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  1. aiming.pro is a decent free alternative, Kovaak is definitely the best aim trainer at the moment though. It's discounted to 6 euro at the moment.
  2. So I can't name myself Benguin10 anymore??
  3. I'd defintely disagree on the placement of the Shredder, this thing is deadly when used right (not letting it bloom) and is the absolute best finisher in the game imo. But hey, that's just because of my preferences, which is why I'm against putting weapons into "tiers" as I'm sure a lot of people have mastered some other weapons and can make pretty good use of them. However, some weapons deserve the F and E tier, as weapon "balances" have nerfed so much weapons which makes them worse in every aspect possible and do not excel in any playstyle. Anyway, it's nice of you sharing your thoughts about what you consider good and bad weapons according to your style, which should always be welcomed.
  4. Aren't you supposed to have all of your live characters? I only have 2 apparently.
  5. We're still figuring this out. Ultimately the concept of threat is changing so that it can be dynamically expanded and contracted based on player population. So we haven't decided how to surface that to players yet. Thanks, Matt
  6. no, every san paro citizen should get a free pony
  7. yes zombie pony beach district would be great
  8. shredder I don't need it needs to be meta but a bit more range (tighter spread) would be great
  9. Make it so that per match each team can ban a few weapons. I'm sure pmg won't be played then. And it's fair if both teams don't ban it.
  10. Nah we definitely need more spiky hairstyles
  11. it's for that virus thing everyones talking about
  12. I don't think that his point was that the game is unoptimized
  13. Aim is transferable from game to game.. not sure what settings have to do with skill¿
  14. I don't get why people even bring up dethreaters, they are the cancer of the game and no one enjoys playing with or against them, neither in the silver nor bronze districts. Just a bunch of mouth breathers that can't accept that there are people better than them. They should just be banned. But ontopic, it's a scary thought to me that a game like this is balanced around players that don't really understand what they are doing. Ideally you want developers with background in competitive gaming, so that they don't have to listen to the community or only a select few. Don't think it's the case here though. Unless 'Barbie and Her Sisters: Puppy Rescue' had a competitive scene?
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