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  1. To be honest I only came to that conclusion from the screenshots you posted. And that would be the most advantageous aspect of playing the way they do, with those settings (RE: Your screenshots). But again, they would need to make their player textures settings to 1024 or higher, to pop out from the other washed-out textures, and from your screenshots i don't see that being the case. But yes, it's very possible to do that and gain a very slight advantage, I personally wouldn't sacrifice everything this game has to offer in terms of design and eye-candy just for something as inept as that though. And no problem. Sorry for slightly derailing the thread a few posts prior, the guy randomly accused me of lying out of nowhere, so i was responding. But as per your request i won't respond to him anymore.
  2. The only advantage is the one they think they're getting (which they're really not) in their head. Nothing more than a mental placebo. People playing CS:GO at 4:3 ratio on 600x800 resolution think they're getting an advantage because some pro from Ninjas in Pyjamas plays at that resolution. The more optimal advantage i could think they are getting, is the idea that having a completely plain and washed out game lets them spot enemies easier - only if they increase players textures to 1024 or higher, and have everything else at minimum. But again; it doesn't magically give them any skill they didn't already have. No silver is suddenly going to get to gold because of this "advantage". Just because people do it, doesn't make it "clear" that it's an advantage. It makes it clear people are gullible and susceptible to stupidity. This is almost as stupid as the people who try to use the same aim-sensitivity in CS:GO as pro's do - and they genuinely believe it's giving them an advantage because it's the same sensitivity and DPI that a pro uses - and that mental belief that they're now better because they're using a pro's crosshair and aim-sensitivity subconsciously makes them play better. It's nothing more than mental placebo. A gimmick at best. Maybe because it's not an insult? I'm not trying to insult you. Spin the conversation however you want; you accused me of lying because "X" and "Y" when i gain absolutely nothing from lying - so why would i bother? You're the one who needs to get his shit together if you think people are lying based solely on the fact that their information does not match yours. I'm not here promoting Advanced Launcher, i don't get anything from it aside from a better looking game and better performance - and i decided to post a testimony. This will be my last reply to you because the OP has requested it. Don't come into threads derailing and accusing people of shit that you have no backing for.
  3. Lmao "i think you're lying" - and what exactly do i gain from lying? Like WTF kind of mind-set do you brainwash yourself with before typing shit like that? "Omg you have a better PC than me and i run the game better than you, so you are lying" No fuzzy bunny. There's people with 1080ti's who have problems with other games all the time while cards crappier than theirs, in the 600 series, play the game without any issues. Every single PC reacts to games differently. It's that simple. I never got above 22 fps driving in financial with all advanced settings off, everything on low, at 1080p. Believe it or don't. I really could not give less of a shit of what you think. You're the one missing the point. I told you; it's people who are desperate for fps gains, even people with good PC's struggle with this game because it's UNOPTIMISED. Do you know what means? And those with good PC's who don't struggle with this game i also told you; it's a gimmick. Do you also know what that means?
  4. Desperate times call for desperate measures. When you're playing on a toaster you must do what you can. I remember first playing APB in 2010 on a laptop with integrated graphics, and i played it because it was free and my parents wouldn't buy me any games if i ever asked. If advanced launcher had existed back then, i might have been playing above 15 fps. And then there's those who do it for the gimmick. Didn't you ever see that mod that was made for Witcher 3 for people who really wanted to play the game but had toasters for PC's? Check this out; Don't underestimate the power of will lmao
  5. They do it because without the advanced launcher they get really low fps. And with the advanced launcher they either can't be bothered to figure out how to configure it to get good quality textures/lighting with good fps at the same time, they don't know how, or they run APB on a PC so bad they really need to turn everything to minimal. Advanced launcher comes with presets, and 99% of people use the presets rather than their own custom settings because a lot of settings are technical and detailed, and they probably dont wanna bother reading them. Can't blame them, i couldn't be bothered at the beginning either and used the minimal preset. And as i wrote above; the resolution change is for for people who have a PC so crap - mixed with the fact that this game is poory optimised - that they really can't play at native resolution, Those who lower their resolution with the purpose of having some kind of "advantage", i have bad news for them; it's a gimmick. No resolution will give you an edge if you're not already highly skilled, and i'm pretty sure it's a mental placebo. Just like the people who lower their resolution in CS:GO and change their ratio to 4:3. There's those who do it for the fps gain, and those who do it because they saw some ex-pro doing it on Twitch/Youtube.
  6. Advanced Launcher allows you to make the game look great with actually good fps. If you need help with setting certain things to make the game look great and run great, I can help you out with what to use, what sliders to set, etc. On Vanilla with everything off and set to the lowest settings, at 1920x1080, I was getting 20-22 fps. Game looked like shit and ran even worse than it looked. With Advanced Launcher using my own custom settings, a LOT of stuff are off and set to minimum whilst things such as player textures, world textures, vehicle textures, weapon textures are all maxed out, and I'm getting 100+ fps usually, never dipping below 60 fps on intense scenes. I really didn't think the Advanced Launcher would change APB much in terms of performance without making the game look like potato, but this game is so poorly optimised i decided to try it out and it's beyond amazing. I have no idea how it manages to do it, what it turns off to make the game jump from 20 fps to 100+ fps, while looking better than Vanilla. But it does it. And I don't have a state of the art PC either; I'm running a GTX 670, i5-4460, 8GB RAM. So mid-range let's say. And getting 100+ fps (60+ MINIMUM) on an extremely unoptimised game while making it look great. In fact, have a look for yourself and tell me what you think: The game looks better than in the screenshots as you can imagine, since the screenshots by shadowplay get compressed and get artificial loss, which you can see by the pixelation of the /FPS window on the right side of the screen; it's obviously nowhere near that blurry / pixelated, so it looks better but still decent in the screenshots i'd say, by my standards, taking into consideration it's a 8 year-old game, from 2010/2011. Regarding resolutions, I want my game to look good and feel good, personally I don't care about some dodgy and questionable "advantage", no resolution will give you magical skill, you either have it or you don't. That's how i see it. And at 1080p the game looks great. BTW: Please, if someone actually knows the forum name/profile on this new forum of the guy who made it, @ him for me, so I can personally thank him. I don't know how to find peoples profiles on this new forum! Thanks
  7. ShadowXS

