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  1. ShadowXS

    Dear Little Orbit

    I definitely enjoy debating on topics that interest me, especially since I know I'm not always right about something so i enjoy getting contrary opinions and backing up my own to get a better understanding of a topic, learning something new or getting a new perspective from which to look at certain things. I normally don't post on these APB forums though because it's shit-post city, and I'm not particularly passionate about APB itself, but i see every mistake in the book being made and I'm just left there wanting to scream down LO's throats with solutions to more than half of their problems, which have already been suggested here on the forums before, but ignored. I've been tempted many times to jump into threads but I've managed to remain a lurker for a while. I don't know, something about reading the title of a Staff thread; "Premium changes!", going into said thread, and finding out that the only change being made was a more efficient way for LO to make money off of a cow that's already bleeding and dried out, rubbed me the wrong way. I then read every subsequent post and about 90% of the responses are people sharing their disappointment that it's not what they requested as a change, which was to reduce the cooldown of utility items for non-premium members, or vice versa; increase the cooldown for premium members to be the same as that of free members, as it's actually a p2w feature by definition. And the only responses in that thread that were addressed by Lixil were the ones asking for things that would tempt them to buy premium, such as pause their premium time or helping someone understand how the new subscription system works. Completely ignored anyone suggesting the p2w cooldown feature, though. Not even acknowledge and respond with "I'll ask about it" or "We can't make that change because blah blah". Just ignored, like every other suggestion I've seen on this forum that has a very valid backing and ground beneath it, such as, once again, 2-factor authentication. So here i am, debating at 7am before having to leave the house. I'm bored now anyway, so this'll be my last response on these forums. I gave my 2 cents and then some, it'll go ignored by LO, and then hey, see you next quarter and we'll see where we are at then. Will absolutely love to talk to you again then and see who can say "told you so" to the other person. I hope it'll be you, cause i do enjoy some APB from time to time. /rant
  2. ShadowXS

    Dear Little Orbit

    Yet another useless post by Xcillent. I see your other post didn't get any attention so you switched up your approach. I can tell you're ready to shit post when you quote me on something I've never said, such as "fix your shitty game". So I'm going to go ahead and ignore all your posts. Thanks for your wonderful input however, misquoting me. You definitely got me there. Anyone can see player numbers in-game and on steam charts. And anyone with an IQ above 30 can comprehend that in the gaming business; player numbers translate to money, offline, online, mmo, rpg, whatever. A game depends on players to translate into money. You don't need to work for LO to have a functioning brain.
  3. ShadowXS

    Dear Little Orbit

    Fair enough, i apologise then. I am used to having LO banana-riders responding as soon as anyone takes an objective and un-biased look at what exactly they are doing, so I do apologise in that regard. Perhaps I am exaggerating, who knows, but I am seeing a trend in online-based games lately, shutting down due to a lack of player activity because the company managing said games are stubborn and don't take player suggestions or input on-board. Wildstar being the latest example. They released as a subscription-only game despite being told they would fail if they didn't go F2P. Six months later they were forced to go F2P due to a staggeringly low number of subscribers. The game got hyped up for a while, another 6 months later they were struggling to retain players. The remaining players later suggested easing the difficulty of the games PvE content to be more attractive to casual players, to boost the population for those who aren't as hardcore, the refused once again, a few months later they reduced the difficulty of all PvE based content, but by then it was too late. Now they're shutting down permanently. And i see the same course for APB. Not taking on-board your player bases suggestions, especially highly requested and valid ones (i'm not talking about being a slave to your player-base, but actually beneficial and valid input being ignored, is insulting), is the worst thing you can do for a game that isn't mainstream popular. People will move on to another game, it's a saturated market and there isn't anything that doesn't already exist. They need to understand that the player is king, and if the community are making reasonable requests, it is in their favour to acknowledge those requests at the very least. The entire suggestions section is where threads go to be ignored and die. The worst part of the entire forum. I don't even bother making suggestions there because it's a dead zone. Once again however, i apologise. I do think perhaps i misconstrued some of your points, and i also apologise for calling you an LO white knight.
  4. ShadowXS

