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  1. it feels a tad too late for anything of the sort of be popular now days. Tech and games in general evolved so much since ps3 days that it would be a shot in the foot to do something like that without making an entire different game.
  2. all i wanted was a dumptruck "bomber" with nitro XVII it goes so fast, that it opens a wormhole in space in time, just to grief you in a quantum level
  3. yeah But then again, this bounces to what i was saying, LTLs in general needed a buff. It would be an ok change if everything else was cool. Fair enough, i'd be cool to try the old pig with two rounds.
  4. I assume they wanted to add a high risk, high reward to the combo. You only are aware of its lethality when you are on the other hand of it. The point wasn't really nerfing quickswitching but rather embracing it. But then again, I am just playing devils advocate here. Maybe they can buff the nonlethals afterwards to make up for this. Or god forbid, add new ones.
  5. So you mean to say, that the problem wasn't pig being nerfed but the rest being mediocre?
  6. So a gun designed to finish off is doing its job, instead of carrying the entirety of the non-lethal line up?
  7. coconut because it makes me think twice before drinking that "milk" inside it.
  8. Was on a convo about this same thing, despite cheating. We can all agree that there is just so much you can do on the same 2 maps for over 5 years.
  9. irl battleroyal 2021
  10. i am running for ceo of the world in 2077
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