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  1. Niilyn

    Please fix :c

    Please car radar tower is so broken still can we have it be fixed now, its been months. Also for some odd reason window vandalizing missions, if you shoot and break them as defender sometimes it doesn't count for the attacking team so they can no longer progress in the mission. This is happening every other time I get a window vandalize mission.
  2. I lagg because I play on stolen wi-fi
  3. Its a hard middle ground but I wouldn't mind seeing things like "Crim-slayer/Cops-Bane" be unlockable permanently via roles or something, a few other weapons as well. At the very least you get a no slot perm weapon selector from finishing the tutorial. If the cars had a bit more uhh any skill other than actually managing to turn the damn thing I'd be okii for a racing dist. I can see the issue if you play multiple games paying 12k every time you log in once in a blue moon honestly sounds terrible which is why I opted to spend money (also because seeing a expire time drives my OCD crazy) Most of the weapons are not really too p2w but I can think of one that is a bit ridiculous, They should add a new contact to be able to lease a CSG and stuff 100%, joker tickets are a decent alternative but i'm sure most players would prefer in game $$? What even is our characters currency called anyways x33 Also thanks x3
  4. You can rent these guns pretty much forever via just playing. The game is free how are they suppose to make a return of any kind by giving every thing for free? What kinda slap in the face would it be if they turned our 100s of $$$ worth of weapons into free perm items in game? Do you Really want to race in a game where the Vegas will just destroy every other contender, sounds boring. If you really do want to race just ask a friend i'm sure they will gladly race with you around the block or something x3
  5. If I have 2FA on my account and someone else tries to log in but dont have the code will it still kick me? No one else seems to have my "bug" so maybe someone is trying to log in? Or would I get a error code for that ? I dunno but it is pretty annoying
  6. Empty looks like i just booted up the game x3
  7. Hello for the last few days i have been suffering a black screen (during gameplay) which causes a random return to log in screen. The game doesn't crash and I haven't heard of anyone else having this issue. Soo the question is........ anyone else have this problem?
  8. I don't give all the blame but i'm also not defending it. Edit: I'm no doom sayer either and I do understand these things happen and happened with g1 aswell Agreed more testing should have been done (not that I would participate either way x3) ps. i hate animesssss x3
  9. +1 for jarko thread +1 for balance discussion +1 for you being adorable Now on to the topic, why are you falling for car bomb in 2018? jkjkjkjkjkjk Seriously nerf the heck outta this cool down
  10. What of what I said is inaccurate* ? Ofc they are generalized statements, the radar tower in cars hasss been broken sense Halloween. (fact) I don't see how i'm ignorant, all I said was it was a typical LO update which is not wrong. (fact) My avatar is just that, an avatar. No need to be so upset by it but okay spread the hate it doesn't really bother me x3 (just a bit) I don't see how pointing fingers at people who no longer have responsibility of the game is at all relevant. Have a good day Edit: No hate zone please x3 i dislike the aggression Yikes this is uhh not good haha x3 at least it'll catch you up later.
  11. Typical LO, make eff you events that don't even work while refusing to fix radar tower and other bugs they caused back in Halloween. Simply put Horrible.
  12. It does not work most of the time, it will often not detect players in their radius and other times stick people with a permy radar ping. Its really annoying to use because of this fact. It also makes me feel cheated when my opposition's radar tower spots me and mine does not spot them. I'm not sure if LO is even aware this is a issue because they do not play the game.
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