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  1. Rayscaling was incredibly broken however, as yes while it made shotguns somewhat more reliable, it made them way too forgiving, as any half-assed Removed inappropriate language ~@mayii scrub could hit 30% of their pellets on you and do close to 50% and more health damage, meaning that it made aiming very trivial. Also it made the Thunder and NFAS with IR3 hilariously broken. It also was more of a band-aid solution to a deep serrated wound that is bleeding bad, hitreg should be a more important area of change and after that we can start looking at actually changing shotguns. Also spelled Removed inappropriate language ~@mayii the way I did cause the fuking word censorship is stupid
  2. Because that's impossible to achieve more or less, asymmetric game design is a lot harder than symmetrical game design. If you have mods that are supposed to have up and down sides, no matter how you twist and turn it, there will always be a "better" alternative. This is why CA3 is the strongest compared to other green mods, cause it fits in APB's game mechanics way better than anything else currently. And to be fair, they should just make CA3 the default green mod at this point, basically giving the CA3 stat modifiers as the default values. I have heard people say that if you do this then things like flack jacket will be OP cause you get the reduced explosion damage modifier + the health regen of CA3, tho this is not how it would work in practice, as all they would have to do is make it so that flack jacket adds the same health modifying values as the current no green mod setup, aka default health regen. So it would work exactly the same as it does now as if you made the change. Also APB should be balanced around CA3, not the other way around, as the game becomes way too sluggish without it. Also they should just remove Kevlar at this point, I don't see how they could buff it without making it either OP or just even more niche. Currently it's just an annoyance, it handicaps its user, and annoys enemy players, as you aren't really harder to kill, just slightly slower, which means that at MOST you save yourself 1 death from player 1, but you're now 85 and is gonna get killed anyway. So at most, kev3 gives the user like, 1 "free" kill in very very specific situations lol.
  3. Sure its a good idea, tho Curse currently is more consistent then the PMG and OCA, altough its ttk is slighlty to high to be quite the machine that the PMG is (atleast in missions) However Curse is hilariously looked down upon, it is by far one of the strongest SMG's in the game for consistent damage over time, and one of the few guns in the game where you can put CJ3 on it without ruining it, and actually benefiting from it.
  4. Ah thought it was 10 stk my bad, wouldn't they still be vastly underpowered against OCA's but specifically PMG's and Manics tho? Even with such a buff? I mean I kinda of agree, but due to the current meta, even with that change they would still probably be very bad against other SMG's, also why isn't ODIN as standalone weapon? I still wanna buy it lol
  5. Eh maybe, i'd still wanna try tho, dont you think a .75 ttk would be to high?
  6. Aight as the title says, I was thinking a lot about the Norsemen and what could be done with them, and one of the ideas that came to mind, which i'm not sure if it would break the guns or not, is still something I would like to share. So I will break it up in 3 buff suggestions, each heavier then the other one, to see what would fit. First change is simple, a damage buff to make it a 9 STK gun instead of a 10 STK. Personally I don't think this fixes the issue with the Norsemen but I do believe a damage buff would do wonders with them. Second and this is the more significant one, how about we make the inherent weapon mods of all the Norsemen (the runes I can't recall their name) in the weapon stats themselves, rather then being mods. So for instance, the ODIN would have all the different Norsemen mods, but it would be part of the gun itself while also being a 3 slot weapon. Yes that means that you can put CJ3 on the accuracy buff, Magpull on the Mag reload buff and so on. Third buff change, 1 less STK + the previous change, meaning a 9stk 3slot Norsemen series. I would like to see this tried, it would def keep the Norsemen's identity and unique shtick but also (hopefully) make them somewhat competitive. Personally I don't think this would make them OP, as even with let's say the accuracy buff mod and CJ3, CJ3 would still have its effect, just a bit mitigated and so on, cause currently the problem with the norsemen is that it takes too long for them to get going, and they are by far the worst primary in the game, a fun gun, but a terrible gun.
  7. That works too. But as usual, the community whining about shit they don't know anything about gets the attention. It's funny tho since the RFP wasn't *that* good, even when the Fang was busted. Sure it was better then the RSA and 44 at their respective jobs whilst also being good at medium and decent at close. But that was the thing, it would still get melted on by 45's and FBW's close and close - Midrange IMO.
  8. It's funny cause I noticed this aswell, the RFP is absolute trash tier atm in the game, the Fang takes the cake as the worst secondary in the game by far, i'd even take a R2 or snub over this crappy gun. Case and point of not understanding how a nerf is supposed to be made, I told people that "nerf the fang, leave the stock RFP and Talon alone" and they did the opposite... turning this somewhat ok secondary (stock rfp and talon) into the worst secondary by far. Should've nerfed the fang, and make it into an actual long range secondary, 3 burst of slow burst fire but very very accurate and like 45m effective range or so.
  9. As the title says, when will this be released so I can get one, don't like the TM's sound, and Entete is just shit, and stock C2 isn't super exciting.
  10. PMG / NTEC / FAR / AMG and FBW, Silenced if you want it to be as easy as you can get it
  11. And just as I said would happen, did happen, nerf the NTEC, combine it with some other nerfs (OCA specifically) and we would end up exactly where we are right now, strange that innit? Almost as if I know what i'm talking about, shocker, I know. Also this didn't fix the issue with APB's meta, only enhanced it, and just as I said in my numerous NTEC nerf posts, we essentially just moved the goal post, instead of putting the ball in the net.
  12. Why is that even such a trigger for you tho, some people just wanna aim, and stretching playing at min helps with that, is that tryharding?
  13. Cause i'm the one who's been smoking clearly, what a fucking fail, though anyway, my point about the scout is the same
  14. Dude, have you been smoking? The TTK of the ntec is 0.7 sec. it shots every 0.11 sec roughly. Fucking hell if you shot once every 1.628 sec with CJ3 your ttk would be insanely high. So no they don't literally heal before you get a second shot of. Proof, CA3 has a health delay of 1.6 sec, that means after 1.6 you need an additional 2 sec to heal 125hp so 3.6 sec in total to heal 125hp, which means you need around 3.8ish secs before the scout needs to shot a 3rd time since the scout does 550, the scout has a ttk of 1.750 sec. So no, the OP is right, the scout has serious hitreg issues, just like every gun in the game, but you notice it more with the scout cause each bullet is a lot more valuable to its performance then let's say an NTEC.
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