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  1. ye.. tho Just a couple of key-points, loyalty rewards reward spending. Even though both reward JMBs, they essentially reward two kinds of spenders: the loyalty rewards the frequent supporters/ players who buy a lot of microtransactions premium, "would be" a casual way of rewarding people who don't spend that much, but still want to support the game in a more passive way To be entirely blunt, i don't know what really works best for LO, they'd likely have better stats than me on that, but the current system does more harm than good. For a game that sort of prides itself with amazing customization, it sort of falls sort when you are so heavily capped in it unless you pay a premium. Also the whole jmb thing was just a suggestion, for all i know, even a battle pass would make more sense. Or something else entirely, idk
  2. i genuinely was thinking about this last night after i made the post but, its just much more worth it to remaster and improve gun sounds over this
  3. dam i missed that, gonna edit that part, but point still remains
  4. i mean... much of the money they make on current APB, is from micro-transactions, rather than the premium system If anything i think they should update premium benefits instead. To reflect the community better and what we value more: like it keeping its discount thing going on while also offering joker boxes & tickets or something a month. Would be a pretty good opportunity to also remove stuff like faster mod cooldowns, that is just a pretty bygone concept now days. Plus, for these special occasions/events they can just run a server wide xp/apb$ boost
  5. cmon dude. Its a legit issue, humans simply aren't built to be in space, without any sort of protection, our bodies would fail, due to the lack oxygen and pressure in space, you'd lose conscious and your eyes would explode how fucking terrible would it be to be in space while some earthquake was going on i just can't grasp the thought of perishing in the vast, old and terrifying void of space, where nobody can hear you scream and no god can reach you damned to forever drift space without even a proper burial, this before any sort of radiation fries your head off or grows a super cancer even you were immortal, your mind couldn't handle or even navigate space without it feeling like some sort of torture
  6. well i mean at least if you were in the ground, your lungs wouldn't implode and you could possibly survive
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