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  1. Look, it has been over 10 years, the game even struggles to bring any kind of content monthly, even within the standards of a new car or something, what makes you think they can just add an arbitrary new mode like this now. I am at least certain you aren't a teen now, so this shouldn't be hard to figure out, but this has been going on for too long and i am not even sure you are honestly aware of yourself.
  2. i purely used the ATAC just for the aesthetics lol Don't know if it shoots and sounds like before, but it was genuinely gun to use
  3. a short glance at this forum, often tells me that nobody really thinks so you know, the game is just there, but..
  4. dam good thing that topic was unpinned, i too would hate to look back at the date it was created.
  5. im fine otherwise a bit anxious of a tomorrow appointment
  6. I will be real with you guys, this game has outlived its shelf life. Hopefully the next update isn't a goodbye. But for now, you folks should just enjoy it while it lasts.
  7. it has been years and this is still the best topic on this forums
  8. Sadly yes Nobody would stick with the game if it wasn't special in a way. But I guess that also speaks volumes about how weird the state of the game is.
  9. Yeah, nonetheless the mismanagement of the upgrade is sadly evident. I genuinely hoped some gaming company would have taken some inspiration from what made APB so addictive tho and improve upon it. No hopes for it to be bought by anyone soon, it already falls within the borders of old games by now. Supporting it is hard. The user generated clothes and other features is something sadly only a few online games or games in general have replicated.
  10. you underestimate my power.. jokes apart you got to admit that this point the engine upgrade has been going on for longer than the time it took to develop APB itself.
  11. expected nothing less from senator Armstrong himself
  12. Im rather impressed cheaters even still exist at this point, aren't those like sold at a premium or whatever? I feel like the most weird thing about shooting on apb, is really how guns work weirdly. If you come from any other shooter, you'd not think of pacing your shots ever when holding an automatic. On top of there not being any critical spots, like headshots.
  13. mans most feared and forbidden weapon banned by the pope himself after the confrontation on mars borders of 97
  14. can't believe you came back i hope you and your mom get better tho
  15. ye anyway how are you guys around here?
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