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  1. you Insult removed. - Azukii are the reason, the game is in this situation.
  2. yup i'm a master of trash talking a lil bit of cism
  3. Just remove bronze, and leave "T trainee" and then Silver Gold . period. New players wil play only with new players lets say till level 30 Silver and gold can't join them.
  4. Nothing you can do>> to other games too... you know.
  5. the only ban i will get is because i rage in chat Fuqkers runs with medusa and not even aiming and lands all hits on me. and im not even that bad... geez such times comes
  6. EMilika

    Ran out of memory!

    it just works.
  7. i do, 150+ terrible... its like lag virtual lag, a delay. ugh
  8. hahaha working on hoodie for hours how much do you get paid ?
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