    Dear Little Orbit

    Firstly, i appreciate that you're applying logic to your point, so i completely understand what you're saying. And i appreciate that you understand what I'm saying but then here's the issue; what use is there in having 5 people, let's say, to manage the ticket system when the game is shutting down due to a lack of players to fund the game? Now the developers lose their jobs, the web dev team lose their jobs, the other customer support assistants lose their jobs - all because they weren't willing to sacrifice their less-needed personnel for what is vitally needed NOW. Wasting resources into researching and implementing other payment methods and subscription services that no one requested. Why? That team, whoever wasted their time on that, are better off taking a read on the forums and writing down valid suggestions for other teams to work on, something ANYONE is capable of doing, no field experience needed. There are hundreds of threads full of valid suggestions that they could begin to research. Take our community manager for example. She is useless, sorry to say it, but it has to be said. It's harsh but only if you look at it on a personal level. On a professional level, as far as i'm aware, she hasn't pushed for any of our many valid suggestions - in fact, no one who works directly with forum interaction acknowledges 90% of suggestions made. One of the main reasons for this games demise and declining player base is because of a lack of community interaction or implementation/acknowledgement of valid suggestions being made. The player feel ignored, they feel like this is the same as old-G1, 4 months post-acquisition and nothing has changed other than a Trade System implementation. (Refer to this post for everything LO has "worked" on that has yet to come to fruition: https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/6110-dear-little-orbit/?do=findComment&comment=73930) Everyone got excited when LO took the reigns for APB, but the hype has died down because nothing has actually been done if you really think about it. At this point it's all promises and unfinished work, so i find it an absolute joke that their "Premium" changes don't include adjusting the Pay-To-Win aspect of Premium such as the cooldowns on utility items being shorter for Premium Users, which is actually a P2W feature, but instead the "changes" focus on introducing an auto-subscription system - something that no one asked for nor needed. Go check the thread in question, everyone in the comments is requesting the utility cooldown change. It will get 0 acknowledgement from our Community Manager, zero. You know what will get attention though? Anything that's related to tempting players to purchase premium, despite there being less and less people playing everyday, this less and less people to even buy premium to begin with. I use 2-factor authentication as a prime example because it is a perfect example of something that has been requested countless times by a good amount of the community, a feature that benefits everyone involved, safeguarding their own player-base's accounts with a secondary authentication process. A feature that, as stated earlier, 15 year old kids, complete amateurs, who run their own Private World of Warcraft servers, have implemented into their websites and in-game launchers. Yet 4 months post-acquisition and we are yet to see any progress on it. They are working backwards, and at this rate, looking at the numbers, this game is going to the shitter. Were the player-base a stock, everyone would have already sold by now.
  5. ShadowXS

    Dear Little Orbit

    Looking at the numbers isn't an opinion. You are literally in denial. I am telling you the player base numbers are at an all-time-low, players translate to money in a game-based business, and it's on a quick decline because the community are tired of nothing changing and their valid suggestions being ignored, and instead having resources working on things that were never needed nor requested, and sometimes go as far as breaking the game further. So, if the player numbers are down, and declining at an alarming rate, you can be sure that their player-funding is also going to increasingly drop. So why waste their resources on acquiring other methods of obtaining money from players, when there are no players to obtain money from. How about creating methods of retaining players and bringing them back first. As i said, they are working backwards. And companies that do things backwards; money first, product later - tend to end up turning into unfinished projects, un-achievable promises, and scams. So your typical Early Access or GoFundMe project. Insulting me won't change anything. Because unfortunately, the numbers are declining at an alarming rate. Player base is at an all-time-low, declining rapidly, and they need to make drastic changes. If someone's effectiveness and utilisation in the company is minimal, then they need to be replaced with someone who can do the "big" things, to provide a future platform for the "small" things. I would appreciate if you read my response to the other guy in this same post. It explains why working backwards makes no sense. They are implementing features that are of no use at this point. And in wasting resources they are funding someone to do peanuts when they could be transferring that salary to someone who could be of more use to the company, now that they need it the most.
  6. ShadowXS

