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  1. I'm more worried that you really want to debate with trolls. I see no benefits doing this.
  2. Well if he cheats again , he will get banned again. And they are so stupid they will.
  3. Making poll is cool and that's it. All we can do is wait. pss poll will show how actually small people uses forum. and shouldn't have voice over everyone else.
  4. i god casino gold skin cash, and i got flare gun from like 4 boxes only. idk
  5. all what they wanted is clear name, aka no "fake bans" so that's it.
  6. Well theoretically: i was silver when joined bronze server and now after 1 win i'm gold, so you need to try harder to win me as being bronze newb, not even fully knowing the game??!? So that i'm silver again in bronze server lul flawless logic. LOL WHAT?
  7. For month :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD is this guy for real. so it takes 2 years to develop this? and then more 2 to complete games. I know these kind games what get over hyped by people Like "Rust" who will be in developing for ever.
  8. Thanks will try to play with your guide.
  9. because is in development? uhuh? it have diseases and it haves fewer and sickness and infections?
  10. Yes from start wit the same old trolls, and toxic people along.
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