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  1. Just remove bronze, and leave "T trainee" and then Silver Gold . period. New players wil play only with new players lets say till level 30 Silver and gold can't join them.
  2. Nothing you can do>> to other games too... you know.
  3. the only ban i will get is because i rage in chat Fuqkers runs with medusa and not even aiming and lands all hits on me. and im not even that bad... geez such times comes
  4. i do, 150+ terrible... its like lag virtual lag, a delay. ugh
  5. hahaha working on hoodie for hours how much do you get paid ?
  6. crying for a hoodie how big of a snowflake you need to be omg really? is this how we die?
  7. are you sure? i as criminal always spawn 150 or more from the item or whatever when i see enfos spawn next to it. literally.
  8. i don't think /report works anyway so better afk xD
  9. EMilika


    There literally 10's russian account streamers who cheats and play apb too. dense
  10. trust me they turn 180 degrees and not miss one shot with .45, cheaters are wild right now. Removed inappropriate language. - Azukii
  11. the issue is IF THEY LOG anyone at all.
  12. O i see MATT YOU NIID TO UPEN JOKUR BUXEZ!!11 ever1 is waiting
  13. Does any know the "Easy anticheat" any good? ive seen many use it here and there
  14. how come? im runing 130-140+ fps via R9 290 vapor x???
  15. TO be honest i see less cheaters in cs:go and thats fucking cringe
  16. True more and more cheats /w them saying that, and theyre admiting it and still playing till this day. If you report some one and that "person" aka trash who is cheating don't get theyre chat logs checked then this game is doomed.
  17. finally some voice in the crowd of arses.
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