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  1. "The Servers aren't a problem" "We need better mitigation, not to change host" "Our host isn't at fault" MY internet speed, test done 10 minutes ago: APB trying to download an update, 15 minutes ago: I download games on Steam, movies on Utorrent, etc, at about 80MB/s to 100MBs. Takes me about 1 minute on average to download an 8GB movie. APB servers take longer to push out a 43MB update, at 214KB/s, regardless of my internet speed, than it takes for me to download an 8GB 1080p BluRay movie. Tell me about how the server host for APB isn't a problem and doesn't need to be changed, again, please. Let's instead focus on celebrating 4/20. Don't forget to blaze it. Inb4; "Not all LO resources are focused on the same thing, there are different sectors for different tasks" - yeah because changing server hosts for a game server that peaks at less than 1k players is a task only a very specific sector of LO can do, and totally not something that can be done in a matter of hours by literally anyone with the ability to search for reliable server hosts on google.
  2. Not since about 2012 because I'm not 45. But on-topic; if you make a Facebook account, that's not a third-party. You and that company have a direct agreement, your information and details are stored with that company, who you entrust. Now, if you log into an application that is asking you for your Facebook account information, and that application isn't Facebook - THAT is a third-party. Can't tell if trolling, or didn't read anything of what i wrote and missing chromosomes. What does being well-versed and educated in your own cyber security have anything to do with fanboying over anyone? I have made the biggest and most important suggestion of all, throughout this thread; DON'T use any application that is third-party and requesting sensitive information such as passwords. I have also constructively advised OP to invest his time in another project, one that will actually go somewhere, since this one won't for countless reasons, but mainly because LO would never give a green light to something like this - and risk jeopardising the safety of the accounts of their playerbase/clients. If this guy values his time, he ought to focus on something that isn't entirely redundant to begin with. He wants to make an application for something that you can; A) Determine by simply logging into APB via the official client B) Determine by simply taking note of your own characters information, into a notepad, signature, or whatever other Offline method you wish, as i have shown on the first page of this thread, WITHOUT the need of submitting your login information at any point So either he is wasting his time, or there is an ulterior motive. Either way my advise is constructive; invest your time in something more productive, or fuck off for trying to scam me. Exactly. Why would i need an application on my PC that does THE EXACT SAME JOB as the APB client? You're trying to back the concept for an application that has the most useless functionality. Absolutely redundant. You want someone to log into a third-party app, instead of the APB client, to have the exact same outcome - actually less, because by logging into the APB client i can actually then play APB, whilst via your concept for an application I can ONLY see my character stats. You are essentially trying to create a doorway to nowhere. Imagine it; There's a pathway with 1 door. You're trying to create a 2nd door on the exact same wall, on the exact same hallway, leading to the exact same place, except with restrictions. Redundant. Pointless. Anyone who thinks this could remotely be useful must not understand what is being offered here. They think perhaps it'd be a good idea to see how many players are logged into APB without having to log in, okay that'd be pretty cool - oh but wait, that concept already exists over at https://will.io/apb/ So you've either got an ulterior motive, or you're too stubborn (or just thick) to admit that this is a redundant concept for an application. I mean there's people in this thread who really think they're gonna get District chat on their mobile devices, like that's what they're commending this thread for, for implementation of features that you know are impossible to achieve. Because what you're really offering is absolutely pointless. Something that can be done OFFLINE in minutes, without the need of an application. Or online, by simply just logging into APB instead.