    Advanced Launcher

    Roger that. Thanks for the reply!
  8. As of today, 19th of June 2018, is the Advanced Launcher supported? I know there have been threads asking about this in the past but I wanted to make sure it is still supported to this day, as I just got unbanned and the last thing I want to do is get myself banned on the same day by making a stupid mistake based on old information. Thanks!
  9. ShadowXS

    Second Wave of Unbans has gone out!

    Damn, sorry again man. Best thing you can do at this point is reply to the ticket, regarding the questions Selali sent out, and wait. I know, it sucks, I've been there after the 1st unban wave, but when you get your account back it'll be worth it. Good luck again, hope it doesn't take too long!
  10. ShadowXS

    Second Wave of Unbans has gone out!

    Reply to the ticket! :P
  11. ShadowXS

    Second Wave of Unbans has gone out!

    Good to hear. I got that too but since I am unbanned already I won't respond and i'll leave it as Solved. My profile shows account status as 'Blocked' but im able to log in using the client and I'm currently in-game. If you haven't tried that already, i would advise checking! Good luck with everything.
  12. ShadowXS

    Second Wave of Unbans has gone out!

    Well it was worth a shot, sorry to hear that. I just thought I'd share since i was here saying "I'm still banned" because i was going by the status on my profile, which is still 'Blocked' even though I'm unbanned in-game. From my understanding of Selali's response to me, some accounts were hit by an incorrect filter and he is going to rerun the unban to hit people who were banned for a specific reason, in the same category as me. So i would say sit tight and be patient, he is currently hard at work on it.
  13. ShadowXS

    Second Wave of Unbans has gone out!

    So i just tried to log in and it turns out that I am UNBANNED! Although when i log into my account on the G1 website, the status is still marked as 'Blocked' but despite that i am currently UNBANNED. Guys, please, if you're only checking your account status please attempt to log into the game and check your accounts. You may be unbanned in-game and still be marked as 'Blocked' on the website. I can not believe that I am finally able to see my old character and play APB once again. Just checked my total playtime and it's 981 hours. And that was from 2011 when i started playing until around 2013 when I got banned. I can't begin to imagine how many hours I would have if i hadn't been banned all these years (5 or so). Lastly, i think i was hacked and that's why i was banned. I had my main character still there, but renamed, and there was an alt-character with a racist name. I have gone ahead and deleted that 2nd character with the racist name which I DID NOT CREATE, EVER. I only ever played one character, my main. So i can now assume that is the reason for my ban? Who knows.
  14. ShadowXS

    Second Wave of Unbans has gone out!

    The people still banned were banned for "other", from what I have just recently found out - in my case the auto-replies i used to get from Tiggs & Co was "inappropriate behaviour" which god-knows what the hell that even means - i always assumed it was a false ban for "cheating". And since Tiggs had my tickets on auto-close with auto-reply saying the same shit on repeat, basically getting a response from a bot, and any threads i made on the old forums being instantly deleted, i was never told the reason for my ban and to this day don't know why. So from what I understand; all accounts currently banned were banned for "other" which ranges, i assume, from GM abuse banning people they disliked, all the way to credit card fraud. Then again i don't even know since i don't know why i was banned or what the hell "inappropriate behaviour" was referring to. EDIT: Nevermind, I just got your DM @Selali - thank you so much for the response, i truly appreciate it more than you could ever imagine, knowing that my email isn't infact blacklisted and that I am finally able to contact support! Thank you again, i am really so relieved right now.
  15. ShadowXS

    Second Wave of Unbans has gone out!

    I'm so tired of this shit at this point lol Imagine thinking you were falsely banned for cheating for the last 5 years, and anytime you tried to appeal your ban you got an auto-reply and instantly got the ticket closed. Then a new company takes over APB, unbans everyone who was banned for cheating, false and legit, and you're still banned. I am in such shock right now to be honest. I don't even know what i was banned for, or why. In the 11 days since i've created my ticket i haven't gotten any response, not even a copy/paste or auto reply, so at this point i don't know what else to think except that I'm blacklisted and can't even get in contact with support - maybe my email is going straight to the junk/trash automatically, not even manually. All i know is i am exhausted from trying to get my account unbanned and may just give up, as i did 5 years ago when my account was initially banned. I'm tired.