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  1. To be frank, I like the gamemode, despite its flaws, I just wish stats were tracked in the event districts
  2. Well it looks like we mostly agree on most points, refreshing to say the least to actually have a productive discussion! But yes, I think having it in FC would be a good start, and just keep it there for the while being.
  3. Random? Not quite. A simple fix to that would be to simply make the UI display what weapon the OPP is holding, no matter what it is. That and ofc, in missions, most likely if they use other weapons then their own loadout, it will most likely be your teams weaponry. Thus not making it as random as it seems. Secondly, it can also be used as a form to turn the aggressors weapons against themselves, they use OSMAWS? Well kill they guy and pick it up (ofc it can't be R required). Not only that but it also funnily enough mitigates a little bit of a problem with APB and that is it's balance. We both know that APB is not a fully balanced game when it comes to guns, however, a side effect of this system, would allow some guns to not be as "unbalanced". As it would be a fight fire with fire situation. Not perfectly mind you, but not terrible either. It would especially mean that newer players would be able to get their hands on well modded Meta Guns, such as a IR3 HS3 MS NTEC etc. Ofc they would have to implement it in such a way that the guns do not take priority over missions pick-ups, ladder climbing, fence jumping etc. You'll have to excuse my english, i'm very tired.
  4. I support weapon drops as simply, due to how they're currently implemented, it works just fine. I can't think of a good counter argument to why weapon drops are bad, other then "hurr durr my gunz are mine!"
  5. That is a very poor argument. "it doesn't follow the rules of the game mechanics" what is this even supposed to mean? So far you haven't even brought up anything remotely close to an actual argument. My parents taught me a very good lesson as a child, that is "if you can't suggest an improvement or a form of change to the status quo, then you don't have a right to complain about it either". The only thing you have done is tell me that A) it's a stupid idea and B) (B being the reason) because it doesn't follow the game rules?? Honestly, i'm not even sure how to react, what does this even mean lol? It would be great if you could elaborate on what that means. And why can't there be more exclusions?
  6. Nonsensical? It would bring all 3 RFP's in line, all would be unique and balanced.
  7. It would still make Fang the best, while needlessly nerfing 1 fine gun and keeping 1 underpowered gun completely the same.
  8. You can, simply make the guns seperate lol. That isn't very hard to code at all.
  9. As per usual, the majority of the forum community (and to an extent the APB community as a whole) do not understand how to properly nerf, buff or change weapons. The most common nerfs mentioned are more or less. - Making it more inaccurate, I.E hipfire nerf. - Nerfing its range and or changing IR3 to IR1 - Combining various small nerfs, most likely the 2 above, making it totally gimped by death by a thousand cuts. The first problem that people have when saying that the "RFP needs a nerf" is that they don't specify what RFP, the 3 variants are different. They have different stats and utilities. The tierlist for these 3 RFP's is the following. - Talon (silenced RFP) is the worst one, sporting that least effective range, with the only upside being less recoil, barely noticable at that too, it is Underpowered. - Stock RFP, this RFP is the most balanced one, after all the buffs to the RFP this one and the Fang managed to join the now holy trinity of secondaries (which are available to everyone). Namely the FBW, 45. and Stock RFP and Fang. The stock RFP is Balanced. - Fang, the most hated one, this one is arguably Overpowered, as it brings all the advantages of the Stock RFP with barely any trade-off. the Increased Bloom is only noticeable when you fire at max or close to max firerate, which the Stock RFP also struggles with (the bloom becomes to much). IR3 is what brings this gun to its insane levels of performance. The Fang is Overpowered. So firstly people need to start talking about the same gun, most people most likely mean the Fang when they say "RFP". However, it's not a guarantee that everyone knows that. Hence I think we should be clearer with what actual gun we mean. Secondly the 2 most prominent nerfs that people are suggesting are the most faulty ones. Decreasing the Hipfire accuracy is a very dumb idea, as it will increase the amount of RNG involved in RFP hipfire battles. And god knows this game does not need more RNG, the hitreg is already bad enough, and I think that most "professionals (the very good players in the game)" will agree that Bloom and base inaccuracy is a bad design decision, since it leaves RNG as a big enough variable that it is noticeable. Obviously skill and the battle's context is what will decide most battles, however, decreasing base accuracy does only award luck, not skill. It is one of the worst nerfs you can give a gun. Some guns can be inaccurate and get away with it, but that is a discussion for another time. Another thing to know about the hipfire of the RFP is that it is completely blown out of proportions. People make it sound that it is the best thing that has ever graced this green earth, but really a FBW and 45 will outbeat it in most scenarios (hipfire battles that is). For example. Let's say you have 2 equally skilled players, one has a FBW, one has a RFP, no nades, both have clotting agent 3 and they are fighting at full health, both stand behind the same corner. What you will notice is that the FBW user will have to expose himself for a few less milliseconds while poking at the RFP user. Basically when the FBW user peaks and pokes the RFP, the RFP will still fire its last bullet when the fbw is already behind cover. In the amount of time it takes for an RFP user to shot his entire burst at the FBW user, the FBW user can pop him with 2 bullets, inbetween the RFP users bursts. Both the FBW and 45. are better "poking guns" then the RFP (all variants), hence they will always win a somewhat fair fight against an RFP while hipfiring. The second nerf, i.e nerfing its range, is also somewhat dumb, as it's only really applicable for the Fang, since the Talon and Stock RFP has fine range (The Talon will have fine range once my suggestion on how to buff it has been read). and with all the extreme examples of for instance the "9 bursts at 100m" never happens, it's extreme hyperbole and in practice will almost never happen in-game. I understood his point, it was to highlight inbalances with the RFP, however it was a poor form of arguing, as really, that is a problem with minimum damage, rather then range, aswell as the accuracy loss while the burst is going on will mean that you will not likely hit those 9 bursts perfectly. The reason why just "nerfing" the range of the Fang isn't smart is because it would not "fix" the underlining issue with the Fang (I.E High minimum damage, and not a steep enough range decrease). So the correct way of nerfing the Fang is simple, you decrease its firerate as that is what makes it beat out all the other RFP's. It has all the advantages of all the other RFP's without any of the downsides (realistically speaking). Since the Fang is a more (on paper atleast) specialized secondary, I:E long range RFP, why not have it be long range, but the tradeoff is not being super good close range? Exactly, since the Fang is essentially in the class of the RSA's and ACT44's of the game, but with all the bonuses of a close range secondary. So make it Mid-Long range. Nerfing its firerate would seriously decrease its effectiveness in CQC. When the firerate is slow enough to have a ttk over 1 sec, perhaps like 1.25 it will be all fine. This while buffing the Talon, make the talon the Short range variant of the RFP's, faster fireate and slightly increased base accuracy while hipfiring, but with a serious decline in minmum damage and damage falloff. All this while keeping the regular RFP intact.
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