  3. It's not about having hate. Even if it was LO who created the application, and thus being official, and knowing my credentials are safe and encrypted on their end, i still would not use this application as it serves no direct purpose for me, as i have clearly stated previously. So i would in no way use your application, and therefore my concerns regarding the security and safety of your application would literally have no direct impact nor affect on me. There's no hate and there is nothing to "chill a bit down" about. My issue however, which seems to go over your head with every post i make, and you are actively ignoring with every response you give me, is the fact that you are asking people to submit their account information to an absolute NOBODY, all under the pretence of "but guys i have no malicious intent" - oh well in that case then, here's my social security number while i'm at it. Transparency of an applications code is irrelevant when in the hands of a third-party, whom, at any given point, could alter the applications code to begin taking note of peoples login information and credentials. In fact, you wouldn't even need to alter the code - the fact that you've created an access point through which people can log in to their APB account, through YOU, means you could simply use a a program like Fiddler to inspect all traffic going from your application to the servers, you can create a simple breakpoint by delaying the connection between when they input their information, and when the server receives the information, which you could then intercept and inspect, giving you all their account information ALL THE WHILE your applications code is completely transparent. The fact you are trying to create an application that will you give you the ability to act as an access point using other software, is the point at which people should realise this is easily exploitable. And this is why NO ONE should ever submit personal or sensitive information into a THIRD-PARTY program. Simple as that. If it's not made by, or officially supported by, just don't. AKA don't fucking use your bank information to log into an application just because it has your bank name and was made by someone who uses the same bank as you, because as transparent as the code for the application may be, as soon as you use me as an access point to submit your information to send traffic back and forth between the official server, i can intercept that traffic, create a breakpoint, and review everything that has been sent back and forth. You fuckers need to go and see how easy this shit is. Bunch of wanna-be coders talking out their asses, thinking this is safe because the code is opensource. You have to be fucking kidding me. It's somewhat ironic though, how the very people I am trying to protect from getting their information stolen, are probably the same idiots who are commending you and down-voting me, not understanding how easy it is to jack their shit without them even knowing. Fuck it, good luck with your endeavour and may these poor sods get what's coming to them, ignorance is bliss afterall. Here, for all you 1337 c0d3r5 out there who think this shit is safe, go watch this, literally watch 60 seconds, that's enough, but if it interests you, watch the full thing; When they mention an IMSI Catcher, think of Fiddler as the software alternative.
  4. All I am saying, my guy, is that the least you could do is treat us to dinner before trying to fuck us. Whilst i appreciate that you are being polite and respectful in your responses, someone who is trying to scam me out of my account information with this concept of providing me with profile statistics that I am already aware of, is no less of a cuntbag just because he is polite and respectful in trying to fuck me. I mean, do you even understand what you are asking for in exchange for what you are offering? You are asking for players to trust you with their username, email, and password to their APB account just so that you can formulate a script that will let them know their Rank, their Threat, whether they're online, and how much cash they have on their characters. So you're either a scumbag scammer trying to use this application as a front to have people submit their login information - in which case go fuck yourself, or you genuinely believe this concept is viable and not utterly redundant - in which case i appreciate that you're trying to provide the APB community with an application that you believe to be meaningful, but unfortunately, this ain't it. And you'd be better off investing your time elsewhere, on another concept.
  5. Okay, here is why this concept for a program is redundant; Faction; Criminal StatusType WorldStatus; I know if im online or not, what smart doesn't WorldName; Citadel CharacterName; ShadowXS LastLogin; Same as Status Threat; Gold Details; Male, 2250 Hours Played, 255, $15,021,965, 2250JT Clan; Redundant Program BTW FriendlistInfo Friends; Pointless IgnorelistInfo Ignores; Even more pointless Everything else in the script that i didn't add above is pointless information no one needs to see about their character. But you see, I can make my own version, offline, into a signature if i wanted, without giving anyone but the LO login server my email address and password. Furthermore, anyone who doesn't already know all of the above about their own characters and needs a program to check up on that information, has dementia or retardation, and doesn't need this program but rather medical attention.
  6. Just going to need your social security number, home address, work address, home and mobile numbers, email addresses (yes, all of them), usernames, passwords, your HWID, your first, middle, and last names - where applicable - the name of your bank, your credit and debit card numbers, PIN number's, and those 3 or 4 wacky digits on the back of each card, in order to make a redundant program. With less than is being requested you can simply log into your own account, within the game, safely. How about let's focus on getting 2-factor authentication implemented, rather than trying to push for non-essentials, yeah? Solid.
  7. That's really sweet of you guys to give out a premium code so that everyone has the opportunity to take part in the Social Media Challenge. You could have easily used the event to drive sales of premium, knowing people would purchase premium so that they'd be able to fully customise their character or vehicle, to even compete in the challenge, but you chose instead to give out a Premium code to everyone, with enough game-time to be able to fully customise both a vehicle and character. So thank you, on behalf of everyone. Very very sweet and caring of you, LO.
  8. He has even more accounts, don't wanna say much on the forums but another one of his forum accounts is 'emma77'. EDIT: And another; https://forums.gamersfirst.com/profile/7787-errorno1/
  9. This guy is still trying to act like it's not him. We know it's you Error, we know you're the same guy making multiple threads on multiple forum accounts. It's time to stop. You're not fooling anyone. The cringe is unbearable at this point.