    Dear Little Orbit

    You're standing on a platform as thin as your ability to hide that you're not an LO white knight. I am hitting you with a reality that you're not willing to accept, that a lack of re-branding, re-marketing, and re-managing of resources - essentially giving this game the attention, revamp, and community-catered care that it needs, is going to result in the prompt death of this game. You can counter-claim that my claims are false, go on, be the hero Lixil needs, my guy, but just remember March 2019. When the new quarter comes around, and the game drops off for good, i guess then we'll know who was exaggerating. Furthermore, you can counter-claim all you want, but the numbers don't lie. Any game-based business understands that people translates to money. And this game is going down faster than it'll ever get back up. And that's fact whether you want to deny it or not. EDIT (in addition..): The need to focus on getting and retaining the players before expecting the money to come in. So why invest resources into methods of getting money when there's no players to get the money from. They are doing everything backwards. And companies that do things backwards; money first, product later - tend to end up turning into unfinished projects, un-achievable promises, and scams. So your typical Early Access or GoFundMe project.
  7. ShadowXS

    Dear Little Orbit

    An already bypassable anti-cheat. An anti-cheat method that isn't even implemented in the game because they have not yet tweaked anything. The game runs like crap, lags EVERY DAY without fail, they can tweak all they want, but it hasn't fixed anything, we're just lucky that the DDOS'r got bored, due to the lack of players to bother. As i said, they can "tweak" all they want, still broken, worse than before. I also note how you HAVE to use the word tweak instead of fix, because even you are aware it's not fixed. Nothing is. Wow, they managed to give you an ignore list extender, a feature that already existed in the game, but for free this time. Just wow. It's almost like they are on course to give you a friends list extender too. Pointless. Adds no value to the game. Aka a marketing plea to get some quick money. A discount on turd, is still too expensive. And a wasted investment when i won't be able to access my purchased digital content in a few months from now when the game gets shut down. Same as above. RE: 2-factor authentication Right, that's why 15 year old kids who manage Private World of Warcraft servers with a higher population than this game can implement 2-factor authentication with Google both on their website and in-game, but LO can't, 4 months after acquisition and countless requests/suggestion posts later. But they have the time to implement and contract a third-party company to process your transactions for money, for their in-game currency.
  8. ShadowXS

    Dear Little Orbit

    Not many people are currently buying premium for the sole fact that it's not a worthy investment for them with a game as volatile as this. Changing the pricing slightly and offering long-term subscriptions is not going to change that. They came into this game with a pot, an investment if you will, money to be able to fund the servers, game, staff for X amount of time. They don't need premium to survive and it's an insult to expect to get funds from players whilst offering nothing to them in return other than promises and "future plans". Does not matter how ambitious you are. This is the reason Early Access and GoFundMe projects are full of scammers, and they get away with it. People buy a product before the product is even made, then the developers take that money and decide that, actually, it's cheaper to do X and Y, rather than Z, so they can pocket more money for themselves rather than invest it into the production and creation of their product. This happens everyday and people still buy into Early Access and GoFundMe's like morons. If they want us to help fund them, then they should start listening to us and implement suggestions that we are requesting, valid suggestions. To quote my own post; It's so easy to implement 2-factor authentication that even Private World of Warcraft servers that are ran by children can implement it. It has been requested COUNTLESS times on the forums. All requests and suggestions for a 2-factor authentication system have gone ignored and it has yet to be implemented. I would agree that i am over-reacting, were it not for the fact that numbers speak the loudest of all, and the numbers - i can assure you - are at an all-time-low, because resources are being mis-managed and things that are not needed nor requested are being worked on.
  9. ShadowXS

