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  1. Now I know you're reading this title and probably thinking: "What?! APB: Reloaded is trash! How can you say it's good?!" to which my reply is: "Then why are you wasting your time on the forums?" Since we've gotten that bit out of the way, allow me to begin. APB: Reloaded is an interesting game as, despite the numerous ups and downs that it's held, it always seems to have a certain amount of concurrent players within its servers that populate the world of San Paro and breathe life into it. Sure, the game is not done — the number one issue I hear people say about the game, regular player or visiting curious person, is that the game feels unpolished and unfinished. If you ask a veteran player, they will be likely talking about the engine update and how long we've waited for it. The game is riddled with bugs and issues that affect gameplay in a wide range from semi-annoying to downright breaking the missions. So why do we still play? Is it the community? Is it the customization being near limitless? Is it the interactions? I think it's all of these things in a weird mix. I've been playing APB: Reloaded for years off and on now, but only recently have I gotten back into it for regular playtime. I may not be a total veteran, but I would like to think I know enough about the game to write this article. The community might be toxic at times (what online community isn't), but you genuinely admire some people and genuinely despise others. It's that emotional connection that you make with the players that makes the game, because APB: Reloaded is our own insane slice of refuge that we all go to to game, and you can play the game your way. Want to pop heads with a High-Powered Rifle? Do it. Want to watch the light leave their eyes right before you? Shotguns are where it's at. There's even one person on the servers (let's call them K) that is an Enforcer main that plays with the sole purpose of moving around in a Packer Vaquero and running people over to kill. Try to blow up K's car? It'll take you down with it. Your best bet is to simply dodge when K rolls around and not to let the music goad you into hunting them down, because that's what they want. K is the decoy while the other Enforcers do their job. K is someone that always manages to put a smile on my face because any time I hear their music made through the in-game MIDI sequencer, I think out loud: "This is gonna be a fun one." It's like roleplaying a matador against an angry bull. Conversely, I've met people who I legitimately dislike due to their playstyle or their tactics that they employ to win. A particular quo queue of friends (let's call them E and N) are also Enforcer faction. E typically uses an O-PGL, a Grenade Launcher, while N sticks to an N-HVR "Sitting Duck", which is a Sniper (High-Velocity) Rifle. They are the absolute bane of my existence as I typically float between Silver and Gold Threat ratings. These guys will intentionally Dethreat and join lower-level districts to get easier games and stomp the opposition into powder. Not to mention they're the type of guys to place an objective briefcase in their car and drive off, making it nigh-impossible to capture the briefcase — E will sit atop the car using Car Surfer and lob grenades at anyone who dares to come close while N drives. Any time I see them, I always sigh: "Great... Them." Even with the customization being what it is and allowing everything it does, I still do not think the game would not be where it is where it not for the people. Everyone knows most everyone, and we can all remember each other by what we wear and the look of our cars. APB: Reloaded isn't a diamond-in-the-rough. More like an oddly-shaped piece of quartz. It's interesting and unique, and the people in it even more so.
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