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  1. So am I to understand that the main initiative behind RIOT wasn’t to offset the steep learning curve of APB, and to attract new players, which it so desperately needs…it was to create a playpen for your dev team to make mistakes in, and to use as a learning tool? You then released this playpen… - In a beta stage… - On this archaic and broken engine, when the upgrade is allegedly around the corner… - With underperforming servers that get constantly DDOS’ed … - While your customer support after a year, still takes over a month to respond to a ticket… - With a large amount of unwarranted hype to the community… - (And here’s the fun one) Followed by “marketing efforts” and “press releases”. Does this honestly sound like a sound business strategy @MattScott?
  2. You seem to forget a lot of things...maybe you should lay off the pot.
  3. Whoooosh...right over your head...like usual, you just don't get it.
  4. Well at least we know what's behind the delay in the engine upgrade, along with all the questionable decisions over the past few months.
  5. Is there any reason Jericho appears to be more susceptible to these attacks than Citadel?
  6. Bandwagon?...lol...oh dear...this is light and fluffy compared to my stand on things like this. I believe every player who doesn't have premium, should be taxed every month, and all the in-game money collected, should be dispersed amongst the premium players.
  7. I could not agree with you more Vicky. You don't invite people over, until you clean your house. This is a terrible business move.
  8. PoundOfFlesh

    Battleeye AutoLT

    Same thing here. Mine started as an error #14, and is now a AutoIt. I also have a Roccat.
  9. Where's the, "Get rid of this tool of douche-baggery" option?
  10. You honestly feel good about taking money from people, when this game is at the most unplayable state, it's ever been?
  11. I can't believe we're having dialogue about game modes, when APB is practically unplayable right now… From a business standpoint, "Battle Royale" IMO is the best, if not only game mode that should be implemented. Like it, or hate it, (I'm not a huge fan myself), it's popular right now, and will attract people to this game, which will be needed after the excessive fail that has been going on since the LO purchase. If you incentivize it for "BR" players to do missions, (unlock skins, clothes, etc..), you will have a chance at strengthening the population long term. Why get rid of Open Conflicts?...just make all the servers OC. This whole match making nonsense is played out. Get back to basics...you K' up...you play.
  12. This game needs to be shut down, and relaunched, when the issues across the board, have been resolved. This game cannot function in this state, and expecting the community to play, and support it in this state, is beyond insulting. Shut it down...fix it...relaunch it.
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