  10. You all know this is the same guy on multiple forum accounts, right? Literally compare the grammar, sentence structure, poor use of punctuation - it's pretty obvious it's all the same guy on multiple accounts, trying to create this illusion of being multiple people. Get a life, my guy.
  11. Who remembers this? Must say, this aged well. To this day it's an impressive trailer. Could do with a revamp during the 'gameplay' scenes, but the rest is still quality. This is how live action trailers ought to be.
  12. What the people crying about the Yukon FIX fail to comprehend is that the weapon was purposely broken, as was every new ARMAS release, and will always get fixed eventually. That was the entire sales-tactic of the old-G1 team. Release OP ARMAS/JMB weapon, leave it be OP for a while so everyone wants it, spend real money on it, let them have it for a while, THEN when they are planning to release a new weapon on ARMAS or through JMB, they would nerf said weapon, or rather fix it since they purposely released it broken so people would buy it, and ensure that this newly released weapon is OP, so that everyone would once again flock to it and spend money on it yet again, to get that edge. Everyone knew this, or well, those with an IQ above.. what, maybe 60? The only reason the Yukon fix took so long to come around was because of the Tiggs to LO transition that took place which disallowed old-G1 of needing to release a new weapon, and thus leaving this one broken. The fix was so easy infact, that the developer who fixed the Yukon said somewhere on these forums that he was writing code for a patch to fix something else, and he decided to just quickly fix up the Yukon in the process since it took almost no time.
  13. Ideas for Premium to take the place of reduced cooldowns, for example; - X amount of JT a month. - X amount of G1C a month. - Reduced cooldowns on daily objectives. - Ability to complete multiple dailies per day. - Each month there's a special ARMAS-exclusive weapon leased to ALL premium subscribers, for that month. For example; [First month: Agrotech ACES Rifle R&D III], [Second month: FR0G 'Thumbnail'], etc. - A few days early access to new ARMAS-exclusive content such as weapons, vehicles, etc. Only premium members can purchase these newly-released items for X amount of days, then released to all. - A random vanity gift to all premium subscribers every month. For example; [First month: Cigarette], [Second month: Cannibal Mask], etc. (This should last long enough until LO start pumping out new content). - Increased customisation options, new fonts that are Premium-exclusive, new symbols that are Premium-exclusive, etc. Anyone can buy items in the marketplace with these Premium-only customisation options, but only premium members can use them in the designer / on their vehicle / on their clothes, etc. - Additional character slots (all the additional characters after the first 2 become un-accessible until you repurchase premium. You can only access 2 characters per account without premium. SWTOR does this). - Temporary access to special weapon skins that are Premium-exclusive. - Temporary access to ALL weapon skins whilst subscribed to Premium. Literally so many things LO (@MattScott) could substitute as benefits to Premium players, I'm sure i'm barely even scratching the surface on ideas. So many things could be added that would make Premium WAY more attractive to players. They could literally add EVERYTHING on the list and I don't think many people would complain as long as they removed the only pay-to-win aspect of Premium - the shortened cooldowns on utilities. Do a forum survey, see what people want, what they don't want. Idk. *sorry for double-posting, editing my previous post wasn't updating*
  14. I like this. The fact that premium offers the ability to have shortened cooldowns on utility items allows those who purchase premium more versatility by being able to change weapons far more frequently and with ease, dependant on certain stages of a mission - and in a game where adaptability is KEY to overcoming a well-guarded objective, you can not allow certain players to have a more versatile and on-the-go interchangeable loadout - or else, by doing so, you create a playing ground that is no longer FAIR and EQUAL for all players, and thus, by definition, pay-to-win. It is that simple. In practise i would not call it pay-to-win, as good team work and timing is far more invaluable, but anything that directly affects gameplay and is then put behind a paywall, is technically pay-to-win. Plus, no one who buys premium even buys it for the cooldowns, they buy it for the fact that it opens up the full potential of customisation this game has to offer. Naturally, they would need to substitute-in benefits to make premium more appealing whilst removing the only pay-to-win factor this game actually has (the cooldown reduction) - and i like the concept you're suggesting, of getting X amount of currency a month. There are other MMO's out there that have a similar optional-subscription model that give X amount of in-game currency per month subscribed, that can be spent in their own respective micro-transaction stores. There are MANY other things that can be bundle'd into Subscriber-only benefits that would not be considered for example having shorter cooldowns on their dailies instead, rewarded with X amount of JT, or G1C, etc.
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