are in the suggestions section, and not in the bad talk section.
  4. Then this game might not be for you Why
  5. I'm pretty sure with the new engine it is possible to separate vehicle and character collision with the world
  6. True, but what they could do is place an invisible wall at all the location where you are not supposed to go. This might already be in the game for some locations if I am not wrong
  7. Since this game is most likely going to get additional progression beyond R255 it might be a neat idea to add an activatable car mod which makes your car jump a certain height to get over objectives or other cars. Of course this has to be scaled depending on the car and physics of the car.
  8. Dragon

    Anti Grief Idea

    Personally, I don't want to be griefed at all when I am on a mission or in general. But some people want to keep the chaos in APB, which makes sense and is understandable. So I figured why not make it both ways and code it to something like this: if CurrentPlayerVehicle in contact with other OutOfMissionPlayerVehicle for longer than 10 seconds at a time set Collision = 0 with OutOfMissionPlayerVehicle(Username) until end of the match. if CurrentPlayerVehicle in contact with other OutOfMissionPlayerVehicle for a total separately accumulated 5 seconds set Collision = 0 with OutOfMissionPlayerVehicle(Username) until end of match. Hope that makes any sense. This is something like the passive mode in GTA 5, just only with the people who grief you. PS: I know this is not the correct way to code this but I just want to get the word out there to everyone.
  9. Dragon

    UnderBody Neonlights

    this might be a gameplay changing factor. Like for example, it could block bullets when someone is trying to get into the car.
  10. Dragon

    UnderBody Neonlights

    With the new engine upcoming, I think it will be a neat Idea to introduce underbody neon lights, since lighting is probably going to get a boost with the new engine. This is a Urban setting with criminals and enforcers. More vehicle customization is basically one of the main cores when it comes to the setting. It could look like something like this.
  11. With the current system, adding another threat will kill the game with this population.
  12. I think it would be a nice change to additionally use cars like bishada, pioneer or any other non npc car as the mission cars (objective cars to burn, break in, deliver etc.), instead of the regular npc cars. This would switch things up a bit and teach people how to drive these vehicles and also help them with their decision of buying the car or not while having a bigger variety of vehicles to drive around for the missions.
  13. Dragon

    (GAME) 144 fps cap

    I hope the performance will get fixed with 3.5 because I still go below 100fps even though I have a High end pc and the settings on ultra LOW.
  14. Dragon

    Legendary Cars

    Seems like a good idea imo. JMB or not, don't care. Unless getting it as a daily activity drop might make it more attractive.
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