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  1. Another weekend another shitpost from you. Still can't log in ! ooh 30 mins ok.... didn't see
  2. Yea CItadel have same problem i kinda wooried
  3. Pretty sure those would be the players who ware tagged?
  4. °Complain when there is no communication, complain when there is. Just shows that LO shouldn't listen to this forum.
  5. No point to argue with deatheting mongrels. Wants that game dont die > still farms newbs and abuses everything they can. I've never seen sucha a pathetic deatreaters. I guess i will need make new acc and record some videos on bronze districts.
  6. In the name of all the trolls in this forum who doesn't like any changes or updates especially Na scrubs. Thank you for this. will be fun fun :3
  7. Again you elitist snobs in dead NA , try to dictate how we all need to play.
  8. And you all people try to dictace the game for rest off us who still have quite full servers.
  9. Girls between boyfriend and money choose money. wink.
  10. Thats why i said, LittleOrbit needs not listen to NA trolls but listen to whole, Aka ingame polls.
  11. What weapons are you using because ntec,obeya doesn't seem to be all that affected by this "fix" it's mostly with quik scope weapons lol. Hmm mainly PSR,Oscar,Huntress,and strife,Cr5,PMG depends on the sittuation. All i managed to see that ACT44 does now 30"0 dmg per shot can some one confirm?
  12. I would suggest 5g. but oh well just europe things.
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