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  1. I guess you are typical of the people in game who tried to tell me that having a 32 bit system made no difference to APB's performance. They didn't have a clue that you needed to jury rig the computer to use more than 2GB of ram in order to avoid constant out of memory crashes with APB. I tried running APB through steam without success because prior to making the system changes to allow the computer to dedicate 3Gb of RAM to APB it made the memory crashes happen far quicker. So with all due respect, the empirical evidence is that your statement is absolute bollocks. Bro i will not tell you how i feel about poor people, but geezas chris had better pc in 0000AD And people in zimbabwe have atleast 4gb of ram and intel pentiums. I despice people like you aka console peasants drag down the games industries.
  2. Huh? are your ape brain are still from 2010 too? Steam api is more modern and updated and not even comsuming any resources.
  3. Are you using Steam, because if you do that shouldn't be a problem to reinstal or verify integrity files.
  4. 1:Q Well they have lowered the population further than its ever been. 1:A I'm pretty sure they do'not,even if they do unintentionally,[ my thought about you and qeers ] theres more harm from people with attitude like you. Lets be honest, who like people in Action movies who "cry we all gonna diiiieeeeeeee tears... qqqq " that's you my friend.
  5. Well it's a good game and not even now modern games comes close to it...
  6. Really? i call out people in game that theyre gay because gay isn't offensive and are respectable people.
  7. i'm seriously there was posts "game will be dead" etc etc I know how many people played. but the most reduced players are on other servers than EU so it didnt effect us so much as did to you. that's why you always wrote trash like that. qqqq
  8. Can you stay on yours own topic and stop trolling?
  9. I dont want to be mean, but im playing since 2013 im not a pro. But i think i know how to use weapons in this game. I think Freezes are like from 2013.... what are you even about? And whenever i got freeze my Latency rises up to 350 or so, probably server spikes !
  10. Mini freezes yes. hit regs not so much. probably you think that all bullets goe straight, and thenres no bullet spray in this game?? Yes i knew you will ask about anti bullet spray
  11. weekly wipe JERICHO unecessary server and rerol to Eu scrubs.
  12. how is a leaning against wall and then, prefire enemie is skill. Csgo isn't like that at all.
  13. Been here since before the start, and have always thought the ammo inventory mechanic was garbage. There goes your theory. I miss old event's and bugs xD
  14. Yes it all should be inside G1 suport system. And yes i think recording Demoes Like Csgo does would stop blatants to snap 180 degrees after they kill some one i'm tallking to you gromzie and 125mhz trashes.
  15. Its way to hard. And will never be implemented. Best option is real time Report system. By real time i mean when person is reported he " Get creen not snapps but actual rendered video same as Demo via Csgo " I don't want new forum spams "i was fake banned by fairfight pls unban"
  16. Will some player who plays in bronze district aka bronze Who i won in some matches : performing15 kills 4 deaths and 6 asist "average" using Report via new "Not yet implemented" Report system make me suspended for performing better in Bronze district?
  17. So let's assume i've palying a week "average" 8 kills 3 deaths 5 asist. Other weak i'm actually in real life sick, with themperature and playing 3 kills and 7 and 1 "average" and loosing 10 games in a row or more ? happens it does.. System will bann be because i was gold and now silver after loosing 10 games in a row No? if not then. And lets assume after i joined Bronze district after loosing streak > And because of low pop players i'm able to perform 15 kills 4 deaths and 6 asist "average" i will be automatically "Suspended from playing" via automatic Detheating super computing analytic skills for 1 day?
  18. It's like he doesn't get it... geez need some other people who talks behalf of him. thanks
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