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  1. ShadowXS

    IR3's funeral.

    Here we see a shotgun spammer in their natural habitat! That's the same type of person to call anyone they die against, a hacker. Why do they all have the same toxic personality traits? Willing to bet my life Lato has either already created a "BATTLEYE IS USELESS, LO DO NOTHING ABOUT HACKER EPIDEMIC!", is planning to, or will create one in the near future. The cycle is never wrong.
  2. ShadowXS

    Support Team?

    Nothing better to do?
  3. ShadowXS


    idk maybe you should spam me a few more xDDDDDD Say no more, i got you fam When my cooldown resets
  4. ShadowXS


    Wonder what your dislike count is at...
  5. ShadowXS

    Jericho - 7/19 Thurs 5:20am - District connect down

    Indeed they are, unfortunately.
  6. ShadowXS

    Jericho - 7/19 Thurs 5:20am - District connect down

    There's no such thing as a login server for jericho. There's a login server, and then there's jericho on a different server. Everyone is having issues logging in, since the login server is down. Not just jericho.
  7. ShadowXS

    Sorry guys

    That's a yikes from me.
  8. Well, that didn't last long now did it.
  9. ShadowXS

    Jericho - 7/19 Thurs 5:20am - District connect down

    Ah, good to know I'm not alone.
  11. Are you really surprised nothing has been fixed since 2013? I started playing in 2011, stopped playing in 2013. I come back 5+ years later AND; 1. Jericho V20 + Bishada Rapier still have a vehicle-model bug where the wheels are springs. Your Jericho/Bishada wheels get touched by ANYTHING, such as another car, enemy, griefer, a wall even... and bam, flippity flop you go. 2. Scoreboard bug. Been back for about 2 weeks now and on about 20% total of all the games I have played, my scoreboard has been bugged. The mission doesn't clear the enemies/team-mates from the previous mission, so now - in my new mission - I have the enemies/team-mates from the previous mission AND the enemies/team-mates from the current mission all on one scoreboard at one time, unable to keep track of anything, whilst names are teleporting up and down as score/kills/deaths/stats change. Huge inconvenience to keep track of the weapons enemies are using. These are 2 huge bugs, in my opinion, that I specifically remember reporting on in 2012 and yet now, 6+ years AFTER reporting them, they still exist. Honestly, i'm sure I could make this list way longer, but at this moment in time those are the 2 bugs that came to mind right now, that are important, and 2 of which i know for a fact have existed since 2012 as i reported them myself, and have yet to be fixed. G1/Reloaded Productions should be absolute embarrassed by their work ethic, or lack thereof. Bugs from over 6 years ago and they've made no attempt to fix them. But hey, Joker Box 147 is out. Get it while the weapon is still OP. The nerf comes next month when they need to release Joker Box 148, and in order to make it sell they need to nerf the old one and make this one OP.