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  1. Hopefully they can help...
  2. Dragon

    Progress bar for Objectives

    As a teammate who is not on the point, it would be good to get informed about how far someone got the objectives progress, so if that player dies, the teammates will know if they can get it quickly if the mission is about to be over. Maybe make it the same visibility as the objectives letters itself and it would be a nice addition to the game. Here is an example of how it can look like.
  3. Dragon

    Valence [Criminal]

  4. Dragon

    Player Owned Shops

    Permanent will never be an option because of people who might be inactive and do not play this game anymore. And if the price is too high then it will never sell and it is just going to be another thing which puts stress on the servers.
  5. Dragon

    Random Social Spawn

    Make people spawn randomly in the Social District to fill in the dead zones of the District. This way some people might use the closest car / symbol / clothing editor or marketplace and the whole district wont look as empty towards the north of the district at least. Make this a default option which can be disabled so people can choose if they want to choose their spawn or not.
  6. This is so simple!! Just have everyone join a random server by their liking and only match people together who are close to each other's invisible skill rating. But then, on the other hand, the District pop limit has to get increased to increase the chances of finding people close to others invisible skill rating. Otherwise, it might be harder to even find matches at all. But that can be tweaked to a better matchmaking for sure. I would also like to see Districts with a pop limitation of 100 (50/50) or maybe 90 (45/45) again. But cannot expect that at this point. Maybe in the very near future. Keep it up LO! :)
  7. One thing which can be done is to remove the modification car spawner completely and put car spawner in every car by default. But nerf the range of it, so it will not be too strong. This means that it will not use mod slots at all. It is not a requirement anymore because every car has it. And since the range of the car spawners can be nerfed it would not affect the gameplay too much. Solved?
  8. EDIT: Regarding all the downvotes, I am not laughing at the player itself as a whole. I am laughing about the unfair matchmaking.
  9. Dragon

    Valence [Criminal]

    About us This Clan has been around for a few months now. It is a very active Clan with the main focus on higher Tier players created by me (An APB "Veteran" from 2012). We are planning to get more players into this already pretty big Clan. We are trying our best to fight in the fairest way possible without any exploits or such. If any exploits caused by a clan member have been seen by anyone, please contact me, because I do not want to have a bad reputation on this Clan. Any Gold Player is welcome once a few games have been played with them. If they do not pass the trial games they will be declined and they can reapply about a week later. Every Member is required to have Discord and join the Clan's Server but it is not a requirement to be in a Voice Channel and talk to other people, this is completely voluntary. Members will get kicked if any of the rules have been broken multiple times. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rules and Requirements Gold Threat (Silvers will get kicked) Rank 100+ Age 16+ Active once a week No Toxicity, Harassment, Negativity or similar No purposely Dethreating or Griefing Only run away if enemies do If interested please DM or Comment here or message Dragonyte in game! Have fun
  10. Just a random edit I made. More of this? Tell me what you think. Unfortunately my enemies were kind of throwing the game but that’s not the point of the whole video. Video
  11. Dragon

    Role Love lost level 1 unlocked?

    Oh okay. that's the first time I have seen that haha
  12. Dragon

    Loyality Reward of 1000 G1C

    Yeah, it would be nice to prestige for more levels.
  13. Dragon

    Role Love lost level 1 unlocked?

    I think this has something to do with this. About 2 hours ago I saw a floating heart on one of the enemy cars in the back of the pickup truck. Below the heart was the valentines weapons cycling through. I am not exactly sure what that means. I tried to collect it but got killed before I could reach it. I haven't seen it again since.
  14. Now, with the takeover of Little Orbit and the new anti cheat, it would be a good idea for some people to rethink their opinion on the game. This is just really sad to look at and will not look good for new players or people who are just browsing steam. It would be nice to get the rating of APB to the blue area. I am not saying 'Hey give the game a good rating', I am informing people who have forgotten about their review before Little Orbit took over.