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  1. TO be honest i see less cheaters in cs:go and thats fucking cringe
  2. True more and more cheats /w them saying that, and theyre admiting it and still playing till this day. If you report some one and that "person" aka trash who is cheating don't get theyre chat logs checked then this game is doomed.
  3. finally some voice in the crowd of arses.
  4. uselles post.... because everyone wants, guns that theyre playing with buffed. pss. if you want FBW nerf then delete yukon. and for fuck sake fix .45 being the top dog
  5. the sades part is "yukon" is worse than "Jersey devil" {_._} oh the glorious balance
  6. How many cheaters? too many if you ask me.
  7. i might buy some more today.
  8. Yeah all those who cry that they ware false banned because they ware closets! One day cheat other day not. and so on..
  9. yes it does! cheaters get banned. simple as that. RIGHT
  10. hey im here from 2010 and not baned? just fix my broken nerfed to ground yukon and were ok Besides what hacker plays on fx-8350 processor
  11. idk man you sound like one of those closets cheaters.
  12. Omg no way how do you know? are you the user?
  13. true.. cracked cheats makes them publick
  14. just google apb cheats. and inspect them and block theyrs files or script .... devs come on.
  15. Trash balance guns Broken yukon and all guns are sheit
  16. yeah theyre active as newer even in back old times they ware smaller "less of them"
  17. you can't make brick into gem. just use osmaw.
  18. actually if you miss a shot or two youre ok because it need 5 to kill. wut?
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