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  1. It does not work most of the time, it will often not detect players in their radius and other times stick people with a permy radar ping. Its really annoying to use because of this fact. It also makes me feel cheated when my opposition's radar tower spots me and mine does not spot them. I'm not sure if LO is even aware this is a issue because they do not play the game.
  2. Nothing you said here has anything to do with my response or the OP post, please try to stay on topic. We are talking about population issues in NA, obviously you don't have this issue being a EU player. The fact you think helping out the NA player base is redundant tells me all I need to know, I know you like to write a bio of your self in every thread but I really don't care for any of this information. Thanks for trying though. Hopefully something will be done soon so we can play at any hour of the day once more on our main characters. The Russian vs BR show down has begun.
  3. I'm no game dev so obviously it's just a opinion of mine, but as a 11pm-7am NA player what motivation do I have to log in and play when the only district I can access due to a threat lock is usually 10v10 or less as it gets later. Especially when the APB:R i fell in love with back in the day didn't have this issue, I've played many games and many smaller mmo's and in the end they either moved down to a single server to remain active or died. Apb is a bit far from being totally dead in the EU (or the EU server at least) so i'm not going all the end is here mode, but it is still a hard situation for us who don't want to reroll/deal with ping.
  4. Just because you sleep at those times doesn't mean every single human being does assuming so is proof of willful ignorance. There are many lines of work that span many hours of the day. In case you didn't realize not everyone in all of NA is following your schedule lmao. Like how selfish to assume everything is about you. Yes It is 100% unacceptable that things become so dead its unplayable (because it drives people away from the game) but thats okay because usually when a game server is at that point they do one thing and that is merge or move into some kinda world server, to ensure a better quality experience for everyone which is a good thing. This is a positive change that many players who work the afternoon and get most of their gaming done from 11pm-7am will be thankful for. No one is talking about the past, only talking about things that matter the present and the future, so bringing up G1 and their past actions is also pointless and not relevant to the conversation. Sorry.
  5. Yes I do, but I see people saying that they think this is pointless lmao. It should be first priority to achieve the world server. Everything else should come after, a server becoming nearly unplayable after 2am is totally unacceptable.
  6. Remove threat, put all the servers together along with multiple action districts in different locations. (meaning a FIN/WF in NA and FIN/WF in EU all together on the same list) Doesn't matter if you have more ping in social i'm sorry it really doesn't. These are the clear answers to the issues that apb is having. Stop pretending like the game is in a okay state ty.
  7. Yikes! You seem really angry about your inability to argue against facts, which is kinda like tying to beat up a brick wall with just your face.(Impossible btw) I'm going to go ahead and let you calm down before you quote every single post in the thread.
  8. He speak the tru tru
  9. I twist my words? I put a screencap right there for you to realize your own error which of course, you could not. I never once put blame on anyone for the attacks only said there were more players playing during that time literally nothing more. Nor have I talked about anything other than the DDoS attacks that took place prior to the LO take over. So G1 and not LO broke IR? So G1 and not LO broke the neutral item missions? So G1 and not LO broke the car radar? G1 did all of this post to the LO take over right? Wrong I'm not wrongly blaming anyone guy sorry *shrugs* Ps. you know that the population char are just bots in the game that constantly record the player count right? Or do you not understand how that works either?
  10. Yes post a image instead of admitting you were wrong about what happened to IR, very good talk. First off if you knew how to read you would be able to tell in my quote I was talking about how there were more players during the DDoS than there are now. Ive also said multiple times in this thread I am not comparing LO to G1 like how dense are you? I love when people come to the forums to not read anything and post mindless nonsense because someone had the slightest bit of criticism.
  11. Bugs that linger and stay around for a month+ at a time should be unacceptable. I do my best not to draw the line between LO and G1 unfair for both. Which is why I won't comment on the amount of stuff that G1 broke. No reason in beating a dead horse, i'd rather beat the one on life support ty. OC deserved to live!! Hate me for it,idc played there for years when I was looking for a more chill less toxic experience. In case you didn't know the threat lock system we use for apb was very very bad for Han's low player base (20 or so) so they played in OC. The blind support will not make the game better.
  12. If you think the game is too old to be held to a higher standard then I struggle to believe you want the game to improve at all. What about at the start of this year when NA was under a non stop DDoS attack and there were still more people playing on constant packet loss and high ping. These issues are more recent. You realize that IR was giving negative stats for awhile right? Like it was actually broken. Like instead of +7m it was -7m I'm just going to assume you don't actually play apb. x3
  13. I've never seen anyone deny a straight up fact this hard. Of course there are, but the way things look now it seems as if no testing at all what so ever was done in any way. Nice false assumption and please dont try to make this into G1 v LO because this is not my point at all. In my opinion both (as of now) did a sub-par job caring for this game I guess you never played on Han before it closed, just because YOU didn't use OC doesn't mean No one did. honestly I saw alot of complaints for both of our arguments so it's about 50/50 The only people who know the real answer are LO.