    Dear Little Orbit

    Productive response. This is what is left of the APB community now, congratulations LO.
  10. Literally no one asked for this... I feel like LO ignore everything the "community" wants and suggests for this game, well, whatever is left of it now anyway - and introduces features that were never asked for. I actually don't think this was ever suggested EVEN ONCE by ANYONE, because no one is that stupid nor lazy to need this type of service for a game with a population this low. And yeah, it bugs me that this game is dying at a faster rate than when under the tyranny of old-G1, and despite the entire thread being full of community feedback on what they think premium should be for, and what it SHOULDN'T be for (Pay-To-Winability for example), nothing will be done about it. But then instead you waste resources and time researching how to contract subscription services from third-parties for an in-game premium service, something absolutely no one requested, instead of focusing on what we actually want. How about you actually give suggestions a look, thinking that by ignoring them they will go away. What will, and is, going away, is the players who are tired of being ignored. The time spent researching and implementing some crap third-party subscription service that no one will use, you could have instead spent LO's resources researching and implementing a 2-factor authentication system with Google to better safeguard the accounts of your GOD DAMN PLAYER BASE. For goodness sake, every SINGLE private World of Warcraft server that i have ever played on, HAS A 2-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION SYSTEM IN PLACE WITH GOOGLE on both their website and in-game. A bunch of 15 year old amateurs in their moms basements can do it (actually accurate description of WoW Private Server devs/admins), but you're here busy trying to milk an already dried-out cow instead. "Tired of manually re-upping every month by hand?" Said no one, ever. EDIT: And the worst part, after reading back through my post, is i see that i come off as aggressive in my post, when i am not even angry. I am just, simply put; disappointed, as is the majority of this community. The game is dying, it is clear as day that there is a major decline, decreasing every week. You're on path of declining below the numbers old-G1 was averaging in terms of player-base and everyone already knows what a shit-show old-G1 was. And it's all because you are ignoring your player base. If this was something you did in your free time, then whatever, thanks i guess, but this is legit what LO does during their paid work hours. This is how they are managing their resources. I just can't comprehend the logic and it frustrates me, because I see obvious avenues through which you could fix issues that have lingered around since as early as 2011, the methods you can implement to bring back players, to give them a reason to return, and instead you're doing the opposite. You bring out this subscription-service as if you think people aren't buying premium because they're tired of having to rebuy it every month, yes.. having to click about 5 things to get premium is so daunting, that must surely be the reason why people aren't buying premium anymore - or you know, because they can see this game being shut down by March 2019 due to having 50 players during peak hours, and having wasted their money into something they can no longer access - a wasted investment. At this point, after old-G1, everyone can see through it. Fix your damn product before expecting people to be attracted by business schemes aimed at making you money. Invest your resources into re-branding and marketing your product for when the new engine update releases. It's that simple. You know how many games simply re-brand themselves under a new name and re-market with trailers, referral-link reward systems, and so forth? And when i say invest your resources into X instead of Y, i'm not saying put people who only know how to do Y job into X job. Obviously that's not going to work. I'm saying personnel working on job Y are clearly a waste of your resources, bin it, bin them, and hire someone to work on X. And don't tell me that's harsh when you're willing to milk this player base and treat it like it's a business rather than a community, making decision based solely on monetary gain rather than the betterment of the game - so don't even try to come at me with "how dare you suggest LO fire someone". They want to treat this like a business so they can survive having to shut down by March 2019, by treating us like clients, then it's time they start treating their own personnel like a business rather than friends. Hire someone who is competent in understanding the communities suggestions, valid ones, and being able to research and implement them. Because everything you have done with this game aside from the Trade System has been utterly useless, a complete waste of your resources, and has not been requested by ANYONE. Transfer the salary across, and boom. Resources re-managed. And get a god damn marketing adviser, since you clearly don't want to listen to your community who are giving you the suggestion to re-brand yourselves away from Gamersfirst, a name that is looked upon negatively by anyone who has ever played this game, re-brand APB into something more attractive to consumers, easier to comprehend off-the-bat, when you launch the new Engine, and re-market the game - Youtube is literally a free platform for marketing, you have a player base willing to make you the content for free, edit your videos for free, upload them on your behalf upon your approval, for free, and you do not take advantage of that. Why? Because if you think the release of the engine upgrade is what is going to save this sinking ship... then i have really bad news for you. Week 1 you'll hit an all-time high since taking over from old-G1 because everyone will want to check out the new engine upgrade, week 2 you'll be at an all time low once the Christmas period is over because people will realise that nothing has actually changed other than some lighting effects, time to go back to school/college/work - and no one is going to waste their free time playing this game after having waited 6+ months for nothing to have changed other than some brighter lampposts and an increase of about 4 FPS. And then you'll be right on course to shut down your servers by March 2019. Keep ignoring us
  11. ShadowXS

