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  1. They can easily fix that by adding concrete poles at the spawn exits, at least for the top left, bottom left and right spawns in Baylan. Imo it still remains a cheap way to kill someone. Even if you know someone is using it you always have to be aware to not be somewhere where you can easily be trapped, and even if you aren't the chances of avoiding damage are still small. Many people also run their car next to someone, start a gun fight and if they lose they press the panic button, the guy fighting him litterally has to hide or run away in the middle of the gun fight. Just dodge it lol, good thing mostly bad players only use it. I don't think Remote Detonator is the issue though, it is that you can mod your car to be a one button Chernobyl blaster Flak jacket is a huge downside if you play against anyone decent, so unless they change that I don't think it is a viable option.
  2. we need tiggs back to prevent good players from playing the game
  3. if riot cant kill apb what will??????????????
  4. amazing!! cant wait to try this new update out!!! keep it up :)))
  5. no i want helicopters and flamethrowers and knives pls @Tiggs and ponies and beach district
  6. like this comment if you are reading this in 2020
  7. The only thing restricted right now is buying boxes, unless I'm missing something?
  8. silvers deal 100% increased health damage against gold threated enemies solved)
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