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  1. explain when error is emma77 and you have live videos wher error emma and me is te same preson how then i play with 3 characters in group,4 armas and 2 legs you wana insulting me that im monster xaxaxaxaxaxa yea sorry about that you must understand me im human with 4 armas and 2 legs is to hard for me to type on keyboard
  2. yea i play in same time with 2 diferent accounts on my twitch with 2 diferent pc,i have 4 arms,you got me
  3. you do not have a right to be causing a disturbance on private matters with other players (if they truly exist). I HAVE MAYBE THEY ARE MY FAMILLY MEMBERS they will txh you soon or later with bann like in this case
  4. after he bann error and delete his symbols he unlock error and send to him email that he delete all his symbols why after that he bann error again parament?watch video maybe because error alredy have that symbols on some cars,why he not give chance to error to remove all that symbols and very IMPORTANT WATCH VIDEO EACH SYMBOLS FROM VIDEO THAT GM SEE ON ERROR TWITCH CHANNEL NOT BROKE ANY ToS only on 1 symble pikachu girl you can see little n y pl es that is all
  5. please watch video he send error email why he bann him because he delete all symbols ok error not show that symbols in game others cant see that symbols but ok,after that error say that he have all that symbols on cars and other accounts gm beacome very mad and bann parament all accounts that eeror write on his channel parament
  6. btw lixil stop them toi speak here,she put restrict to them here on forum,they cant write post or comment,they cant send message,matt say to error to message him but lixil restrict him that he cant send message,write post or comment,that show to us that they try to cover/hide all case and to protect that gm,for this,for 3 false banns he need to fly out from little orbit,because he not made i mistake he made 3 and old customers/players veterans he block from game, gm exploited his rights illegally nad bann them for nothing
  7. we have all rights to be toxic and we will be because 3 innocent people are banned for no reason that they have reason matt write here public why they got bann but he not have reason for all 3 accounts because players not do anything wrong,3 inactive accounts are banned because some mad kid like you have option to bann people and he bann 3 players and not even sent email why they are banned because he cant write im mad and i bann you for that,of course they must to unlock everything, they also have to publicly apologize to the players
  8. sory kido that not working for you to,go to our website crime elite there we say many kids like you hate us because we are pro veteran players,i know you must hit here dislike and write all negative comment because in game you lose each mission vs crime elite clan,each dislike,like,thx show how we are popular and each our post is hot
  9. hahahaha man stop please just watch video and sk parents to translate for you,error is banned because gm see something on twitch channel but why he instant bann his wife his kids because they share the same ip realy hahahaha you are funny they cant do that,yes they can like in this case error,his wife,kids,friend all banned but they made big mistake
  10. 3 acc 3 diferent peoples 3 diferent accounts 10 characters and all banned because some gm see feminine features symbols on errordetection channel is that right? i just say yea i live with him,we share the same ip,maybe next time i use program for fake vpn and i will got your ip and you will got bann,you are just little kid that not understand that 3 people with 3 acc got bann because some gm see feminine features on twitch not in apb,then please watch again full video and come here and write comment,watch full video,Full
  11. and then that the same madd gm bann 2 more players because he read nicks on errordetection channel he that right?like error write on his channel spher3 and you got bann,think little about that gm not bann only error he bann 3 accounts in same time
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