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  1. nothing wrong with some opgl in asylum
  2. I personally like higher overall TTK with accurate weapons but I made the sheet about the current balance/meta anyway: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MmOqZR9A_nK-tOITFZIhoW1OV0xID-tGjA7BBrIMGkM/edit?usp=sharing Left some weapons empty because I never bothered with them or haven't used it after last changes. Opinions about secondaries and some shotguns are probably unpopular but whatever Also can't be bothered to write in-depth statistical changes because I think this is for Little Orbit to do. Community has no way to test the stats to make sure the proposed changes make sense and do what it is supposed to do. Opinions should be enough for Little Orbit to do their job.
  3. disable explosion damage and make it pop confetti instead thanks
  4. make the one shot corsair available in actions districts as well while you are at it
  5. Ik denk niet dat er veel meer mensen over zijn om te interviewen, tenzij je Russisch spreekt. Hoe dan ook veel succes
  6. no clearly the game detects you trying to shoot the LO logo so it redirects the rocket...
  7. Benguin


    change shredder back to what it was
  8. ntec cheater weapon.... very accurate to make cheater player happy.. gold players need ntec weapon to kill..
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