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  1. i lowkey hope we get to see actual skeletons running during this halloween event or well, the civilians dressed as various halloween classics as decor. but i guess the usual will do
  2. it has been years and i still haven't bothered to max my rank on my main
  3. i cancelled halloween all skeletons are now illegal according to law easter bunnies will lay pumpkins this season to make it more spooky.
  4. hello i haven't played this game for a long time and since everyone is caught up saying that the people who make "the game is dying" are hypocrites. I'm here to confirm, that i have seen runescape private servers with more people than the entire of APB, as it is.
  5. It's only issue if you are way too trigger happy. the demerit medal is only effective after your 2nd team kill, meaning that you'd have to be extremely purposeful in aiming at your alies.
  6. Coming back here and seeing the first topic on this forum is the community worried about mental and well being of the CEO of the company rather than shit talking is really an odd thing to see. It's like one of those goose bumps stories, where something is off.
  7. I swear the sheer toxicity and bitching on this game, is what keeps it alive. keep up the good work guys. As for the cheaters, i'm kinda convinced its a resource issue than willingly wanting to have cheaterinos ran loose.
  8. been a goner from this community but i wish you guys the best
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