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  1. Just remove bronze, and leave "T trainee" and then Silver Gold . period. New players wil play only with new players lets say till level 30 Silver and gold can't join them.
  2. Nothing you can do>> to other games too... you know.
  3. the only ban i will get is because i rage in chat Fuqkers runs with medusa and not even aiming and lands all hits on me. and im not even that bad... geez such times comes
  4. i do, 150+ terrible... its like lag virtual lag, a delay. ugh
  5. hahaha working on hoodie for hours how much do you get paid ?
  6. crying for a hoodie how big of a snowflake you need to be omg really? is this how we die?
  7. are you sure? i as criminal always spawn 150 or more from the item or whatever when i see enfos spawn next to it. literally.
  8. i don't think /report works anyway so better afk xD
  9. EMilika


    There literally 10's russian account streamers who cheats and play apb too. dense
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