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  1. Far used to be really close to what i remember the star being, good hipfire and accuracy while pressing the trigger. Other than that, i remember the atac was somewhat good feeling, but i think they changed how it worked ? You can try the trials and see what lands imo
  2. some gamers really like it as it is, i guess i mean, warframe with all those updates feels boring to play, meanwhile apb here living up to 2 years without no updates and still gives the same adrenaline kick
  3. we were like this too, so i guess it aint a surprise still im not up to date with weekly updates like that, maybe they are readying up for a big armas update or the dude who used to update had to excuse himself due to covid?
  4. its unlikely sadly, it's not like they can't be substituted, though i hope you get help eventually. Good luck
  5. afaik gamerfirst only exists by name now, its all little orbit with some employees from g1
  6. vip mission and social district i see nothing wrong with this, in fact i think they were born for this very endeavor jokes apart, they might have acquired some old apb dev employees, so it isn't all bad.. plus G1 wasn't a step up either.. they were just publishers turned devs.
  7. Part of me wish G1 was still running the development, not because I like them or think they'd do a better job than little orbit. Just wanted to see them sink the ship themselves, as some sort of cosmic justice thing. But sadly it sold and I genuinely feel sorry for LO for what will happen once the engine upgrade releases. Doubt anyone will want to wait a bit longer to see what happens after it has an new engine.
  8. dont speak to me unless you have at least 2 months subscription to big gay
  9. idk steampunk sweat taste of rusty tubes and ...oil
  10. yeah, game has got genuinely good customization despite being decade old. honestly wish i could trade armas clothes i made with people, by using joker tickets or something. There are really cool cop/swat clothes that are locked behind armas marketplace.
  11. keep trying different weapons, till you find something that suits your playstyle. After that, look up what other players do in the game and try to mimic what works.
  12. never liked cheese it has a odd color, why can't it be lime green or black
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