    Premium changes!

  12. It's literally in the name of the type of weapon that it is; Legendary. The word is self-explanatory. They're meant to be rare, scarce, and not many people should own them - plus having the ability to trade them for in-game currency gives them that extra value of being worth something long after spending G1C to get it - making it more than just a purchase, but rather an investment that you can later cash out on. I'm even going to go as far as to say getting Legendary weapons from JMB's should have a lower drop percentage than they currently do, based solely on how diluted the marketplace is with just about every single JMB Legendary. What's the point of having the JMB system exist at all if you're just going to guarantee get a drop when you spend X amount of money? May as well make the Legendary weapons from JMB's be direct purchases, like everything else on the ARMAS market. Furthermore JMB's are a form of gambling, fact, and thus there should NEVER be a fixed amount of purchases that guarantee a drop other than RNG. A probability isn't always a certainty, and a 1% drop chance should never guarantee you a Legendary if you purchase 100 boxes - not just because that's how the law of total probability and gambling works, but because you're a big enough nonce to drop 9,900 G1C on 100 boxes for a reskin of a weapon you could grab off the marketplace for the price of 6 hours of in-game mission farming. And let's not even delve too deep into the fact that most Legendary weapons are reskins, and that's why they ought to be as rare as their title indicates. You should see a Legendary and go; "wow, that guy has X Legendary, such a cool reskin of the Y weapon, LOOKS amazing". Because that's what most Legendary weapons are. Reskins. And those 3-4 Legendary weapons that are NOT reskins can be purchased with in-game currency which you can earn within a few days of mission farming. The purpose of JMB's is to gamble, get lucky in 3-4 boxes, spend 9,900 on 100 boxes to try and outplay the law of probability, or lose all your G1C trying - don't buy them if you can't handle the concept.
  13. Questions don't correlate with the answers provided, in your poll. "Do you think you're smart, or are you really just stupid?" Yes # No # Also, all these posts wanting changes are ResidentSleeper af, how about let's focus on things that are actually broken such as the network infrastructure issues, the terrible balance changes, improve optimisation of the game on modern hardware without needing to use external programs to achieve below-average framerate for a below-average looking game, etc. Furthermore, the last time this community voted on their preferences for changes to be made to this game, it threw the game even deeper into the shitter, and is borderline killing off the remaining population of the game right now. So whatever your question is, add an optional response to be "stop making useless suggestions, and let LO focus on making changes that are actually gamebreaking".
  14. Mood. (This is satirical. While i think the current shotgun meta is boring and requires no skill whatsoever, as well as the issues surrounding server stability to still be present in the game to be irritating, i just find the overall context of the video, in correlation to the changes made recently by LO to the game, to be fitting of this clip, and overall funny. I love you really LO. Thanks for picking up the game and doing your best to keep it alive, truly appreciate the effort and hard work <3)